A breakout season for 2026 QB Brady Hart

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Written by: Drew Johnson (@RealNews102)

Taking a look at the talent level and upside potential of the 2026 QB class in the state of Florida, it could be one of the deepest we’ve seen in years. 

There’s one who has stood out as he’s dominated in his sophomore season against the best competition. A legit 6-5 quarterback prospect, Brady Hart has helped lead Cocoa High School to a 9-1 regular season finish with the No. 1 seed in the playoffs on the Road To State. 

“I’m just blessed to be in this situation as a sophomore,” Hart said. “Having three years under head coach Ryan Schneider and coach Adam Franco. Being with Cocoa playing some of the best competition in the state and playing in big-time games is really going to prepare me for college.”

Hart has turned heads with some of his stat line numbers produced against top-level programs and defensive backs. He’s flashed his advanced QB mechanics and legit arm talent on his way to 2,550 passing yards and 33 touchdown passes through the regular season. (Teams played: Venice, St. Thomas Aquinas, Seminole (Sanford), Treasure Coast, Palm Bay, Jones, Titusville.)

Hart acknowledges the impact his Cocoa coaching staff has had on his overall development, especially coach Schneider for putting him in the right position to lead and show off his arm. 

“He’s definitely been if not the biggest piece in my development,” Hart said. “His knowledge of the game and just the way he explains the film and explains the throw and read is just easy to understand. I would not be the quarterback I am today if he wasn’t coaching me.”

The offseason workouts and dedication to the game have aided Hart in grasping the fundamentals of the position while learning what it means to lead a team. Hart credits the work put in with QB trainer Baylin Trujillo for his help in transitioning him into a Real Deal P5 prospect. 

“I think he (Baylin) is the best quarterback trainer in the country,” Hart said. “The way he’s developed me and the time he has invested is just unbelievable. Him being an awesome QB trainer isn’t the thing that sets him apart, it’s the way he teaches us how to dedicate our lives to the sport and how to not put football first but Jesus and our relationship with Christ in front of that.”

The son of a former MLB pitcher, Hart has been slinging it on both the gridiron and ball fields since he was 6 years old. At 8 years old, he was introduced to the quarterback position and spread offense playing little league football. Fast forward to today, he’s thriving in a similar offensive scheme Cocoa utilizes to carve up opposing defenses. 

His ability to calm the storm and deliver strikes in the pocket has created opportunities for the wide receiver core group like Jayvan Boggs (2025), CJ Bragg (2024), and Nicholas Teeter (2025) to produce. 

“Their dedication to the game is pretty incredible,” Hart said. “It’s not only their athletic ability but their understanding of the game and how to set up their routes. I don’t understand how those guys get overlooked. Not only the production they have but the production against the really good teams and talented DBs they’ve played against.

It’s not all just the receivers, it’s the offensive line and the coaches behind us too. We definitely have the best offensive line in the state no questions asked. That allows them to have time to create separation and me to have time to get the ball to them.”

The overall upside potential combined with college-ready measurables and leadership abilities attracted Texas A&M which was the first Power 5 school to offer him while the likes of Penn State, UCF, Virginia Tech, and Pitt followed suit.

“It feels great and it’s definitely rewarding,” Hart said. “The other side that people don’t understand is the expectations of having those offers. It pushes you to be better more than you think. It’s the sense that I need to be a Power 5 quarterback and that pushes you to keep working hard. It makes me work harder because I have to prove to everyone that I am that quarterback.”

As notable offers and interest build up, Hart has recently visited several in-state colleges such as the Florida Gators, Miami Hurricanes, and UCF Knights. He shared his thoughts on each program and his relationship with the coaching staff.

UF: I was born in Gainesville, so I grew up a Gator fan. It’s an unbelievable place and definitely a place I’d like to be someday. My dad and mom both went there, so a bunch of legacy is there. Coach Ryan O’Hara and the new coaching staff have been showing some interest. I’ll definitely be up there to camp in the summer to keep that relationship going. 

Thoughts on his recent UF visit.

“I’ve been to a bunch of Florida games but not as a recruit,” Hart said. “The facilities and just that environment are unreal. The campus is sweet too. Gainesville is a sweet college town and a pretty awesome place.”

Miami: Miami is a sweet school too. Love Coral Gables it’s a really cool city. It’s a different vibe from Florida or pretty much any other school in the country. Coach Dawson and Cristobal are super great coaches. The staff is great and I’d love to keep that relationship with them and be up there this summer to throw.

UCF: The atmosphere was way better than I expected it to be. Really cool pregame and tailgating was a sweet environment. They were the first Florida school to offer me. Coach Hinshaw, Coach Malzahn, and that staff are pretty great too. That offense they run is pretty special. A place I could see myself going for sure.

Thoughts on early Texas A&M offer.

“I have not been out to Texas A&M yet but from what I heard and have seen, it’s the SEC,” Hart said. “Everything in the SEC is different. The fans and just that gameday experience at Texas A&M from what I heard it unbelievable. I’ll definitely be up there this winter or in the summer on some visits. We’ll go throw and go say hello to coach Bobby Petrino and Jimbo Fisher and keep that relationship going.”

Penn State: The coaching staff there with Coach Yurcich and Head Coach James Franklin is great. They are having an unbelievable year. They have been a top program for the past couple of years and keep running the table. A national championship contender each year. We have a bunch of family up in Pennsylvania and that environment at Penn State is pretty sweet too. It’s a lot like Florida meaning it’s a big college town. Definitely a place I could see myself going.

Plans for the offseason: I’ll be at all the Florida schools and a bunch of schools in the southeast. Probably up to Penn State and Texas A&M and some other schools up north too.

With all the recruitment hype coming with on-field success, Hart continues to stay grounded and focused on the end goal with Cocoa and his team. He shared his thoughts on the second half of the season.

“The end goal is a state championship,” Hart said. “The goal is to handle each team from here on out and treat each game like the state championship. Just execute and play to our potential for the rest of the year.

Your end goal needs to be to win and your team needs to be first. Having that drive to win and having your team’s best interest will cancel out all that expectation and the noise.”

As the high school football season winds down, Hart is just proud to be at this point early in his high school campaign. He thanked his parents for believing in him and the coaches who put time into developing him as a young man on and off the field.

“I’ll start with my parents. Them being willing to drive me to Cocoa and that sacrifice they gave up for me to live my dream. All these visits, the time, and money,  it’s pretty special to have parents that care about you like that. Coach Schneider and Coach Franco, them developing me and the effort their putting in to push me to be my best. My teammates and the special team we’re on I’m really excited to see what the future will bring for this team.”

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