DR7 NOLA Day One Playmakers

    By Platform Scout:  Nate Shivers @NathanielShiver1
    The DR7 Road To the Crown National Tournament  events are not only about showcasing individual talents but competing in a competitive environment against players ages 8U-18U. It’s a chance for them to not only compete but also to work on specific skills, grow as athletes, and possibly catch the eye of scouts or recruiters looking for promising talent. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure.
    Christian Seager | Quarterback | Spanish Fort High School (AL) | 7v7: Gulf Coast | 2027 | @Christian_Seager
    Christian Seager was a quarterback that really stood out on Saturday at the DR7 tournament in Louisiana. He has a calm demeanor that doesn’t let him get rattled and keeps him focused on the play. His ball placement kept him throwing accurate passes throughout the day, not allowing the rain to be a factor. Seager has a knack for finding his target while going through his progressions post snap, making the right throw, distributing the football with clear vision of the field. Christian Seager is looking to take the starting job at Spanish Fort High school in his home state of Alabama, after his stellar performance on day during pool play, Seager showed that he has the skill set to make a push for playing time this fall.
    Jetereon Glenn | DB | 7v7: MDU | Meridian high School | 2026 | @lxltereonD1
    Jetereon Glenn looked fluid in the nickel position during pool play at the DR7 Tournament. His communication with those around him was part of his game that stood out, passing off and switching receivers in zone coverage to shut down passing lanes effectively. Glen is an athletic corner that can move with his receiver across the field in man coverage staying in phase and locked in on his opponent. His ability to play sticky defense was a factor in the opposing offenses not testing him often in coverage. Glenn plays both sides of the ball during the fall,  making plays as productive slot receiver for Meridian high school but his time at defensive back today showed that he has the athleticism to be dominant on either side of the football.
    Keith Turner | WR | Saraland High School (AL) | 7v7: Gulf Coast | 2027 | @KTIII_jiggy
    Keith Turner had himself a day today at the DR7 tournament for the Gulf Coast offense. His elite change of direction skills make him lightning in a bottle after he makes the catch, making it tough for defenders to even lay a hand on him! Turner has the skill set that makes him a nightmare in the open field. Turner is just scratching the surface but showed during pool play that he has will be a top playmaker to keep an eye on in his class and I’m looking forward to watching him in the future.
    Collin DiBetta | WR | Acadiana High school | 7v7: Bootleggers | 2027 | @collin_dibetta
    Collin DiBetta is a football catching machine! Not dropping a single pass in the games I watched today, DiBetta has sticky hands that consistently made him the go to guy for his quarterback and the bootleggers offense during pool play at the DR7 Tournament. He runs the entire route tree like a veteran and utilizes his shifty movement ability to make it tough on the cornerback that has to deal with him out of the slot. DiBetta is rarely bottled up, his quick burst out of his breaks make him a tough matchup, factoring in those incredible hands he has and DiBetta was able to win consistently on day one.
    Kani King-Young | ATH | St. James High School | 7v7: Bootleggers | 2026 | @kanimovin
    Kani is a multi-sport prospect that brings his basketball and track ability to the football field, showcasing his skills as an athlete here on the first day at the DR7 tournament in Kenner, LA.  While usually at the running back position and listed as an athlete for St. James high school in Louisiana, Kani involved himself in a receiver role here and made a lot of big plays for the bootleggers during pool play, including a remarkable one handed catch in the back of the end zone that had the whole audience hyped! He is a player to watch heading into Crown Sunday.

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