Team G.A.T.A. 15U 7v7 Tryouts: Standouts

    By Platform Scout: Marc Henry @marchen44

    We are on the cusp of the 7v7 season getting cranked up and team tryouts are underway. 7v7 has become an integral part of offseason football. It enables skill players to get exposure to defensive coverages in game like situations and gives defenders the opportunity to see the passing game extensively getting multiple reps. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. We will spotlight several players who had standout performances the G.A.T.A. (Get After Them Aggressively) 15U tryout and players who have a chance to raise their profiles this offseason heading into 2024.


    Deshawn Dewalt | Class of 2027 | Lancaster High School | Athlete

    Dewalt is an impressive athlete who is a playmaking threat no matter what position he plays, he is a guy you want to get the football to in space. His agility, quickness, and ball skills make him stand out. Deshawn has excellent short area quickness, his ability to stop, cut, turn and explode enables him to create separation from defenders when he lines up on offense. Dewalt is a matchup problem offensively, he has the skill set to play both sides of the ball and he will be a factor wherever he lines up. Dewalt’s ability to close fast defensively when the ball is thrown in his direction was on full display during the 1v1s, as he high pointed an interception showing his range and explosive burst to cause a turnover.


    Daylon Gordon | Class of 2027 | Wylie High School | Athlete

    Gordon brings a strong skill set to both offense and defense. His athletic frame, precise route running, and ability to excel at contested catches make him a notable wide receiver. Additionally, his defensive skills, aggressiveness, and proficiency in reading passing lanes further showcases his versatility on the field. His freshman film where he shined as a running back, displayed that he has the skill set that will flourish on Friday Nights. Gordon he made quite an impression during the Team G.A.T.A tryout.


    Johnithan Williams | Class of 2027 | Wylie East high School | Athlete

    Johnithan stood out as a two-way player with exceptional ball skills. His ability to change direction quickly, coupled with clean and deliberate footwork, highlights his agility and precision on the field. Additionally, Williams’ flexible hips contributes to his versatility, allowing him to navigate plays with ease. His speed in and out of breaks, showcases a quick and reactive style of play. Keep an eye on Williams, who has the skill set to make plays no matter where he lines up.


    Samuel Acquaye | Class of 2027 | Wylie High School | Athlete

    Acquaye is a promising athlete with a versatile skill set. His big body, large catch radius, and ability to play through contact make him stand out offensively. Being strong on both sides of the ball adds to his potential. His long, lean frame and large catch radius make him a formidable presence on the field. With the advantage of extended arm length, he can keep defenders at bay, making him a valuable asset for his team offensively. His versatility to play on defense also showed his value and made him a stand out at the G.A.T.A tryouts.



    Chase Kerby | Class of 2027 | Wylie High School | Athlete

    Chase possesses a well-rounded skill set that makes him a versatile player on the field. His good length, quick feet, and adept ability to change directions indicate agility and athleticism. Kerby’s reliable hands make him a dependable asset, contributing to his effectiveness on both sides of the football. His capability to play multiple positions showcases not only his athleticism but also a valuable adaptability that can be a significant advantage in various game scenarios. These traits contributed to Kerby being a standout at the G.A.T.A 15U tryouts.


    Mario Haggan Jr. | Class of 2027 | Wylie East High School | Quarterback

    Haggan Jr.’s potential on the football field is evident after his displayed great timing, combined with his great touch in his deep ball consistently during the 1v1s and 7v7 portion of the G.A.T.A tryouts. He has a long, lean frame with a strong arm, which contributes to his prowess at the quarterback position. His upright posture in the pocket, coupled with clean footwork, showcases how well he has developed his mechanics. His ability to engage his hips further enhances his overall skill set. Beyond his physical attributes, Haggan Jr. stands out as a vocal leader, demonstrating a commanding presence on the field and a thorough understanding of the team’s offensive dynamics at the G.A.T.A tryouts. This leadership quality, combined with his promising physical attributes, shows that he has a high ceiling as he continues to mature and refine his skills.


    Christian Ossei | Class of 2027 | Wylie High School | Athlete

    Ossei’s physical attributes, including his good length and extended catch radius, make him a standout presence on the field. His large, strong hands provide a reliable target for his quarterback, enhancing his ability to secure catches in various situations. Ossei’s agility and quick change of direction highlight his dynamic playing style, giving him a competitive edge on both offense and defense.  His versatility to play on both sides of the ball adds to his skill set. Christian’s ability to play multiple positions and excel wherever he lines up, made him a standout at the G.A.T.A 15U tryouts.


    Maximus The Great King | Class of 2027 | Duncanville High School | Quarterback

    Maximus has a long, lean frame and he has the skill set that allows him to be a threat at the quarterback position. King has a strong arm, with a quick release, he engages his lower half which enables him to get extra torque on his passes, allowing for powerful throws downfield. His field vision was great, allowing him to find open receivers while working the short to intermediate areas well during the 7v7 scrimmage portion of the tryout. As he continues to mature and add tools to his game, Maximus has the skill set that will make him an attractive prospect on the recruiting trail.


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