Euless Trinity Standouts In 77-34 Win vs Crowley

    By Marc Henry: @marchen44

    The Euless Trinity Trojans have caught fire as a team. The Trojans have won three games in a row, including a big time victory in a crucial District 3-6A matchup versus Crowley. The Trinity offense was sharp and in rhythm putting 35 first half points en route to a 77-34 win over a previously unbeaten Crowley Eagles squad. As they move firmly into second place, we spotlight several standouts who had phenomenal performances.


    Class of 2025 QB TJ Tupou help lead Trinity to a 77-34 Win vs Crowley.

    TJ Tupou | Class of 2025 | Quarterback
    TJ Tupou’s performance was outstanding. His sharp decision-making from the beginning of the game showcased his understanding of the offense. What’s particularly impressive is his ability to throw the deep ball with precision, Tupou has a big arm and he has great touch on his deep ball. This is an essential skill that can stretch the defense and create scoring opportunities. Additionally, TJ has speed combined with superb agility, allowing him to break into the secondary frequently, showing dual-threat traits, which adds an extra dimension to the offense. He had a standout performance, passing for 151 yards and 3 touchdowns, which is a testament to his effectiveness as a playmaker.


    Harris exploded for 219 yards and three TDs vs Crowley.

    JT Harris | Class of 2026 | Running Back
    JT Harris, despite being a younger player, demonstrated elite speed and agility. His ability to change gears quickly and navigate the field with exceptional quickness is a valuable asset. In his breakout game against Crowley, rushing for 219 yards on just 5 carries and scoring 3 touchdowns, he proved to be a dynamic playmaker. These attributes bode well for his future development and potential impact on the team.



    Gordon a defender to keep an eye as Trinity readies themselves for the playoffs.

    Gordon Mohetau | Class of 2026 | Linebacker
    Gordon Mohetau displayed qualities essential for a strong defensive presence at the linebacker position. His instincts and ability to cover ground from sideline to sideline indicate a deep understanding of defensive schemes and good anticipation of opponents’ plays. His stout build at 6’1″ and 220 pounds, allows him to be effective at the point of attack, he packs a punch as a tackler and he is a physical presence in the middle of the defense. Gordon is a thumper who plays downhill, which enables him to disrupt opposing offenses and halt running plays effectively. Look for Gordon to patrol the Trojan defense making plays for the next two seasons.



    Tilmon had an outstanding defensive game vs Crowley.

    Michael Tilmon | Class of 2025 | Defensive Lineman
    Michael Tilmon’s versatility enables him to showcase his game. His capability to play all four positions on the defensive line makes him a valuable asset within the Trinity defensive scheme. His stoutness against the run, combined with violent hands and extended arm length, allows him to engage and disengage from offensive linemen successfully. He excels at the “shock and shed” technique, which allows him to shed blocks and make plays. His high motor and commitment to playing through the whistle are indicators of a relentless work ethic. With his size at 6’2″ and 255 pounds and the skill set to rush the passer, he can be a disruptive force in both run defense and pass-rushing situations. Tilmon has the skill set that college programs covet at the defensive line position.



    Bell had over 100 yards and 2 TDs in a 77-34 win over Crowley.

    Josh Bell | Class of 2025 | Running Back

    Josh Bell’s performance against Crowley was nothing short of impressive, showcasing his powerful running style, speed to explode past defenders and Bell has the strength to break arm tackles. With well over 100 yards and a couple of touchdowns in the game, he’s proving to be one of the top rushers in the DFW area this season, racking up 1,281 yards and 16 touchdowns. His consistent stellar play makes him a standout player for the Euless Trinity Trojans. His stock is rising and he will be a key player to keep an eye on as the Trojans finish out district play.



    Heimuli had a big first half, torching Crowley for 2 TDs on the way to 77-34 win.

    Jarvis Heimuli | Class of 2024 | Wide Receiver

    Jarvis Heimuli has the traits that big time wideouts have that attract college programs. At 6’3″ and 190 pounds, he’s a big target with a long, lean, and athletic frame that provides an extended catch radius, making him a valuable asset in the passing game.What sets Heimuli apart is his explosiveness at the snap and his ability to read the defenses, which enables him to get open frequently. He’s skilled at using his frame to create separation from defenders, making him a reliable target for his quarterback. One of his standout qualities is his passion for the game, playing with controlled intensity, and a burning desire to make plays. Heimuli is the type of receiver who wants the football in his hands and can turn short passes into big gains. He also excels in jump-ball situations, with the explosiveness and skill to win 50/50 passes. His performance against Crowley, with two first-half touchdowns and over 100 yards of offense, showcases his ability to make a significant impact in a game. With an offer from Hawaii and interest from BYU and North Texas, Jarvis Heimuli is clearly catching the attention of college football recruiters. He has the potential to be a game-changing wide receiver at the collegiate level and is a prospect to watch closely in the recruiting process.



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