Day One DR7 Dallas: 18U Noteworthy Performances

    By Platform Scout: Marc Henry @marchen44


    The Road To The Crown event in Dallas, Texas on Saturday showcased the resilience of participants battling the elements. The 18U bracket boasted a loaded talent pool, featuring top-flight players who delivered big-time plays. The sheer amount of talent on the field was superb, setting the stage for an exciting Crown Sunday.  The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. Stay tuned as we spotlight several outstanding players who stood tall on Saturday and will undoubtedly be ones to watch in the upcoming games.


    Cetcher Dehart | Class of 2026 | Wide Reciever | 7v7: Sooner 7 | Bixby High School

    Cetcher Dehart certainly made his mark as a dynamic playmaker, showcasing excellent short quickness and a knack for working well in space. His ability to pick his spots effectively and utilize his speed to get deep resulted in several big catches for touchdowns. Keep an eye on him as he continues to make an impact on the field.


    Nathan Gonzalez | Class of 2026 | Wide Receiver | 7v7 : Sooner7 | Bixby High School

    Nathan Gonzalez proved to be a reliable target for Sooner 7, consistently finding himself open thanks to his quickness off the line of scrimmage. His great hands and ability to find open spots in the defense made him a valuable asset. Additionally, his impressive body control allowed him to make contested grabs in heavy traffic, further solidifying his status as a dependable receiver. Expect him to continue making key contributions heading into Crown Sunday.


    Chase Loftin | Class of 2025 | Tight End | 7v7 | Warren Academy | Milliard South (NE)

    Chase Loftin is an imposing presence on the field at 6’6″ and 215 pounds, with the potential to add healthy bulk at the next level. His long, lean frame gives him an extended catch radius, allowing him to make plays even in tight coverage. Loftin excels at winning jump balls, thanks to his elite body control and athleticism. With his speed, he can effectively work the middle and stretch the field vertically. Loftin’s impressive skill set has garnered him double-digit offers from top programs like FSU, Penn State, Auburn, and Arkansas, leaving no doubt that he is a true playmaker to watch.


    William Anderson | Class of 2026 | Quarterback | 7v7: Warren Academy | Milliard West High School

    William Anderson’s performance highlighted his top-notch arm talent, demonstrating his ability to effectively throw across the route tree with precision. His superb accuracy, coupled with a strong arm, allowed him to hit his targets consistently. Anderson showcased excellent field vision, enabling him to read defenses and make smart decisions with the football. He also displayed a keen ability to control the tempo of the game, dictating the pace to his team’s advantage. Additionally, Anderson’s touch on the deep ball added another dimension to his passing game, making him a formidable quarterback to contend with.


    Amarion Jackson | Class of 2026 | Athlete | 7v7:  Warren Academy | Omaha Northeast High School

    Amarion Jackson’s performance showcased his smooth route running ability at wide receiver. His explosiveness off the ball and excellent short-area quickness allowed him to create separation from defenders effectively. Standing at 6’2″ and 185 pounds, he presents a big body target for quarterbacks. Jackson’s elite body control enables him to absorb contact and make contested grabs in traffic, adding another dimension to his game. As a rising junior to be, he has already attracted attention on the recruiting trail, receiving offers from programs like Minnesota and Illinois. With his skill set and potential, Jackson is primed to become one of the top playmakers emerging from the Midwest region in his class.


    Pierce Mooberry | Class of 2025 | Linebacker | 7v7: Warren Academy | Milliard North High School

    Pierce Mooberry possesses a long, lean frame that allows him to effectively clog up passing lanes from the linebacker position. At 6’4″ and 205 pounds, his size and skill set make him a formidable presence on the field. Mooberry’s “oily hips” enable him to move smoothly and quickly in coverage, while his good knee bend enhances his agility. He runs well in space, showcasing excellent vision to track down ball carriers or cover receivers. Mooberry’s high football IQ is evident in his ability to communicate with his team and adjust pass coverages on the fly. His recent offers from programs like Kansas State and Nebraska indicate that he’s on the radar of college programs, highlighting his potential at the next level.


    Aamir Hill | Class of 2025 | Athlete | 7v7: Warren Academy | Milliard South High School (NE)

    Aamir Hill demonstrated his grit, aggressiveness, and impressive ability to be a sticky defender in coverage during Saturday’s games. His performance included several pass breakups, showcasing his knack for disrupting passing plays. Hill plays with good leverage and maintains excellent eye discipline, enabling him to stay locked onto his assignment effectively. He doesn’t give ground easily, making it difficult for opposing receivers to gain separation. Hill’s standout performance on day one of the Road To The Crown Dallas marked him as one of the surprise performers, earning recognition for his defensive prowess and contributions to his team.


