Dr Sportz 7v7 Road to Crown has been •Khayse Barrett• 2027 • QB the goal for the 2024 7v7Season and The Platform has been exposing the unexposed all season long and now where here at the end of the regular season as it comes to an End here In Tampa,Florida with a Ton of Day 1 Talent that didn’t disappoint. Here are a couple notable prospects!



Ayden Crabtree ‘2029 • Safety
Underdawg Mentality @acrboogey_2010

Notably small for his size at first glance but Crabtree’29 played with a lot of heart and intensity. He has Smart instincts with quick feet and cat-like reflexes that allowed him to break up a couple would-be touchdowns

Mark “MJ “ Jones• 2028 • RunningBack
•Carrollwood Day Jones

Jones’28 a sudden back who runs low to the ground with power and balance. His agility to bob, weave and shake after the catch is what is a great highlight to his game. them in tight quarters. He has a Edwards-Helaire build and runs with instinctive eyes and quick-cut foot speed.He has the talent to become a good, three-down back in in the making.

Quinton Tucker 2025 DB• Team Elite
Twitter: @iiamnotq

Long, lean and linear, Tucker physical and football growth are going to be the highlight of his growth. He’s highly competitive with a confidence level that will lead to a lot of great plays. He has length and hand activity to impose his will on the release and stall the route on the tarmac and Staying connected to the route is a priority, which leads to grabbing when he feels it slipping away but that can be corrected by improving his footwork and trusting his technique. His movements lack fluidity, but he’s urgent and aggravating in man-to-man.

Logan Shawell • RunningBack • 2024 Logan.shawell05 • Hudson High School

A great possession receiver with sneaky-good speed, he ran excellent routes despite being a Runningback . He read the defense and knew how to get open. Possessed great hands. Shows flashes of a return man and also. He has elite speed, though he could surprise the secondary more often than not. Much of his production was the result of facing nickel defenders and linebackers in a wide-open in a scheme that had other ballers.


Caleb Martin •2026• Reciever• Almeta Crawford Highschool • TTG7v7

Martin a notable prospect that made his way from Texas with Team TTG15U. Several things stood out with Martin’s game starting with his creative running getting in and out of breaks. He Had great adjustments to the ball in the air and made some clutch catches. With an X wr body frame he will most likely play on the outside.

Jaxon matlock • Dawson highschool •Team TTG15U • @jaxontotuff

— Very good balance and play strength for size. Competitive and consistently fights through contact to maintain course on his route.
— Excellent athlete. Can pull away from defenders on routes and is able to attack vertically within the timeframe of the play. He has Top-tier acceleration that lets him get on to DB’s toes in a hurry. Consistently pulls away from defenders and very explosive.
— Extremely dangerous with the ball in his hands. Consistently plays with excellent body control and lateral quickness to make defenders miss in small spaces. He’s more than just a gadget player.

Devin Coleman • Wr/DB • 2027
Ovideo High School • @Devcole10

Coleman is a dynamic Athlete that He
consistently flashed his change-of-direction ability and top-tier wr skills and acceleration both with the ball in his hands and when working over the middle on intermediate routes—he can win early and has very high iq from what I saw and will continue to develop with experience.

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