NTX Eagles 7v7 Tryouts: Players to Watch

    By Platform Scout: Marc Henry @marchen44


    The NTX Eagles Elite 7v7 program has established itself as a dominant force, consistently securing victories and nurturing top-tier talent. With a coaching staff that emphasizes development, dedication, and hard work, players undergo a comprehensive approach to their skill enhancement. Notably, the organization’s commitment extends beyond the field, as evidenced by their support in providing exposure to past players, facilitating their transition to collegiate-level play.

    The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. As anticipation builds for the 2024 7v7 season, shining a spotlight on the standout performers from the recent tryout promises to showcase the caliber of talent that characterizes the NTX Eagles Elite program. Keep an eye on these emerging stars as they prepare to make their mark in the upcoming season.



    Detavion Bates | Eastern Hills High School | Class of 2025 |Athlete  | 6’0 170 | Twitter: @detavionbates6

    Bates has a lean and athletic frame complemented by extended arm length and large hands. As a ball hawk with excellent field vision, Bates showcases a remarkable range to cover ground on the backend of the defense. His standout performance at the NTX Eagles Elite 7v7 tryout establishes him as one of the defensive highlights. With these attributes, Bates emerges as a promising prospect defensively for the NTX Eagles, making him one to watch as he continues to demonstrate his skills on the football field this offseason.



    Elijah Atwood | Grand Prairie High School | Class of 2025 | Defensive Back | 5’10
    160 | Twitter :@Atw00d_2fast

    Atwood exhibits exceptional instincts on the field. His active hands at the point of attack, combined with a prowess for playing press coverage using violent hands, showcase a dynamic defensive skill set. Atwood’s clean footwork adds finesse to his game, making him a formidable opponent.

    Known for his competitive and feisty spirit, Atwood doesn’t shy away from battling through the whistle. Notably, his junior film reveals versatility, excelling at the safety position and displaying a proficiency for tackling well in open space. His standout performance at the NTX Eagles Elite 7v7 tryout on the defensive side further solidifies Atwood as a standout player to watch.



    Gianni Crisp | Class of 2026 | Lancaster  High School | 5’8 155 | Twitter : @Gianni_Crisp1

    Crisp’s standout performance at the NTX Eagles 7v7 tryouts has undoubtedly turned heads. His quick feet and ability to burst in and out of routes showcase a level of agility and precision that sets him apart on the field. Notably, his reliable and strong hands make him a formidable receiver, capable of making impactful catches in various game situations.

    As he continues to hone his skills throughout the offseason at the NTX Eagles camp, it will be intriguing to witness how Gianni further refines his technique and adapts to the competitive environment. If he maintains this level of performance, he is undoubtedly positioned to be a notable player to watch, potentially making waves in the upcoming season. The combination of agility, route precision, and reliable hands positions Crisp as a promising prospect in the NTX Eagles offense.



    Manny Cosme | Class of 2025 | South Grand Prairie High School  | Wide Receiver | Twitter: @ilovepoloo

    Manny is a dynamic wide receiver with a compelling skill set. His strength at the point of attack and ability to navigate press coverage reveal a physical prowess that sets him apart. Combine that with his crisp route running, feisty competitiveness, and a knack for attacking the football in traffic, and Manny emerges as a formidable player to watch during the upcoming NTX Eagles 7v7 season. Keep an eye on how he brings these qualities to the field – he could make a significant impact.



    Michael Green | Class of 2026 | Grand Prairie High School | Wide Receiver | 6’2 161 | Twitter: @nobapmike

    Michael possess a unique combination of physical attributes and skills that made him a standout at the NTX Eagles tryout. His long, lean, and athletic build, coupled with an extended catch radius, set the stage for a formidable presence on the field. The blend of long strides and quick feet displays his ability to cover ground efficiently, while his adept tracking of the ball in flight adds to his overall receiving prowess.

    Green is a matchup mismatch in the red zone, especially with his skill set for winning 50/50 jump balls in traffic, positions him as a scoring threat. Michael had several head-topping grabs in the scrimmage, showcasing his ability to make impactful plays.

    As Michael Green heads into the offseason, his distinctive attributes make him a player worth closely monitoring – he could be a game-changer for the NTX Eagles.



    Peyton Reis | Class of 2026| Grand Prairie High School | Quarterback | 5’10 165 | Twitter: @ReisPeyton_QB

    Reis exhibits promising traits as a quarterback. His ability to make quick reads, coupled with clean mechanics and footwork, positions him as a precise and efficient decision-maker on the field. Notably, his good field vision contributes to a high completion percentage, particularly in the short to intermediate areas where he excels.

    Peyton’s good touch on the deep ball suggests a well-rounded skill set, allowing him to navigate various aspects of the passing game. As Peyton continues to mature, his game will further elevate, making him an exciting prospect to watch in the NTX Eagles Elite program.

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