    Braylen Warren | Class of 2027 | Quarterback | 7v7: Warren Academy | Westside High School (NE)

    Braylen Warren’s performance highlighted his potential as an elite talent with room to grow at the quarterback position. With an athletic frame standing at 6’1″ and 175 pounds, he possesses the physical tools necessary to excel. Warren demonstrated a strong arm, allowing him to make throws with velocity and accuracy. He displayed excellent pocket posture, standing tall and composed when setting up to throw, which enhances his ability to scan the field and deliver the ball effectively. Warren’s arm strength enables him to push the football outside the numbers with precision, even threading it on a rope. His willingness to take shots downfield showcases his confidence and fearlessness as a playmaker. Overall, Warren’s performance suggests that he has the potential to develop into a standout quarterback with continued growth and refinement of his skills.


    Benedict Okwura | Class of 2026 | Wide Receiver | 7v7: BME | St. Thomas High School (Houston)

    Benedict Okwura’s physical attributes make him a formidable wideout on the field. Standing at 6’4″ and 210 pounds, his long, lean, rangy frame gives him an advantage over defenders. Okwura is strong at the point of attack, allowing him to win contested catches and create separation. His large catch radius and huge hands make him a reliable target for quarterbacks, as he can snag passes out of the air with ease. His play of the day was a highlight reel jump ball grab for a touchdown, showcasing his ability to go up and snatch balls in tight coverage, displaying his potential to make game-changing plays. With his combination of size, athleticism, and reliable hands, Okwura is undoubtedly a player to watch.


    Payton Matthews | Class of 2025 | Athlete | 7v7: Def Con Texas | San Antonio Harlan High School

    Payton Matthews has a lean yet stout frame that gives him the ability to excel in tight coverage situations and make plays in heavy traffic. His explosiveness off the line of scrimmage allows him to quickly gain separation from defenders, while his jitterbug quickness makes him elusive in the open field. Matthews possesses strong hands, enabling him to secure catches in contested situations. Additionally, his ability to work the field and find holes in the defense showcases his football IQ and awareness. Offers from programs like Texas State and UTSA highlight his potential as a standout playmaker at the collegiate level. Keep an eye on Matthews as he continues to make an impact for Def Con on Crown Sunday.


    Myron Robinson | Class of 2025 | Athlete | 7v7: Def Con Texas | San Antonio East Central High School

    Myron Robinson’s stout yet lean frame, standing at 6’2″ and 205 pounds, enables him to move fluidly in space on the defensive side of the ball, particularly in pass coverage. His good short-area quickness allows him to react swiftly to routes and break up plays effectively. With an extended reach, Robinson can close down passing windows and disrupt the opponent’s passing game. Additionally, his strong communication skills in coverage and excellent field vision contribute to his effectiveness as a defender. Robinson’s standout performance on day one of the Dallas tournament marked him as one of the intriguing surprises on the defensive side of the ball, showcasing the skills that college programs covet in hybrid defenders. Keep an eye on him as he continues make an impact for Def Con on Crown Sunday.


    Marquez Williams | Class of 2025 | Wide Receiver | 7v7: 318 Jackboyz  | Southern University Laboratory School (LA)

    Marquez Williams certainly impressed on day one of the Road To The Crown Dallas, showcasing his impressive skill set. He’s “phonebooth quick,” he can maneuver swiftly in tight spaces, making him elusive for defenders. Williams also displayed an explosive first step, allowing him to create separation from defenders and make quick cuts in space. His great hands and ability to work the middle of the field effectively made him a reliable target for his team. Additionally, Williams made several big plays, further solidifying his impact on the game. With his shifty moves and toughness to cover in space, he proved to be a formidable opponent for the defense. Keep an eye on Williams as he continues to make plays and leave his mark on the tournament.


    Royal Capell | Class of 2025 | Athlete | 7v7: Def Con Texas | Cibolo Steele High School

    Royal Capell’s performance on day one highlighted his status as an electric playmaker on the field. His explosiveness as a runner, combined with clean footwork, makes him a dangerous threat once he has the football in his hands. Capell also showcased his versatility as a wideout, running crisp routes and demonstrating the ability to accelerate past defenders with ease. With his strong, powerful build, he’s able to fight thru press coverage, which enables him to get open consistently. One of the standout moments of the day was his highlight reel one-handed catch in the back of the end zone for a touchdown, displaying his elite ability to track the football and make difficult grabs look routine. Capell’s overall performance earned him recognition as one of the top performers on day one. As a three-star recruit with offers from various notable programs, including North Texas, UTEP, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor, and Oregon, Capell is undoubtedly a player to watch as he continues to make an impact on the field.




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