7v7 Elite Notable Weekend QB Standouts

    Written By: Drew Johnson (RealNews102)

    The Feltrim Sports Complex in Haines City was buzzing with energy over the weekend as the 7v7 Elite tournament had some talented prospects compete against each other in a thrilling display of skill and competition. National Scout Drew Johnson was in attendance to take stock of the standout performers from the weekend. With so much talent on display, there were plenty of notable faces to keep an eye on. From impressive touchdowns to game-winning interceptions, the players did not disappoint. Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout performers from the weekend.


    Dereon Coleman | 2026 | Jones |

    Telling everyone right now, this kid is the Real Deal. Coleman was my top standout because of the immense upside. He has a rocket for an arm and smart decision-making skills that separate him from other QBs. I came in already aware of his arm talent, but Coleman was throwing lasers on both days.


    Micheal Clayton | 2026 | Seminole | @MikeClaytonQB1

    A lot of boxes were checked this weekend for me in my first chance to watch him compete. Not sure if Clayton grew overnight but the kid is a true 6-4 QB prospect with a strong arm and pinpoint ball placement accuracy. He’s shown to be one of the legitimate 2026 QBs in the state and his stock has to go up when more college coaches get eyes on him.


    Cayden Thomas | 2026 | Mitchell | @CaydenThomas_

    Thomas finished as my top Sleeper Prospect. I’ve heard about his ability to play the position but was able to get my eyes on his this weekend playing with a solid Trinity Elite team. He was laser-focused from Day One where he threw various dots in tight windows. Thomas is a good decision-maker and showed off his strong arm. Got to keep eyes on his overall development.


    Chance Houston | 2027 | Land o Lakes |@cc11houston

    A true 2027 QB prospect who plays well above his age level. Houston was on point for his 15U championship squad this weekend, earning the MVP award for his performance. Finally got my eyes on him and to break down his game. I left the tournament really impressed with his accuracy and ability to make the right play. He has plenty of time to work on the mechanics and frame but this kid has all the tools to continue developing.


    Joaquin Kavouklis | 2027 | CAI | @joaquinkav10

    Kavouklis continues to add to his frame and show why he’s one of the top 2027 QBs. He’s had an impressive regular season and looks like he’s ready to turn things up a notch. Good first day for Kavouklis where he flashed his deep ball strength and ball placement skills. Still, this kid has lots of time to continue training and start to generate buzz around his recruitment.


    Best of the Rest Standout QBs: Ballers

    Breylon Sanchez | QB | 2026 | Lyman | @BreylonSanchez

    Dylan Nahra | QB | 2025 | Countryside | @DylanNahra

    Bryce Leviodits | QB | 2025 | Lake Wales | @LevidiotisBryce

    Grant Conner | QB | 2025 | Winter Park | @grant_conner3

    Ethan Daughtery | QB | 2026 | Lambert | @edaughtery_23

    Blaine Walker | QB | 2025 | @Qb1_11

    John Kotusch | QB | 2025 | Winter Haven | @JohnKostuch

    Blake Johnson | QB | 2025 | Bartow | @blakejohnson_11

    Mason Cheatham | QB | 2025 | Atlantic | @cheatham1_mason

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