Emptying My Scouting Notebook: Davenport Wrap Up

    By Platform Scout: Marc Henry @marchen44


    The state of Florida is known for its deep talent pool of football talent, especially among skill position players, who are ranked with some of the best players in the country from season to season. As the DR7 #Road To The Crown National Tournament moves to Texas for the next leg of the tour, it’s worth spotlighting several under-the-radar players and those who are poised to make a splash in the coming years. Some of these spotlighted players are Next Up, not yet on the high school scene, but have the potential to create significant buzz for themselves in the near future. Keep an eye out for their names as they continue to develop and showcase their skills on the field in the state of Florida. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. I am emptying my scouting weekend notebook from the Davenport tournament. We will spotlight several upcoming talented players to keep an eye on this offseason.


    Lawrence Foote |  Defensive Back / Linebacker |Class of 2028 |  7v7: Bay Area Buckeyes

    Lawrence Foote’s performance in Davenport showcased his exceptional playmaking abilities, highlighted by his keen instincts and excellent vision on the field. His long, lean frame provides him with versatility to excel both as a safety and a linebacker. Foote set the tone with his outstanding play in the secondary on both days and he has the skill set that will be prominent on Friday nights in the future. Foote explained that he plays the linebacker position in pads, but he has the skill set to transition smoothly back to the safety position, with ability to play physically down in the box and be a lockdown defender in coverage. Get to know him now, he will be a household name in the near future.



    Kwauntace Joseph | Wide Receiver | Class of 2025 | 7v7: Showtime Bulls | Lecanto High school | Twitter: @Tez_is_him

    Kwauntace Joseph demonstrated elite pass-catching skills as a wide receiver, showcasing quickness in space and a burst off the line of scrimmage. His excellent short-area quickness allows him to create separation from defenders and his explosive leaping ability enables him to make plays above the rim, making him a formidable threat in the passing game. Joseph has the skill set to win on his routes and be a reliable target for his quarterback. He has strong hands, he attacks the football and he tracks the ball well in flight with late hands. His game is explosive and he is a player to watch this offseason.



    Trenton Gummer | Defensive Back  | Class of 2026 | 7v7: Gridiron Elite | Bishop Moore High School | Twitter: @trentongummer

    Trenton Gummer proved to be a pivotal defender for Gridiron Elite on both days, his sticky coverage skills and his ability to stay in his opponents hip pocket in phase are traits that stick out in his game. He excels at getting his hands on receivers at the point of attack, disrupting passing plays effectively. With a keen nose for the ball, Gummer played a significant role in helping the Gridiron Elite defense secure the 18U championship in Davenport. Gummer left no doubt that he is one the top defenders to keep an eye one this offseason.



    Makih Johnson | Wide Receiver | Class of 2025 | 7v7:  Team Elite | Clearwater International Academy | Twitter : @Makihjohnson2

    Makih Johnson stands out as an elite wide receiver, who is an impactful player when he steps on the field. His long, lean frame, combined with large hands and an extended catch radius, make him a reliable target for his quarterback. Johnson’s superb route-running skills enable him to create separation from defenders effectively. Additionally, his ability to absorb contact in traffic and excel at jump ball grabs further solidify his status as a difference-maker in the passing game. Johnson is one the top wideouts in the state of Florida in the class of 2025 and proved it on the field with his stellar play on both days in Davenport. He has double digits offer from schools that include South Florida, the University of Texas San Antonio, Iowa State, UConn, Western Kentucky and Toledo. Expect his offer sheet to grow heading into his senior season.



    Josh Robinson | Athlete | Class of 2025 | 7v7: Slimey Boyz | Calvary Christian High School

    Josh Robinson’s explosiveness with the ball in his hands makes him a dynamic player on the field. With phonebooth quickness and the ability to be a jitterbug in space, he can make sharp cuts and evade defenders with ease. Robinson’s sprinter speed allows him to create separation early in his routes, putting pressure on opposing defenses. His ability to excel at runs after the catch showcases his elusiveness and playmaking ability. Additionally, Johnson possesses a gear that sets him apart from his opponents, further enhancing his impact on the game. Josh is about that action!! He plays at different speed than his opponents. He uses his stout, strong, build to his advantage to absorb contract easily in heavy traffic, which enables him to fight off press coverage and allowed him to get open consistently on both days in Davenport. Josh has the type of elite skill set that attracts out of state programs like Baylor, Brown and Coastal Carolina who have offered him, as well as in state Big XII program UCF. Colleges make it their business to recruit heavy in the state of Florida to sign players like Robinson. You will see him on a field on Saturdays in the near future.


