DR7 Road To The Crown NOLA Wrap Up

By Platform Scout: Marc Henry @marchen44


The DR7 NOLA  #Road To The Crown tournament wasn’t just about the games, it was a showcase of talent, an opportunity to get quality reps and play in an competitive setting. There were standout individuals who seized the moment and elevated their game to new heights. These players weren’t just participants; they were game-changers, making crucial plays that swung the momentum and left a lasting impression as they stepped up in big time moments. As the dust settled after two days of relentless competition, these ballers emerged as the ones to watch, showing their potential to be game changers. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure.


Nehemiah Phillip | Wide Receiver | Class of 2025 | 7v7: New Orleans Top Jacks | Riverside Academy (LA) | @NehemiahPhilip7

Philip’s skill set makes him formidable wide receiver prospect. His stout build and extended reach provide him with a physical advantage, allowing him to excel in close-quarters in coverage and he makes challenging catches seem effortless. His strong hands ensure that once he gets his hands on the ball, it’s unlikely to escape his grasp. His crisp route running and understanding of how to find open space in opposing defenses make him a reliable target in any offensive scheme.

Philip possesses deceptive speed, enabling him to create separation from defenders and capitalize on opportunities downfield. His ability to work the middle of the field effectively in the N.O. Top Jacks offense demonstrates his versatility and high football IQ. In crucial moments on both days of the tournament, he showed that he has a knack for stepping up and making big grabs, showcasing his reliability and clutch playmaking ability.

After reviewing clips from his junior season, it’s evident that Nehemiah has the skill set necessary to make a significant impact at the collegiate level. His combination of physical attributes, technical prowess, and playmaking instincts make him a compelling prospect for college programs seeking a dynamic wide receiver threat.



Ke’ain Shorts | Wide Receiver | Class of 2025 | 7v7: New Orleans Top Jacks | John Ehret High School | @kkeain3

Ke’ain Shorts is an “electric playmaker” with his dazzling array of skills and explosiveness on the field. His agility and quickness in tight spaces makes him a nightmare for defenders to contain and he is phonebooth quick which enables him to make defenders miss in space. Shorts possesses elite burst and acceleration, allowing him to explode off the line of scrimmage, make sharp cuts, and leave defenders trailing in his wake.

One of Shorts’ standout attributes is his ability to run precise routes, which enables him to create separation from defenders and consistently get open. Combined with his strong, reliable hands, he becomes a reliable target for quarterbacks in crucial situations. Shorts is not only dangerous as a receiver but also as a runner after the catch. His explosiveness in the open field makes him a threat to turn short receptions into long gains, showcasing his ability to change the momentum of a game in an instant.

While 7v7 may not fully be the same as football in pads, Shorts’ ability to dominate in space and make defenders miss are traits that surface in his game. His natural talent and playmaking ability  stand out in pads or in shorts. His game film highlights his burst, explosion and showcases his ability to create highlight-reel plays, with one example being his dynamic punt return for a touchdown where he showcases all of his tools in a single play.

Shorts is a game-changing talent who possesses the skills and instincts to excel at the next level. Whether it’s as a receiver, return specialist or all-around playmaker, getting the ball into Shorts’ hands is a surefire way to ignite excitement and generate big plays for any team fortunate enough to have him on their roster.



Nahun Lalin | Wide Receiver | Class of 2025 | 7v7: New Orleans Top Jacks |John F. Kennedy High School| @NahunLalin

Nahun possesses a versatile skill set that makes him a standout player on both sides of the ball. With his lean, rangy build and large catch radius, he’s a reliable target in the passing game, capable of making difficult grabs in traffic look routine. His strong hands and ability to attack the ball with a purpose ensure that he consistently comes down with contested catches.

Lalin’s versatility extends beyond offense, as he showcases his athleticism and adaptability by contributing on special teams as a kicker, punter, and kickoff specialist. This ability to excel in multiple roles highlights his “Jack of All Trades” type of game, where he can impact the outcome of the game in various ways.

