Platform Futures-Next Up: 12U/14U Road To The Crown Pool Play Standouts

    By Platform Scout: Marc Henry @marchen44


    The Platform Futures showcased impressive resilience and adaptability as they faced challenging weather conditions in Dallas during the DR7 #Road To The Crown tournament. Despite the adversity, players and coaches made crucial adjustments while still delivering standout performances during pool play, showcasing their determination and skill.  The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. We spotlight several standouts were key contributors for their teams during pool play.


    Isaiah McGruder | Athlete | Bullitt Football Academy 12U

    Isaiah McGruder’s versatility was on full display as he made significant contributions on offense and defense on Saturday for Bullitt. His length and extended reach gives him an advantage, while his excellent ball skills and strong hands helped him excel offensively and even more as he showed that he is a top notch defensive back. As a sticky defender with good instincts, McGruder proved to be a lockdown defender, making him a valuable asset for the Bullitt defense as they went 3-0 during pool play. Look for McGruder to be even stingier on defense on #Crown Sunday.



    Damarion Lowery |  Athlete | Bullitt Football Academy 12U

    Damarion Lowery’s game is truly versatile and adaptable, fitting seamlessly into multiple positions on the football field with ease. His stout frame and extended reach, coupled with strong hands, allow him to excel in multiple roles and be dominant. Lowery’s ability to attack the football with a purpose, combined with his leaping ability, enables him to win contested catches in traffic with ease and he looks natural making it happen. Additionally, his speed enables him to blow by defenders, creating mismatches for opposing defenses. Damarion made big plays all day long, Lowery consistently proves to be a dynamic and impactful player on the field.



    Jamourie Bollin | Athlete | Bullitt Football Academy 12U

    Jamourie Bollin possesses an impressive skill set that allows him to excel on both offense and defense. As a defender, he is extremely active with excellent field vision and superb ball skills. Bollin effectively closes down passing windows by driving on the football when he diagnoses the play, disrupting opposing offenses. Offensively, he aggressively attacks the ball when thrown in his vicinity, showcasing strong hands and the ability to win contested grabs in heavy traffic. With his good length and long arms, Bollin consistently wins jump balls, making him a versatile and impactful player on both sides of the ball.



    King Ratliff | Wide Receiver | Bullitt Football Academy 12U

    King Ratliff possesses a physical presence on the football field, making him a formidable force. His large catch radius and great length enable him to make plays offensively regardless of the coverage he’s facing. With long strides and a quick first step, Ratliff is able to create separation and make smooth route transitions, showcasing his skills as a route runner. His combination of size and athleticism creates matchup mismatches that benefit his team’s offense. Get him the ball and watch him work.



    Miles Fincher | Quarterback | TA Longhorns 12U

    Miles Fincher is a gunslinger who exudes confidence, showcasing remarkable arm talent that allows him to effortlessly deliver passes with precision and power. His ability to consistently thread the needle and push the football outside the numbers on a tight spiral reflects his exceptional strength and technique for a player at this stage of his development. Despite the pressure of the game, Fincher remains composed, making split-second decisions with confidence and poise. His adeptness at reading defenses and making quick adjustments enables him to capitalize on opportunities and keep the offense moving efficiently. Fincher possesses a rare combination of touch and velocity on his deep throws, allowing him to exploit openings downfield with finesse. His willingness to take calculated risks shows the competitiveness in his game and determination to succeed. Fincher’s calm demeanor and unshakable confidence made him a standout performer on day one of the #Road To The Crown Dallas.



    Mason Smith | Quarterback | 318 Hotboyz 12U

    Mason Smith had a stellar performance for the 318 Hotboyz, showcasing his versatility as a quarterback by making throws across the entire route tree with precision and flair. His powerful arm and lightning-fast release enables him to zip passes into tight windows and exploit defenses at every level of the field. Smith’s exceptional field vision allows him to dissect opposing defenses and find open receivers with ease, consistently putting his team in scoring position. With a productive Saturday under his belt, all eyes will be on Smith during #Crown Sunday, where he’s poised to make a significant impact. As a flat-out playmaker, Smith has the potential to elevate his team to victory with his dynamic skill set and ability to deliver in clutch situations.