    Gavin James | Linebacker | Class of 2025 | 7v7: Too Trill | Lincoln High School

    Gavin James demonstrated himself as an elite defender for Too Trill during the #Road To The Crown event in Davenport. His good instincts and superb field vision enable him to anticipate plays effectively and make quick decisions on the field. James plays with speed and aggression, utilizing his long arms and stout frame with wide shoulders to excel in his role. With the prototypical look of an elite linebacker, he was a significant contributor to Too Trill’s advancement to the title game on Crown Sunday. His standout performance during the regular season has garnered attention from various colleges, including offers from Central Michigan, Akron, and Florida A&M. You can expect that list to grow this offseason. His play over the weekend left no doubt that he is one top defenders in his class.



    Nolan Downes | Quarterback | Class 2029 | 7v7 : Prime Truth | IMG Academy

    Nolan Downes had a stellar performance at the #Road To The Crown event in Davenport, showcasing his impressive skills at the quarterback position for Prime Truth. With a strong arm and excellent field vision, Downes can effectively read the defense and make precise throws. His quick release allows him to get the ball out rapidly, putting pressure on opposing defenses. Downes also demonstrates good touch on deep passes, adding another dimension to Prime Truth’s offensive attack. Nolan is headed in the right direction and he will be one of the top players in his class in the state of Florida. Get eyes on him now, he will be a name to know in the Sunshine State in the coming years.



    Braylon Cave Jr. | Quarterback | Class of 2029 | 7v7: Stampeders Elite | Twitter: @Bmax_thedux

    Braylon Cave Jr. is an emerging talent as a young quarterback, destined to attract attention from recruiters when hits the high school gridiron in the state of Florida. His superb athleticism, combined with a strong arm, makes him lethal threat offensively on the field. Cave Jr. has a long, lean frame, he stands tall in the pocket, which enables him to see the field well and make accurate throws. His capability to thread the needle in tight coverage windows showcases his elite arm talent, he is a confident passer who trusts his arm and he doesn’t get rattled under pressure staying even keel whether he throws a dot or makes a mistake. He plays with calmness, which shows his maturity. With the potential to develop into an elite passer, Cave Jr.’s considerable upside makes him a prospect to watch closely on the recruiting landscape in the state of Florida. He has the makeup of to develop into a national recruit in the near future.



    Anthony Dipaola | Quarterback | Class of 2028 | 7v7: Trinity Elite | Twitter:


    Anthony DiPaola had an impressive showing over the weekend in Davenport, demonstrating his skills as a quarterback. With a strong arm and quick release, he can deliver passes efficiently. DiPaola’s ability to make quick decisions on the field allows him to react swiftly to defensive schemes.  He showed great anticipation, showing the ability to throw his receivers open. which speaks to his understanding of timing and rhythm. As a member of the class of 2028, DiPaola has plenty of time to refine his talents further, indicating that he will continue to improve as he matures.



    Antonio Balaguer | Quarterback | Class of 2027 | 7v7: Team Elite | Sumner High School | Twitter: @AntonioBal10893

    Antonio Balaguer is a promising young talent who demonstrated his ability to compete at a high level. With a strong arm and a knack for making sound decisions with the football, he shows maturity beyond his years on the field. Balaguer’s calm demeanor under pressure, coupled with his clean mechanics, enhances his effectiveness as a player.  He is a quarterback to watch in the state of Florida in the class of 2027, he has the potential to make a significant impact as he continues to develop and refine his skills.



    Daniel Terry | Quarterback | Class of 2028 | D-1 Elite | Twitter: @DanielTerryQB1

    Daniel Terry’s prowess as a quarterback is evident in his ability to deliver the football with precision. Possessing a big arm, he can effortlessly make difficult throws even in tight coverage windows, showcasing his confidence and skill. Terry’s long, lean frame adds to his ability to stand tall in the pocket and deliver accurate passes downfield. His standout performance for D-1 Elite in Davenport solidifies his status as a rising talent. As a notable name among young signal callers in the state of Florida, Terry is poised to make waves in the football scene. Get eyes on him now, a name to know in the class of 2028.



    Jonah Gonzalez | Athlete | Class of 2027 | 7v7: D-1 Elite

    Jonah Gonzalez’s performance highlights his potential as an elite defender. With a long, lean frame and extended arm length, he poses challenges for opposing offenses. As a sticky defender with good ball skills, Gonzalez effectively disrupts passing plays and demonstrates his ability to make plays on the ball. His multiple pass breakups and key interceptions during Pool Play in Davenport, displayed his impact on the game. With a big upside, Gonzalez is poised to continue developing into a standout defensive player. He is name to know in the class of 2027 in the state of Florida.




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