Lalin’s body control and knack for using his frame effectively in close quarters allow him to navigate through contact and maintain possession of the ball. Whether it’s on offense, defense, or special teams, he demonstrates a high level of skill and determination, making him a valuable asset to any team. Lalin’s combination of athleticism, versatility, and playmaking ability make him a standout performer on the field, capable of making an impact in multiple facets of the game.



Jabari Mack | Wide Receiver | Class of 2026 | 7v7: Bootleggers | Destrehan High School | @JabariMack7
Mack has the skill set of an elite wide receiver. His explosiveness off the line of scrimmage combined with his precise route running and ability to reach his top speed quickly set him apart from the competition. Mack’s agility allows him to seamlessly transition at the top of his routes, giving him an advantage in creating separation from defenders.

His large catch radius, aggressive ball-attacking mentality and strong hands make him a reliable target in any situation, even in heavy traffic. Mack’s stout, lean build combined with his elite body control enables him to navigate through contact and maintain possession of the ball, while his yards after the catch ability adds another dimension to his game.

What’s more impressive is that Mack’s performance on tape shines brighter when he’s in pads, showcasing his ability to elevate his game in live action. He has the the type of game that demands getting the ball in his hands by any means necessary, whether it be kick returns, big plays on the perimeter or utilizing his burst to turn short gains into touchdowns.

His status as the top wide receiver in Louisiana and the numerous offers from powerhouse programs across the nation solidify his standing as a national recruit. With a list that includes prestigious schools like Texas, Penn State, Miami, and others, it’s clear that Mack’s talents are highly coveted at the collegiate level.

Shmar Akande | Defensive Back | Class of 2026 | 7v7: Bootleggers | South Broward High School | @Shmar123385321
Shmar is a standout cornerback prospect with his impressive attributes and skills on the field. His fluid hips allow him to maintain tight coverage on receivers, while his long, lean frame and extended arm length provide him with a physical advantage in press coverage. Akande’s ability to pivot, plant, and cut without false steps showcases his agility and allows him to stick with receivers step for step.

His feisty and aggressive demeanor, combined with violent hands in press coverage, disrupts the timing of opposing passing attacks. Akande plays with great leverage, combine that with his excellent ball skills and instincts, makes him a formidable presence in the secondary. Despite being only a sophomore, he displays the maturity and poise of a seasoned veteran, demonstrating technical proficiency and clean footwork in his play.

As a three-star cornerback prospect in the class of 2026 in Florida, Akande has already garnered attention from notable programs such as LSU, South Florida, Maryland, Tulane, and Florida Atlantic. With his skill set and potential, he has the makings of a future impact player at the collegiate level.

Kervin Johnson | Athlete | Class of 2026 | 7v7: Jackboyz | Tioga High School (LA) | @JrKjkool

Kervin possesses the physical build and skill set to be a dominant force on the football field, regardless of where he lines up. Standing at an impressive 6’3″ and 180 pounds, he not only passes the eye test but also showcases explosive playmaking ability when he takes the field.

With his long, muscular, lean frame, Johnson boasts a large catch radius and strong hands, allowing him to attack the ball in flight with authority. His elite body control and ability to play above the rim make him a threat in jump ball situations, which was on full display in NOLA and he had several head-top catches on both days. Johnson utilizes his frame effectively in traffic, coming down with contested grabs by outmuscling defenders.

Johnson has the makings of a top-level recruit in his class within Louisiana. College programs would be wise to take notice and get their eyes on him, as his playmaking ability and difference-making potential could make a significant impact at the next level.

Jaxon Schad | Quarterback | Class of 2028 | 7v7: Juice 7v7 | Cele Middle School | @Action_Jaxon15

Jaxon showcased his playmaking skills at the DR7 New Orleans tournament, demonstrating high-level skills as a quarterback. His arm talent allows him to thread the needle in tight passing windows with precision, while also displaying the strength to deliver accurate throws outside the numbers with velocity. Schad’s ability to make sound decisions in the passing game allowed him to play with confidence and he showed that he had a full grasp of the Juice offense. His game is complemented by his quick release and his ability to make quick reads for completions.

