DR7 Road To The Crown Atlanta: Platform Futures Pool Play Standouts

By Platform Scout: Patrick Barriere Sr. @coach_pat84


The Platform Futures showcased resilience and grit as they faced challenging weather conditions in Atlanta during the DR7 #Road To The Crown tournament. Despite the adversity, players and coaches made crucial adjustments while still delivering standout performances during pool play, showcasing their determination and skill. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. We spotlight several standouts that were key contributors for their teams during pool play.


Andres Sandoval | Class of 2033 | Quarterback | 7v7: Money Team

Sandoval has a quick release, he has good mechanics and his throws were on time with pinpoint accuracy. Andres is a quick study, his field vision was good and his ability to beat the four second clock lead to the Money Team scoring on their first couple of drives on Saturday. One of his signature plays, was a big bomb for six. Andres showed clean footwork, he stepped into his throw in rhythm, taking his three step drop, pushing off of his back foot and he dropped the ball in the bucket for six. Sandoval was one of the top performers in the 10U division during pool play and you can expect more big plays from him on Crown Sunday.



Jordan Lee | Class of 2031 | Athlete | 7v7: Show-off 7v7 | @jman_jlee

Lee has greats speed, he has the quickness in space to beat his opponent off the ball when he lined up at receiver and his knack for winning early on his routes allowed him to get open often. Lee has strong hands, he catches the ball out front, he tracks the football in flight well showing late hands and he was reliable target for his quarterback. He showed his athletic skill defensively, he is a smart defender who uses proper technique, which enabled him to play well in coverage, staying locked at the hip with receivers.



Vincent Reese  | Class of  2031 |Athlete |  7v7:  Show-Off7v7

Reese has elite agility, his quickness in space allows him to create separation early in his routes and he was targeted early when Show Off got rolling offensively. Vincent is a playmaker, his ability to make catches in traffic and accelerate past defenders was a key trait that stuck out in his game. Reese has the athleticism to be dominant on both sides of the ball and he made plays defensively, showing good ball skills and a nose for the football.



Keylan Milliner | Class of 2029 | Quarterback |  7v7: 251 family-12U 
Keylan showed on day one that he is an impact player and he made big plays with his arm. He has a gunslinger mentality and he showed that he has confidence in his arm to make any throw on the route tree.  Milliner completed passes at a high percentage, he made throws on time and his accuracy was pinpoint on his targets and he excelled at the short to intermediate throws. His mechanics were clean, he gets good velocity on his throws and he has a strong arm that enables him to get the ball out quickly. Keylan has great touch on his deep ball, with the ability to drop the ball in the bucket and his receivers brought in a couple of big grabs for scores.



Travis Valdez-Billips | Class of 2030 | Wide Receiver/Running Back | 7v7: 251 Family 12U
Travis showed that he has a versatile game, he can line up at running back or receiver and be an impact player. He has good speed, combined with the agility and quickness in the open field to create separation from defenders in coverage and his acceleration after that catch enabled him to get past defenders on multiple occasions for positive gains. Valdez-Billups is game breaker, get the ball in his hands and watch him work. Travis was elusive in space, he has the ability to cut on a dime, when you make defenders miss in a 7v7 game, it shows that his game in pads will be lethal.


Darius Weaver | Class of 2030 | Athlete |  Tennessee
Weaver has excellent speed, his ability to accelerate and create separation after the catch flashed early on Saturday. Darius has good hands, runs sharp routes as a receiver and this made him a key target for his team offensively. You won’t find a more versatile player than Weaver, he plays both sides of the ball effectively, Darius has great ball skills and he made several big plays defensively. He came up with a couple of timely interceptions, showing good anticipation and he closed out of the receiver in coverage leaving no room for him to get free. Darius is extremely coachable, taking instruction from his coaches well and he made plays after being coached up. Weaver will be a player to watch on Crown Sunday.

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