DR7 Road To The Crown Atlanta: Standout Performers

By Platform Scout:  Patrick Barriere Sr.  @coach_pat84 


The DR7 #Road To The Crown Tournament travels around the country from city to city showcasing some of the top talent that you will see on any 7v7 circuit. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. We spotlight players who stood out on both days in Atlanta.


DeAndre Lowe | Class of 2027 | Running Back 

Lowe showed great burst in and out of breaks when running his routes. He showcased his versatility by lining up at receiver, in addition to taking reps at running back and left no question that he could be used in the pass game. Lowe received multiple targets, he was a focal point of his team’s offense and he came up with clutch grabs consistently. His combination of speed, quickness, excellent route running and his reliable hands, make him a player that defenses have to contend with on every snap.


Jermaine Bush III | Class of 2028 | Athlete

Bush III is a baller on both sides of the ball with the ability to transfer his offensive mindset to the defensive side and make plays no matter where he lines up. Jermaine has the frame and skill set that will flourish as he matures. He has great instincts with superb awareness in coverage at defensive back, he plays with a ballhawk mentality and his closing speed with the ball in the air enabled him to stay in phase to make plays on the ball for several pass breakups. A sticky defender in coverage defensively, he has the skill set to take snaps offensively and be a playmaker. Bush III will be on college radars in the near future.


Jakari Milton | Class of 2026  | Running Back | 7v7: CM Naturals | West St. John High School | @jakarimilton7

Milton can line up in the back field or the slot and be a game changer. His quick feet and acceleration out of his break adds to his route running ability. Milton has the speed to stretch the field and take the top off of the defense, making him a reliable deep threat. He is shifty in space, his ability to run crisp routes gives him an advantage early off of the line of scrimmage and this makes him a difficult cover allowing him to get open often. Milton was key cog in the Naturals offense both days in Atlanta.


Chandler Hartman | Class of 2026  | Defensive Back 

Hartman excels as a press man corner with the ability to lock up one side of the field. He plays under control, he has good instincts and his make up speed enables him to close down throwing windows. He is a sticky defender who plays with good leverage and his ability to get hands on receivers early was impressive both days in Atlanta. Watch out for Hartman, as he will be a player that will rise up on recruiting boards this offseason.


Kameron Jackson | Class of 2026  | Athlete |  7v7: CM Naturals | Twitter : @kambam_5

Jackson flashed on day one in Atlanta, showing his versatility, making plays on both sides of the football. He is a do it all athlete, with great speed, he moves well in space and his savvy route running offensively enabled him to get open often. Kameron has natural instincts that he used on both sides of the ball to be effective. Jackson has the skill set to make plays no matter where he lines up. He was one of the key playmakers for the CM Naturals in Atlanta.


Khatori Marion | Class of 2026 | Wide Receiver | Baker High School  | Twitter: @Khatori_marion5

Marion was one of the best athletes to compete on the 15U level both days in Atlanta. Marion has a well rounded skill set that enables him to be dominate. He plays fast with a high motor. Marion is shifty in space, he runs crisp routes and this allowed him to be a reliable target. Khatori is a versatile player who made plays on both sides of the ball, making a deep touchdown catch one series and hopping on defense and getting a turnover with an interception. He helped lead his team to the semifinals on Sunday.


Chris Bartolone | Class of 2024 | SUNY Cortland Commit | 7v7: Punishers 7v7 | Twitter: @bartolone_chris

Chris is very polished, he has a strong arm, with the ability to fit the ball into tight passing windows and his accuracy was on point in Atlanta. He was able complete passes on the roll out consistently and this allowed him to march his team downfield for touchdown drives early on. His pocket footwork was clean and he gets his hips involved to get extra torque on his throws. Chris has the skill set to compete early for playing time at the next level.


Lyrick Samuel | Class of 2025 | Receiver | Erasmus Hall High School |Twitter: @IamLyrickSamuel

Samuel showed off his smooth route running and sticky hands that enabled him to be a reliable target. He made several high reel one handed catches, showing off his top level athleticism. Lyrick has an explosive get off at the snap, his ability to change directions quickly enabled him to get open often and he used his 6’5 frame to his advantage in close coverage to make contested grabs. Seeing him up close solidified his status as one of the top receiving targets in the Northeast and the Penn State commit has the type of game that will enable him to compete for early playing time when he gets on campus.


Gonzales Souffrant |  Class of 2026 | Defensive Back | 7v7: EA Elite 7v7 |Twitter: @Ea6elite

Souffrant flashed early, showing that he has excellent ball skills and his ability to change directions quickly allowed him to make plays on the football at cornerback. He has great technique and plays man coverage with confidence. He plays aggressively at the snap, his ability to bump, get hands on his opponent and remain engaged allowed to get in the passing lanes for several pass breakups. Souffrant plays with confidence and he didn’t shy away from a challenge no matter who he covered. As the 7v7 and camp season are ramping up, look for him to get eyes on him by college programs looking for a highly productive defensive back.


Kingston Lobdell | Class of 2027 | Receiver |  Twitter: @luh.king7

Lobdell was a receiver prospect who stood out with his shifty footwork, clean route running and he showed that he had the speed to blow by defenders in coverage. He excelled at yards after the catch, showing the ability to explode up field and burst past defenders moving the chains for his team. Kingston is just scratching the surface and as he matures his game will grow as well. Lobell’s ability to get open made him a reliable target for his quarterback and he had a great weekend in Atlanta.


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