Schad possesses a gunslinger mentality, unafraid to take risks in tight coverage and make tough throws in traffic to move the ball downfield. His clean footwork and superb mechanics contribute to his overall efficiency as a passer, enabling him to consistently deliver accurate and well-timed throws.

Schad’s leadership and contributions were pivotal in guiding the explosive Juice 7v7 offense, showcasing his ability to thrive in high-pressure situations and elevate the performance of his team. His combination of arm talent, decision-making ability and intangibles make him a formidable quarterback prospect with a bright future ahead.


Carson Fields | Wide Receiver | Class of 2028 | 7v7: Juice 7v7 | Hutto High School | @CarFields2028
Fields possesses an impressive skill set that makes him a standout receiver on the field. His ability to create separation in tight spaces, with the skill set to get open in a phone booth, highlights his exceptional route-running ability and shiftiness in space. Fields has a quick burst off the line of scrimmage which allows him to gain an advantage over defenders, while his good body control enables him to adjust to passes and make difficult catches.

Fields demonstrates a keen understanding of how to manipulate defenders and stack them off the ball, further enhancing his ability to get open and create opportunities for himself. His reliable hands and knack for making catches in traffic make him a valuable asset to any offense.

As Fields continues to mature and refine his skills, his game is will elevate to even greater heights. With his combination of talent, work ethic, and potential for growth, he’s certainly a player worth keeping an eye on.

Brayden Mueller | Wide Receiver | Class of 2027 | 7v7: Juice 7v7 | Hendrickson High School (TX) | @BraydenM3_

Brayden possesses the physical make up and skill set to be a formidable threat on the football field. His long, lean, athletic frame provides him with a distinct advantage over opponents, allowing him to utilize a large catch radius and make plays in contested situations. Mueller’s strong and reliable hands, combined with his aggressive approach to attacking the football at the catch point, make him a reliable target in any situation.

Mueller’s ability to run crisp routes, combined with quick feet and clean footwork, enables him to create separation from defenders and consistently get open. As he continues to develop and mature, there’s tremendous potential for his game to flourish even further. It’s clear that Mueller is just scratching the surface of his capabilities, and with continued growth and refinement, he has the opportunity to become a dynamic playmaker on the field.

Jonathan Zepeda | Wide Receiver | Class of 2029 | 7v7: TTG | League City, TX | 


Zepeda certainly made his mark as a playmaker for the TTG 12U squad, playing a pivotal role in their success at the Crown in New Orleans. His savvy route running and innate ability to find openings in the defense highlight his football IQ and understanding of the game. Despite his young age, Zepeda demonstrates maturity beyond his years by effectively using his body to position himself as a reliable target for his quarterbacks.

He showed the versatility to contribute on both offense and defense, which showcases his all-around skill set. His impact on defense, including his ability to intercept passes and even return them for touchdowns, shows his versatility and playmaking ability on both sides of the ball.

Zepeda’s standout performances in the 12U division throughout the tournament cemented his status as one of the top players in his age group. With his combination of skills, intelligence, and versatility, he’s undoubtedly a player to watch as he continues to develop and progress.



Davontrae  Kirkland | Defensive Back | Class of 2027 | 7v7: Juice 7v7 | Waco University High School (TX) | @DDavontrae

Davontrae Kirkland’s performance at the DR7 New Orleans tournament showed that he is a top-flight defender. With his long, lean frame and extended arm length, Kirkland possesses the physical attributes to excel at the safety position. His exceptional field vision and eye discipline allow him to read plays effectively and position himself to make impactful plays in coverage.

Kirkland’s speed and range enables him to cover the backend of the defense with ease, while his elite ball skills and instincts make him a constant threat to create turnovers. His ballhawk mentality, combined with his ability to attack the ball in flight and secure interceptions with sure hands, distinguishes him as a playmaker in the secondary.

Kirkland demonstrates smooth movement in space, showcasing a fluid backpedal and the ability to aggressively play passing lanes and make plays on the ball. His impressive weekend with Juice 7v7 further highlights his play on the field and solidifies his standing as one of the top players in the class of 2027.

