DR7 Road To The Crown Davenport: Pool Play

    Davenport, Florida is the site of the Road To The Crown’s second tournament of the 2023 7v7 season. With 103 teams locked and loaded for pool play, there was a wealth of talent spread over six football fields. The Southeast Region, which is well represented in the weekend’s tournament, is one of the heavily recruited areas for next level football players in the country. We will spotlight several players who had big moments during pool play as we head into ‘Crown Sunday”.


    Peyton Roundtree | Class of 2027 | 5’8 150 | 7v7: TVille 14U (Thomasville, GA) | Quarterback

    Roundtree came into pool play firing on all cylinders. He has a strong arm, he engages his hips to get extra torque into his throws, he gets his shoulders squared up to his target and his whip-like release enables him to get the football out of his hand quickly. Peyton was on time with his throws, which allowed his receivers to get open routinely. Roundtree’s ability to make throws into small windows was a big reason TVille Elite was able to go 2-1 during pool play putting 95 points offensively.


    Kemohn Pinkney |Class of 2027 | 5’11 180 | 7v7 : Showtime AllStars 14U (Orlando, Fla)| Athlete

    Pinkney has the skill set to line up on both sides of the football and be a difference maker. From his free safety position, Pinkney has the range to patrol the backend and shut down throwing windows. During pool play, Kemohn stepped in front of a pass showing excellent eye discipline and returned an interception for six. When he lines up at wide receiver, Pinkney has sudden quickness that enables him to get a free release off the line, he uses his lengthy frame to keep defenders away from his body when he sees press coverage and he was able to get open routinely. Kemohn has an extended catch radius, he is a hands catcher of the football, which allowed him to make several contested grabs in traffic. Pinkney uses his big frame to ward off defenders and as he continues to mature he will be a matchup problem for his opponents.


    Davian Garcia | Class of 2025 | 5’8 176 | 7v7: St. Johns Cobras 15U | Tocoi Creek Hs (St Augustine, Fla) | Running Back

    Garcia has a strong, stout build, with broad shoulders and he has a thick lower trunk. Davian is shifty in space, he has phonebook quickness, which allowed him to get a free release off the line of scrimmage routinely during pool play for the St. Johns Cobras. When he gets the ball in his hands after the catch, Garcia turns on the jets, he is a one cut and get vertical runner and his elite burst allowed him to get in the end zone several times untouched. Don’t sleep on Davian on the defensive side of the ball, where he lined up at safety and showed off his wheels by steeping in front of a pass for a key interception. Garcia’s play is trending in the right direction as the Cobras head into “Crown Sunday”.


    Jaden Weatherly | Class of 2026 | 6’0 215 | 7v7: St. Johns Cobras | Bartram Trail Hs (St. Johns, Fla) | Quarterback

    Weatherly has a strong arm, with a quick, whip-like release and he engages his lower half, which allows him to drive the football to his targets. Jaden sets up in the pocket with a strong base, he was able to complete the short to intermediate routes with accuracy routinely and he understands how to throw his receivers open in tight windows. He has the arm strength to drive the football downfield and Weatherly has excellent touch on his deep ball. His stellar play contributed to the Cobras scoring 90 points during pool play while also going 3-0 on the day.


    Brogan McNab | Class of 2026 | 5’11 170 | 7v7: Island Elite 15U | Holy Trinity Hs (Melbourne, Fla) | Quarterback

    McNab can flat out spin it. Brogan has a strong arm, his quick release enables him to fit the football into tight windows and he can deliver the ball from multiple arm platforms. He has good touch on his fade ball, which allowed him to drop it in the bucket on several throws to his wideouts. As a Varsity starter for Holy Trinity during his freshman campaign, McNab put up some impressive numbers, throwing for 1,081 yards with 14 touchdowns, while rushing for 875 yards and 10 touchdowns.


    Evans Chuba | Class of 2024 | 6’3 205 | 7v7 : SlimeyBoyz 18U | Clearwater Academy International (Clearwater, Fla) | Quarterback

    Chuba stands tall in the pocket, he has a strong base with quiet feet and his quick releases enabled him to fit the football into small windows routinely. Evans sees the field with excellent eye discipline, he was deadly accurate on the short to intermediate throws and he can make all the throws on the route tree. Chuba showed off his big arm and had great touch on his deep ball. Evans was a key cog in the SlimeyBoyz offense putting up  69 points during pool play and going unblemished on the day. Chuba recently picked up at University of Massachusetts offer and has interest from several schools around the country.


    Darion Jiles | Class of 2026 | 5’10 150 | 7v7: Future Stars United Seminoles 15U | Lakeland Hs (Lakeland, Fla) | Athlete

    Jiles is explosive off the line of scrimmage with excellent burst, he is shifty in space and consistently beat press coverage. Darion has a long, lean frame with an extended catch radius and his ability to rise up and win on the 50/50 contested catch, lead to a highlight reel grab over two defenders for a touchdown. Jiles uses his length on the defensive side to get hands on receivers and plays the passing lanes well. Look for Jiles to continue to make plays for the Seminoles heading into “Crown Sunday”.


    FSU Commit Luke Kromenhoek. Photo Cred: Ben Spicer


    Luke Kromenhoek | Class of 2024 | 6’4 195 | 7v7: Team Dimes | Benedictine Military HS (Savannah, Ga) | Quarterback | Florida State Commit

    Luke has a gunslinger mentality with the arm talent to make any throw on the route tree and he has the skill set to deliver accurate passes from multiple arm platforms. His fastball is lethal, he can fit the football in tight windows and he has excellent field vision. Kromenhoek made several next level throws in his first two outings, showing superb touch on his deep ball and the ability to throw his wideouts open while being on time, tossing laser passes. Luke will be a key factor for Team Dimes to continue to have success heading into bracket play on “Crown Sunday”.



    One Way 7v7 WR Joshua Porter, Photo Cred: Brian Smith Fan Nation

    Joshua Porter | Class of 2024 |6’0 171 | 7v7: One Way 7v7 18U | Fort Meade Hs (Sebring, Fla) | Wide Receiver

    Porter is a route technician. Joshua has fluid hips, an explosive first step, his suddenness in space enables him to get a free release off of the line of scrimmage consistently, which allowed to be open early and often. His route running is superb, he gets in and out of his breaks cleanly and his ability to dip and explode make him a difficult cover. Porter has the body control to contort himself and adjust mid-air and on several contested catches in traffic,  he made grabs with defenders in close coverage. He is a smooth operator with the speed to work the middle of the field and take the top off of the defense. Porter recently picked up a University of Colorado offer. Expect all eyes to be on Joshua, as One Way heads into bracket play on “Crown Sunday”.
















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