DR7 Road To The Crown Davenport: 14U-15U Pool Play Standouts

By Platform Scout: Marc Henry @marchen44


The 14U and 15U divisions at the DR7 Road To The Crown Davenport showcased intense competition on Saturday, with players exhibiting speed and tenacity. Many of these athletes are on the verge of becoming stars on Friday nights. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. Several standout players, with top-flight performances during pool play, drew attention and we will take a look at the depth of their talent and competitiveness in these age groups as they head into Crown Sunday.


Adonis Cuyler | Athlete | Prime Truth 14U

Adonis Cuyler’s explosive capabilities are showcased not only by his elite burst off the line but also by his stout, strong, and lean build, providing him with a distinct advantage on the field. His large catch radius and strong hands make him a reliable target, effortlessly turning challenging plays into seemingly easy successes. Beyond his offensive prowess, Cuyler’s versatility shines as he seamlessly transitions to the defensive side, which was on display when he turned a interception into to a pick six. His multifaceted contributions, including numerous touchdown grabs, show off his gifted and impactful presence in the game.



Zion Watson | Safety | Prime Truth 14U

Zion Watson is as an athletic safety, who has exceptional range and  is an instinctual playmaker. His long, lean frame enhances his great range on the backend, making him a formidable ball hawk with the ability to shut down passing lanes effectively. Watson’s prowess was further demonstrated by multiple pass breakups, showcasing his knack for disrupting opposing aerial attacks. His interception during pool play displays his defensive prowess but also his capacity to make impactful plays in crucial moments.



Kameron Battle | Athlete | Prime Truth 14U

Kameron Battle’s game is highlighted by his strong, reliable hands and a stout build, he has a thick lower half and wide shoulders. This physicality allows him to absorb contact effectively, making him adept at contested grabs in traffic. Beyond his strength, Battle showcases impressive speed, enabling him to get behind defenders for significant plays. Battle made several big touchdowns during pool play, displaying an impactful element to his skill set on the field.



Jaiziah Battle | Defensive Back | Prime Truth 14U

Jaziah Battle’s lean, long frame not only contributes to his impressive catch radius on offense but also plays a crucial role on the defensive end. His physicality at the line of scrimmage showcases his ability to disrupt opponents’ routes, and his long reach becomes a valuable asset in altering the trajectory of receivers. Additionally, his aggressive play in press coverage highlights a ballhawk mentality, showcasing a keen instinct for the ball and a proactive approach to defensive play. This multifaceted skill set makes Battle a formidable presence on both sides of the ball, contributing to his effectiveness in various aspects of the game.



Kayden Simpson | Athlete | Apex Elite 14U

Kayden Simpson’s feisty and controlled aggression on the field sets him apart as a formidable player. As a sticky defender, he excels in maintaining tight coverage and consistently fights for the ball, showcasing his determination and resilience. His ability to secure two big interceptions during pool play shows off his playmaking skills and football IQ. With this skill set, Kayden Simpson exhibits the potential to evolve into an elite defender, combining aggression with a strategic approach to make a significant impact on the game.



Aidan Dipaola | Wide Receiver | Trinity Elite 14U

Aidan Dipaola’s playing style is intense and dynamic and he plays like his hair is on fire. His ability to run sharp routes, coupled with his quickness in  space, allows him to create significant separation from defenders. With strong hands and reliability as a target, Dipaola becomes a go-to option on the field. His flair for making big plays was evident in his impressive jump ball grabs for touchdowns, showcasing both athleticism and a feisty attitude. Overall, Dipaola’s multifaceted skills make him a dynamic and impactful player on the field.



David Delgardo | Athlete | Bay Area Buckeyes 14U

David Delgardo’s dynamic playmaking ability shows off his versatile skill set that makes him a plug-and-play asset wherever he lines up. His great hands and natural instincts contribute to his effectiveness on both sides of the ball. David is a defensive ballhawk, Delgardo excels in seeing the field well, shutting down passing lanes, and making impactful plays. On the offensive end, he transforms into a dynamic weapon, consistently delivering big plays. Delgardo’s adaptability and prowess make him a valuable contributor in various facets of the game, showcasing his impact on both offense and defense.



Chayse Brown | Athlete | Bay Area Buckeyes 14U

Chayse Brown’s dynamic skill set, characterized by a large catch radius and strong hands, allows him to be a playmaker on the field. His ability to go get the ball, coupled with an attacking mindset with the ball in flight, makes him a formidable target. Whether on offense or defense, Brown showcased his capacity for making game-changing plays, emphasizing his impact on both sides of the football. Simply lining him up and letting him go get it, highlights his versatility and effectiveness in contributing to the team’s success.



Omar Anchico III | Athlete | Bay Area Buckeyes 14U

Omar Anchico III’s game is dynamic, showcasing elite ball skills as a two-way player. His speed on the field is complemented by an ability to play press coverage effectively and get physical at the line of scrimmage. Anchico excels as a ballhawk in the secondary, utilizing closing speed to shut down throwing windows. Notably, he poses a big play threat offensively, contributing to his versatility and impact wherever he lines up. Anchico’s multifaceted skills make him a standout player capable of influencing the game on both offense and defense.



Sanjae Green | Athlete | Slimey Boyz 14U

Sanjae Green has a Swiss Army knife type of gam, showing his versatile, skillful game and he is effective in multiple roles. When the ball is in his hands, Green consistently makes plays, showcasing his playmaking abilities. On the defensive end, he excels as a lockdown defender, adding a layer of versatility to his skill set. His impact extends beyond defense, having played quarterback and making a notable contribution in that role. Green’s multifaceted abilities make him a valuable asset, demonstrating his capability to influence the game on both ends of the field.



Jordyn Murray | Athlete | Team Elite 14U

Jordyn Murray’s dynamic playmaking ability is highlighted by his explosive leaping skills, allowing him to go get the ball with finesse. His success in jump ball grabs and a large catch radius make him a reliable target on the field. With a long, lean frame, Murray possesses the physicality to absorb contact in traffic, showcasing his resilience. His stout frame, combined with athleticism, led to several highlight-reel grabs for touchdowns, emphasizing his impact as a dynamic and reliable receiver.




Ronald Williams | Athlete | St John’s Cobras 15U

Ronald Williams III’s effectiveness as a sticky defender shows off his well rounded skill set, combined with his lean frame, long arms, and disciplined play are traits that stick out in his game. His ability to quickly read plays and shut down passing lanes contributed significantly to the St. John’s Cobras’ stingy defense during pool play. Multiple pass break-ups showcasing his skills to stop drives make him a key player in maintaining defensive solidity. Ronald is a major reason for the team’s defensive success, demonstrating his impact in thwarting opposing offenses.



Ke’Wan Smith |Athlete | St John’s Cobras 15U

Ke’wan Smith’s prime time defender status is bolstered by his impressive attributes. With great length, long arms, and excellent short-area quickness, he possesses a versatile skill set. His stout, lean frame not only provides agility but also allows him to overpower opponents at the line of scrimmage. Ke’wan showcases the makeup of an elite defender, combining physical prowess with strategic abilities, making him a formidable force on the field.




Justin Jones | Athlete | St John’s Cobras 15U

Justin Jones’ early impact in the 15U pool play games for the St. John’s Cobra is notable. As a versatile player on both sides of the ball, he showcases his all-around skills. Justin is a ballhawk on defense, a sticky defender, and displays strength at the point of attack. His good hands, crisp route running, and consistent ability to get open make him a reliable target for his quarterback, setting a tone for success in both offense and defense for the St. John’s Cobras team.

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