With offers from notable programs such as Baylor, Texas Tech, and Arizona State, it’s clear that Kirkland’s talents are highly sought after at the collegiate level. As he continues to develop and refine his skills, he has the potential to make a significant impact on the field.



Omarion Robinson | Athlete | Class of 2025 | 7v7: True Buzz | Parkview High School (AR) | @liilmanman2_

Omarion Robinson’s playmaking ability was on full display as one of the top pass catchers for True Buzz during both days of competition in New Orleans. His agility and shiftiness in space make him a difficult matchup for defenders, while his crisp route running and strong hands allow him to consistently create separation and make contested catches.

Robinson’s explosiveness and ability to shift gears enable him to accelerate past defenders and create big plays down the field. His sticky hands and knack for making tough catches, including several for touchdowns in New Orleans, demonstrate his reliability and impact in crucial situations. Despite the difficulty of the catches he makes, Robinson has a knack for making them look routine, showcasing his natural talent and ability to perform under pressure.

As one of the top athletes in the state of Arkansas and a three-star prospect who is being recruited nationally, Robinson has garnered offers from prestigious programs across the country, including Texas, USC, and Michigan. His explosive performance in New Orleans solidified his status as a highly coveted recruit with the potential to make a significant impact at the collegiate level.



Zadian “Zay” Gentry | Defensive Back | Class of 2025 | 7v7: True Buzz | McKinney High School | @Gentry_Zay

Zay Gentry is a standout defender with all the qualities of an elite cornerback. His lean yet stout build, combined with his extended arm length, gives him a physical advantage at the point of attack. Gentry’s aggressive style of play is evident in his ability to deliver a stiff punch in press coverage, disrupting the timing of opposing receivers and altering their routes.

He has a ballhawk mentality, Gentry excels at using his length to play passing lanes effectively, minimizing the space available for completions. His instincts and anticipation allow him to make plays on the ball, whether it’s intercepting passes or breaking up plays downfield. Gentry’s standout performance for True Buzz on both days of competition show his impact on the defensive side of the ball.

Gentry is a three star recruit with double-digit offers from notable programs such as SMU, Arkansas, and Oklahoma State. His combination of physicality, superb ball skills and his ability to play sticky defense make him a valuable asset at the cornerback position and a player that college programs covet for their defensive backfields.



Kristopher Coleman | Defensive Back | Class of 2025 | 7v7: NOLA Hotboys | Ehret High School (LA) | @justkr1s_

Coleman’s aggressive and feisty playing style makes him a standout defender on the field. With extended arm length and quick reflexes, he excels in coverage, sticking to receivers like glue and making it difficult for them to create separation. Coleman’s ability to play fast, combined with good technique and clean footwork, allows him to stay in position to make plays on the ball.

He showed that he has the versatility to play on the outside at cornerback or kick inside to play at the nickel slot position and be effective in stopping his opponents passing game. He is strong at the point of attack, capable of jamming receivers at the line and disrupting their routes effectively.

With his impressive skill set and performance on the field, Coleman possesses the attributes that college programs seek in next-level defensive backs. His ability to excel in coverage and play sticky defense make him a valuable prospect for teams looking to bolster their secondary.


Bryson Mathis II |Defensive Back |  Class of 2027 | 7v7: True Buzz | Lewisville High School (TX) | @2euceMathis
Bryson Mathis II’s performance in the True Buzz secondary was impressive,  he was a key contributor defensively, helping them win 14U Crown in New Orleans. With a stout build complemented by a lean upper body, Mathis showcased remarkable instincts, enabling him to anticipate plays and break on the ball effectively. His smooth transition into his backpedal and agility in space highlight his technical proficiency and mobility on the field. He showed his versatility, as he seamlessly transitioned between roles, excelling both as a deep safety and in the nickel slot position. Mathis demonstrated strength at the point of attack, showing his ability to hold his ground in press coverage. As he continues to mature and refine his skills, there’s no doubt that his game will only flourish further, making him a formidable force to reckon with on the football field.


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