Next Up Chronicles: DR7 Road To The Crown 12U-15U

By Platform Scout: Marc Henry @marchen44


The 12U and 15 U division during the afternoon session at the Road to The Crown event in Houston showcased promising talent, featuring big plays, athleticism, and solid technique. Several standout players emerged during pool play, setting the stage for an exciting and much anticipated Crown Sunday. Let’s delve into the notable ballers who are expected to play a key role in the upcoming games as we head into Crown Sunday in Houston.


Ayden Thompson from Free World stood out in the 12U division with his exceptional performance on Saturday. He has great hands and speed, combined with an explosive burst off the line of scrimmage as a wide receiver to give him an early advantage against his opponents. His ability to play “like his hair is on fire,” makes him a formidable presence on the field.

Thompson’s versatility was evident as he also contributed in the defensive backfield, showcasing a plug-and-play skill set. With several key defensive plays, he proved to be a valuable asset for Free World. As they head into Crown Sunday, expect Thompson to be a key contributor, aiming to help Free World secure The Crown with his impressive skills on both sides of the ball.


Carson Sullivan of A1 Elite showcased his quarterback skills in the 12U division, standing out as one of the more accurate passers during pool play. Sullivan is has a quick release, letting it rip when he identifies his target. His good mechanics and arm strength to push the football outside the numbers contribute to his effectiveness on the field.

As A1 Elite heads into Crown Sunday, Sullivan’s performance is will be crucial for their chances at making a run for The Crown. His accurate passing and strong arm will be key for his team to survive and advance on Sunday.



Michael Rozek of A1 Elite is a versatile playmaker, excelling on both sides of the football. Defensively, his nose for the ball, excellent ball skills, and field vision make him a standout player. Rozek’s ability to attack the ball positions him well to make impactful plays.

On the offensive side, Rozek is a key target for A1 Elite, showcasing strong hands and a substantial catch radius. His proficiency in making big catches positions him as a reliable asset in crucial moments. As A1 Elite heads into Crown Sunday, they’ll rely on Rozek to continue making significant plays, both defensively and as a top target in their offense.



Dekerion Hall had an outstanding performance during pool play in the 12U Division for Free World. Defensively, playing at safety, Hall demonstrated disciplined eyes, great ball skills, and an ability to attack the ball in flight. His length and extended reach proved effective in shutting down passing lanes, leading to timely pass breakups and interceptions.

On the offensive side, Hall’s exceptional skills were evident with head-topping  jump ball catches, making him a mismatch in coverage. As Free World prepares for Crown Sunday, expect to see a consistent and impactful presence of Hall in their offensive strategy. His dual-threat capabilities on both sides of the ball make him a key player to watch on Crown Sunday.

15 U Division


Patrick Robinson Jr. of the New Orleans Dolphins is must see tv!!! He is an electric and explosive playmaker, just get the ball in his hands. Patrick displayed phonebooth quickness and suddenness in space, Robinson plays with speed and an explosive burst, creating separation and making him a big play waiting to happen.

As a versatile athlete who contributes on both sides of the ball, Robinson has earned recognition as one of the top freshman players in the state of Louisiana. Keep him on your radar for exciting performances, as his dynamic playstyle makes him a standout talent worth watching.



Marlon Jones, the 6’2 quarterback for the 15U New Orleans Dolphins, brings great length and a powerful arm to the field. Jones has excellent touch on deep passes and he has the arm strength to push the football outside the numbers on a rope. Standing tall in the pocket, he delivers accurate strikes in the short to intermediate zones.

With a keen ability to see the field well, Jones played a pivotal role during pool play, contributing to the Dolphins’ 3-0 record on Saturday. His big plays and skill set position him as a key asset for the team, making him a standout quarterback in the 15U division.


Mitchell Harris emerged as a game-changing playmaker for the New Orleans Dolphins during pool play on Saturday. He has great ball skills, strong hands, combined with excellent instincts are traits that stick out in his game. Harris has a nose for the football. His ability to see the field well, coupled with an aggressive approach, makes him a standout player.

As the Dolphins head into Crown Sunday, expect  Harris to play a key role, leveraging his playmaking abilities to make a significant impact on the field. His contributions are likely to be crucial in their pursuit of The Crown.



Quincy Armstead from Texas Extreme had a phenomenal day during pool play, showcasing his talents on the field. Armstead’s long, lean frame and extended catch radius, combined with superb hands, make him an impressive receiver. His ability to run crisp routes and track the ball well in flight adds to his skill set.

As Armstead continues to mature, his game will flourish. Keep an eye on him as a key player for Texas Extreme on Crown Sunday, where his contributions could play a pivotal role in the team’s success.



Antwon Sanders had a phenomenal day for Macs Speed during the 15U afternoon pool play games, consistently making big plays. His impressive performance showcased great hands, a knack for getting open and a large catch radius. Sanders possesses the speed to create separation and the strength to beat press coverage.

With his ability to produce when given the ball, Sanders stands out as a reliable playmaker for Macs Speed. His skills make him a valuable asset on the field, contributing significantly to the team’s success during pool play. Keep an eye on him for continued impact on Crown Sunday.



Damon “DJ” Green showcased notable skills for Texas Affiliated in the 15U division on Saturday. With a strong arm, excellent field vision, and good touch on his deep ball, Green displayed the ability to make precise throws in the short to intermediate areas. His solid mechanics and arm talent enable him to execute throws across the route tree with excellent timing and rhythm. Green’s well-rounded quarterback abilities make him a standout player to watch in the 15U division.

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