DR7 14U Standouts In Pool Play: San Antonio

    The 14U bracket of the DR7 San Antonio tournament has some talented players who will playing under Friday night lights in 2023. They had a chance to showcase their skills during pool play. Here is a list of playmakers to keep an eye during bracket play on Sunday in San Antonio.

    Collin DiBetta | Ath | Class of 2027 | 4th Quarter Mentality | 5’9 170

    DiaBetta has a swiss army knife skill set and he lines up at WR, QB, DB and is a difference maker when he his on the field. He has big play potential, just get the ball in his hands.

    Kervin Fontenette Jr. | WR | Class of 2026 | 4th Quarter Mentality | 5’9 130

    Kervin is a tough cover, he high points the ball in traffic and runs crisp routes. Kj is shifty in space and has good body control. 

    Terin Jones |DB | Class of 2027 | 4th Quarter Mentality | 5’11 150

    Jones has a long athletic frame, he gets hands on receivers and he reroutes his opponent in press coverage to get them off their axis. He showed a smooth, fluid backpedal and plays the passing lanes under control.

    Caleb Peagler | WR/RB | Class of 2027 | SA Ducks | 5’10 175

    Peagler has the top end speed to blow by the defense. He has a large catch radius and uses his extended reach to high point the football. Caleb is a playmaker no matter where he lines up. 

    Chauncey Moon | Ath | Class of 2027 | NW Bears | 5’8 140

    Moon was terror from his free safety position, showing his range to make two pick six ints. Chauncey has a rangy, athletic frame and has the speed to cover ground quickly. He hopped on offense at wide receiver and beat the defense deep, using is explosive get off to run by the defense for six.

    Cameron Grady | Ath | Class of 2027 | NW Bears | 6’1 200

    Grady is has the skill set to line up on both sides of the ball. At linebacker, he uses his long length to clog up the passing lanes. As a wide out, he uses his big frame to wall of defenders and he has a large catch radius that enables him to high point the football in traffic.

    Byron Navin | WR | Class of 2027 | NW Bears | 6’0 140

    Navin uses his long, rangy frame to hold off defenders and excels at the contested catch in traffic. In the red zone, he high points the football and used his extended reach to go over the top for a touchdown grab.

    Tre Johnson | Ath | Class of 2027 | NW Bears | 5’11 165

    Line Johnson up and let him go get it. He is strong at the point of attack, he has good speed and the skill set to change direction quickly. Tre has the versatility to make plays from anywhere on the field.

    Kaden Chachere |WR | Class of 2026 | TTG | 5’8 130

    Kaden runs crisp route, gets in and out of his breaks quickly and creates separation at the line of scrimmage. He has the speed to stretch the defense and the body control to make the big catch in traffic.

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