15U Playmakers – New Orleans, LA (Pool Play)

15U Playmakers – New Orleans, LA (Pool Play)

(written by: Nick Gradney – National Scout)


2027 WR Jaden Martin was nothing short of fantastic during pool play. Martin is an advanced route runner at his age with superb catching ability. Jaden was a key piece in the New Orleans Dolphins success on Saturday. The most notable trait was his confidence. It was almost as if he knew he was the best once he stepped on the field. His whole swag was on 10 and very much an asset to his team throughout the day. Look for Jaden Martin to light it up going forward. 


2027 WR John Walker have a wide catch radius and displayed strong hands Saturday. Walker have a slim, athletic frame with great body control once the ball is in the air. John Walker look the part and backs it up as well. Walker also possess the adequate speed for a kid his age and still growing and Jarno l learning the game. Expect big things to come his way.

2026 WR Charley Abraham was a true standout amongst the competition in pool play. His size alone made defenders hesitant as he ran down the field forcefully as if they were tackling. Abraham’s mere presence demanded attention from the defense and you needed to know where he was lined up at all times. Abraham strong points are having a quick release and versatile route running package. Look for more to come with Charley Abraham in the near future.

2027 Sye Byrd was arguably the best receiver in pool play on any level. His performance was pure domination. Byrd caught everything that flew his way and there were many times where he had multiple receptions on consecutive drives. Sye Byrd have strong hands at the point of attack which made it difficult for defensive backs to break up passes. Expect the same effort on Sunday from Sye as he looks to continue a great outing.


2027 WR Zade Richmond had a terrific showing on Saturday in New Orleans. The Jackboyz have a really good crop of receivers so to stand out in that group of players is astonishing. Richmond have really good speed and his ability to create separation should generate traction as a young prospect. The sky is the limit for this kid and should be on everybody’s radar. Look for Zade Richmond to pop up on your timeline quite often.

2027 QB Karsen Sellers was throwing darts like he was on 18U. His tight spiral and throwing motion immediately caught my eye. Sellers is advance for a quarterback his age and have the size to play the position. Karsen showed high level skills with his arm strength and accuracy as well. Tomorrow shouldn’t be any different as the Jackboyz go into Sunday as a premiere team and largely due to the outstanding play of Karsen Sellers.

2026 S Kaden Chachere was phenomenal in New Orleans during pool play Saturday. Chachere mostly played wide receiver and looked like a natural. I’m telling you now, this kid have such a high ceiling. Kaden demanded the ball and showed why every time. A true mismatch across the field – the defenses had no answer for him. It was like you knew the ball was coming to him and he still made a play. Playing both sides of the football may be a thing of the future for Kaden Chachere.

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