Crown Sunday Plano: Teams To Watch

Here are several teams who put themselves in position to be successful as bracket play begins on “Crown Sunday”.


Favorites: True Buzz, Texas Epic, DFW Pride

Sleepers: West Texas Elite, 940 Elite, 318 Hotboyz



Favorites : Frisco Lighting Navy, DFW Broncos, Texas Epic Nitro

Sleepers: AE1, Sooner 7, 318 Hotboyz



Favorites: True Buzz, Grand Elite Always Open

Sleepers: Grand Elite, Wallstreet, DFW Pride Black, Sooner 7, AE1



Favorites: 940 Elite, Grand Elite New Breed, Stretch The Field Academy Showcase, Texas Epic

Sleepers: Sooner 7 White, Stretch The Field Greatness, AE1 Red, CTX Bullz

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