ATL Stars pt.2 (Atlanta, GA)

By: Nick Gradney (National Scout) @StatZ_G


25′ ATH Cam Bland  (@CameronBland9)

Watching Cam Bland in coverage all weekend was nothing short of a masterpiece. He instantly stood out amongst the rest. The consistency he showed was second to none. Bland excels when the ball is in the air, breaking up passes without committing a personal foul. As you may know, it has become difficult to play defensive back without getting a penalty called in some cases. However, that was not the case with the junior standout. Bland played mistake-free football and forced quarterbacks into bad situations. Bland’s makeup speed caused problems all day for receivers. The most intriguing thing I found out was that Cam also plays running back and is a two sport athlete (basketball) as well. Bland vertical is otherworldly. This kid have all the physical tools to be great at the next level. Bland have several offers, most notably from Ivy League Schools. Expect a great senior season from Bland this coming fall.

25′ Maurice Gleaton Jr  (@MauriceGleaton_)

When you hear the phrase “speed kills”, just think of Maurice Gleaton Jr. This kid is a burner! Undoubtedly one of the fastest players I’ve come across. Maurice ran past secondaries the entire tournament at DR7 Atlanta. That’s not all, Gleaton Jr have great hand-eye coordination and can track the ball at a high level. He was a mismatch for opposing defenses. Maurice hold several Power 5 offers in both football and track and field. Look for Maurice to continue his dominance as he ascends to the top of his class.

29′ WR Malcolm Patrick

Malcom Patrick is a young, budding star at the wide receiver position to keep an eye on. Malcolm only in the seventh grade but plays advanced for his age. Patrick have a unique skill set that will be useful at multiple positions on the field. This kid have speed and really good hands. His routes are crisp and he never take plays off. 

QB Avery Hildebrand (5th Grade)

The best quarterback in the 10U bracket was hands down Avery Hildebrand for 210 Primal. You can look at his play and tell he’s being trained well. Already at a young age, Avery have the mechanics and throwing motion of an older athlete. This young star on the making have a strong arm to go with his accuracy. Defenses had no clue how to stop him. It was bombs away all weekend, which led to 210 Primal taking home the 10U trophy. 

31′ ATH Kadeem Person Jr. (@QUICKFEET_11

Kadeem was one of the best, young players in the DR7 10U bracket this past weekend. Person Jr was an unstoppable force that was a headache for opposing coaches. This kid caught everything thrown his way, he have great burst off the line of scrimmage but Kadeem’s best attribute was his ability to pick up yards after the catch. There were plenty times Person Jr took a slant or drag for a twenty plus yard gain because the defense simply could not tag him. Kadeem also have great size for his age and will only grow and get better with time. He’s being taught at a young age about marketing himself because he’s one of the few young players with a Twitter and YouTube account. It was a pleasure watching Kadeem Person Jr play for the first time in Atlanta and I’m sure we’ll see more of this kid in the DR7 circuit. 

28′ WR Madoxx Davis  (@MadoxxDavis)

Madoxx Davis is a well put together young playmaker who put on a great performance in DR7’s Atlanta, GA tournament. Davis checked every box you would want in a receiver. Madoxx have elite hands, speed and a big catch radius. His size for an eighth grader stood out to me this past weekend. I was intrigued so I went digging for more and pulled up his middle school film. I was blown away with how fluent this kid made everything look. Madoxx Davis is a true superstar in his beginning stage. I saw him return kicks, high point a fade in the redzone and catch intermediate passes. It’s only a matter of time until this kid becomes a household name.

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