Game Of The Day: SA Ducks vs Elite House (18U)

By: Nick Gradney (@StatZ_G)



The game of the day came from the 18U age group, which featured two teams who’s no stranger to one another – The Ducks vs Elite House. San Antonio is the birthplace for both squads and they represent the 210 well. As a matter of fact, when you even think about 7v7 football in San Antonio, these are the two teams that comes to mind first. Most of the kids either have played together or against the opposition countless teams so I guess it’s safe to say this is a friendly rivalry. The Ducks vs Elite House met once again at DR7’s #TheCrown. The Crown is the National Championship for DR Sportz and what better way to kick things off by having these familiar foes face off in game one of three during pool play on Saturday. The quarterback play was exceptional on both sides. On one side, Elite House had 2024 Quarterback Nathan Alvarez from Clemens High School vs 2024 Quarterback Ryland Walker from Smithson Valley High School. Both Alvarez and Walker can really spin it. The difference between the two teams is the pace. SA Ducks is a little more methodical and like to pick their spots, meanwhile Elite House moves quickly and often likes to go for the big play with 2026 WR standout Jordan Clay. When Elite House needs a first down, their money man is 2023 WR Joe Perez from Cibolo Steele High School, who’s also their vocal leader on the field. One word to describe Perez – clutch. However, The SA Ducks have their own nuclear weapons, one in particular, Demo McGarity plays the slot and he attends Judson High School. Demo is a swiss army knife to say the least – he can do it all, he even plays a little quarterback from time to time. These two Texas powerhouses went back and forth. Every time one got a stop, the other one did. Every time The Ducks scored, Elite House answered. However, the game is only 25 minutes so their biggest battle was with the clock. There’s no doubt that this game would’ve been the same way for an additional 25 minutes but unfortunately for Elite House, time ran out, which sealed the deal for The SA Ducks and they won the game 25-18 to gain bragging rights going into Crown Sunday. Do not be surprised if you see these two meet up again during Crown Sunday on the quest for a championship.

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