    Adrick Johnson | Athlete | 318 Hotboyz 12U

    Adrick Johnson’s ability to create separation and get open for his quarterback makes him an invaluable asset on the field, providing a reliable target in crucial situations. With his strong hands and stout build, Johnson is able to secure catches in traffic and withstand contact from defenders. As a smooth runner, he effortlessly navigates his routes, consistently gaining separation from defenders and making himself available for passes. Johnson’s skill at generating yards after the catch adds another dimension to his game, turning short receptions into significant gains for his team. With a breakout performance on Saturday, Johnson has proven himself as a playmaker capable of making a significant impact on game day.



    Kason Robinson | Athlete | 318 Hotboyz 12U

    Kason Robinson showcased his talents during pool play for the 318 Hotboyz, demonstrating his strong hands and exceptional ball skills. As a reliable target, Robinson consistently comes through for his team, making crucial catches in key moments. Beyond his receiving abilities, Robinson possesses a versatile skill set that allows him to excel in multiple positions on the field, adding depth and flexibility to the team’s lineup. With his impressive performance, Robinson has proven himself as a valuable asset with the potential to contribute significantly in various roles.



    Deion Hayes | Athlete | 318 Hotboyz 12U

    Deion Hayes possesses an exceptional set of attributes that make him stand out as a playmaker on the field. His great hands enable him to make difficult catches in tight coverage situations, giving his team a reliable target in crucial moments. As a smooth route runner, he can deceive defenders with subtle movements and changes of direction, creating separation and opening up passing lanes for his quarterback. His quickness in space allows him to accelerate past defenders and gain yards after the catch, turning short receptions into significant gains. With his innate ability to get open consistently, Hayes becomes a reliable option for his team’s offense, whether it’s converting third downs or making big plays in the red zone. Overall, his combination of skills and football IQ makes him a valuable asset and a true difference-maker on the field.



    Lorenzo Blakeslee | Athlete | M.B.K 12U

    Lorenzo Blakeslee possesses a remarkable skill set that elevates him to the status of a playmaker on the field. His fluid movements and smooth route running enable him to create separation from defenders with ease, making him a reliable target for his quarterback. With an extended catch radius and large hands, Blakeslee has the ability to haul in passes even in challenging situations, giving his team an advantage in contested catch scenarios. Despite being a long strider, he also possesses excellent short-area quickness, allowing him to make sharp cuts and elude defenders in open space. Additionally, Blakeslee’s explosive leaping ability makes him a nightmare for opposing defenses in the red zone, as he can high-point the ball and come down with touchdowns even in congested areas. Overall, his combination of athleticism, skill, and versatility make him a dynamic threat whenever the ball is in his hands.



    Jeremiah Sam | Athlete | M.B.K. 12U 

    Jeremiah Sam is a polished performer on the offensive end, known for his precise route running and elusive moves in open space. His ability to create separation with crisp routes makes him a reliable target for his quarterback. When he gets the ball in his hands, Sam showcases his elusiveness, evading tacklers with natural instinct and agility. His excellent ball skills allow him to make acrobatic catches and turn routine plays into big gains. Sam’s skill set is tailor-made for success on the field, with attributes that seamlessly transition to game situations. As a true gamebreaker, he possesses the potential to ascend to elite status in the future, thanks to his combination of talent, work ethic, and football IQ.



    Jex Taylor | Quarterback | Bullitt Football Academy 14U

    Jex Taylor demonstrated his exceptional arm talent during the pool play at the #RoadToTheCrown Dallas tournament. His impressive field vision allows him to read the defense effectively and anticipate openings for his receivers. Taylor’s throws exhibit good anticipation, allowing him to lead his receivers into open spaces in the defense, maximizing their potential for big plays. Overall, his combination of arm strength, field awareness, and anticipation makes him a formidable quarterback on the field.



    Dexter Ricard Jr | Quarterback | 318 Hotboyz 14U

    Dexter Ricard Jr. showcased his talent during pool play for the 318 Hotboyz, demonstrating his ability to make quick decisions and deliver the ball with a rapid release. His arm strength allows him to effectively push the ball downfield, keeping defenses honest and opening up opportunities for big plays. As a key player for the 318 Hotboyz, his performance will be crucial heading into Crown Sunday, where his skill set can make a significant impact on the team’s success.




    Kayden Dobbins | Wide Receiver | 318 Hotboyz 14U

    Kayden Dobbins brings an electrifying element to his game with his explosive first step off the line of scrimmage, making him a dynamic threat. As a rangy player with good length, he presents a challenge for defenders to contain. Dobbins’ natural ability as a hands catcher and smooth route runner allows him to easily find openings in opposing defenses. Additionally, he excels in the open field after the catch, using his athleticism and agility to make plays and gain additional yardage.


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