LOCKDOWN! (The Woodlands, TX)

    By: Nick Gradney (National Scout) @StatZ_G


    26′ LB Tank King (@TKing2026)

    Tank King is one of top recruited linebackers in the state of Texas. This young man has it all – size, agility, speed and superb coverage skills for a guy at his position. King most noticeable trait is his instincts. The advantage he have over most is the ability to recognize a play and call it out before it happens. That makes the quarterback and receiver second guess themselves. If not, you can guarantee that play will be blown up. King already have the size to play at the next level, unfortunately for future opposing teams, he’s only in the 10th grade! Tank name fits him perfect, he’s well put together and have plenty of wiggle to cover the entire middle of the field. I even saw King drop back a little further in the safety range to make several plays you just don’t see from the linebacker spot. Already gathering offers from Washington, Florida, Texas A&M & others, expect many more to come.

    School: Port Arthur Memorial HS (TX)

    26′ S Kaden Lackey

    Kaden Lackey was impressive over the weekend. A true game changer in the secondary with great play recognition and ball skills. Lackey was flying around all weekend. If the football hung too long in the air, there’s a good chance this kid made a play on it. He was undoubtedly one of the best defenders at DR7 this past weekend. Lackey is a true ball hawk with an extremely high motor. I called him the “Russell Westbrook” of safeties just on how hard he plays. Effort is the one thing you can never teach and Kaden Lackey shows plenty of it.

    School: Klein Collins HS (TX)

    26′ DB Adrian Bernard¬† (@ABXXI_)

    Adrian Bernard is a very intriguing prospect in the class of 2026. He doesn’t wow you with his size or speed but he plays smart and shows great leadership qualities you’d want in a defensive back. I call Bernard a coach’s dream because he have a really good understanding for all positions in the secondary and he’s never out of place at any moment. A hard worker and a “win at all cost” mentality is something Adrian possess that allows him to be successful. He uses his strong attributes to his advantage and for that, he’s been trusted by his coach to to be “THE GUY” on the defensive side at a young age. Adrian Bernard had a pick during pool play on Saturday that was highly impressive for the simple fact that he baited the quarterback to throw near the middle of the field by looking off the receiver. Those type of intangibles will get you recruited to play somewhere regardless of measurables. The sophomore standout is technically sound and would be an asset to any team.

    School: KIPP Sunnyside HS (TX)

    25′ DB Xavier Hereford (@xavier_hereford)

    Hereford have quickly become one of the fastest rising young players in the Houston area. A true hidden gem that plays fast and physical. Xavier made plays at DR7 that kids who are ranked usually makes. He’s always around the ball and if he can’t pick it off, he’s going to break it up. A high motor athlete with good mobility is something that is highly sought after. During his junior campaign this past season, Hereford led his high school varsity team in interceptions so don’t think for a second this kid is just a 7v7 star. Xavier is listed as a defensive back, acknowledging he can play multiple positions, however, his skill set best suits him at safety. Let this kid play free and he’ll reward you for it. Hereford is definitely a player you want to follow.

    School: KIPP Sunnyside HS (TX)

    28′ ATH Donovan Sanders (Donovansan26104)

    You heard it here first, Donovan Sanders, will be a household name in a few years! This kid made me jump out of my proverbial seat on a couple occasions. I saw him make one hand touchdown catches and still have enough energy on the defensive side to shut down receivers. I’m not sure what he’s even best at but it would behoove his future high school coach to let him try his hand at as many positions possible. Donovan Sanders have a great burst, twitchy hips, plays low and moves very well in coverage. This kid have superstar qualities written all over him. I’m not sure what school he’ll attend in the fall but whoever it is, they’ll be lucky to have a player like that on the roster. Once Sanders fully grows to be the adequate size of a typical DB or WR, then look out!

    School: N/A

    25′ DB Avery Sorrell (@av3ryyy12)

    Avery Sorrell is a really good defensive back prospect that many universities should have on their radar. Sorrell is fundamentally sound and you can tell he’s been trained well. I believe he’s best suited to play the nickel position due to his skill set and size. This kid stands about 5’10, which is perfectly fine and have a lean build with fairly long arms you would want to play inside. Sorrell was everywhere and got his hands on the football several times when it came within his vicinity. Avery most notable trait is his ability to cover the slot well by using his lateral quickness. In order to play nickel corner, you have to be quick on your feet and speed isn’t a problem for Sorrell. This young star on the rise can get from sideline to sideline in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t be surprised if recruiters is knocking his door to offer him in the near future.

    School: YMLA HS (TX)

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