DR7 Road To The Crown Tulsa: 10U Pool Play Standouts

By Platform Scout: Marc Henry


Identifying talent plays a crucial role in players’ exposure and development. The DR7 Road To The Crown Tulsa tournament served as a platform for showcasing the some of the best future talent on the national circuit this season. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. These talented individuals represent the future of football, and their performances at the DR7 Tulsa tournament highlight their potential to develop into impact players in a few short years. He are several standouts during pool play on Saturday in Tulsa.


Eli Little | Athlete | 7v7: The Unit | Class of 2031

Little plays big for his team, making impact plays on both sides of the ball. He has long arms, with strong hands and he catches the ball away from his body. Eli is a reliable target, his route running was clean and he was able to get open often. Defensively, he lined up at cornerback, using his natural instincts combined with his extended reach to close down passing lanes. Little had a big pick six, where he reached out and stepped in front of a pass, putting his team in position to close out their opponent with is defensive score. Look for him to be a key contributor for The Unit on Crown Sunday.


Xion Erby Glover | Athlete | 7v7: The Unit | Class of 2031

Xion is a playmaker no matter what side of the ball he lined up on. He is a sticky defender on defense, he plays the passing lanes aggressively, he uses his length well to defend the pass and he makes it difficult for completions to happen when the ball comes his way. Xion had one of the better interceptions on Saturday, extending to highpoint the football at the catch point and return it for a turnover to stop a drive. Offensively, he is a dangerous receiver, who runs crisp routes, he has the speed to create separation and his run after the catch skills, allowed him to reach paydirt for six. By far the best player on the field during pool play in the 10U division in Tulsa, expect Glover to get more targets on Crown Sunday.

Aiden Woodruff  | Quarterback | 7v7: The Unit | Class of 2031

Woodruff had standout performance on Saturday, leading his team to an undefeated record and showing that he has the skill set to make big plays. He has a calm demeanor, he was able to get the ball out quickly and he wasn’t afraid to let the deep ball go. Aiden has the arm strength to push the ball outside the numbers and he was able to complete several deep balls over the top for six. Woodruff played on both sides of the ball, lining up at safety, coming down with several pass breakups to stall out drives for his opponents. He had standout day during pool play on Saturday and you can expect him come ready to sling it on Crown Sunday.


Angel Pizana| Athlete | 7v7: The Unit | Class of 2031

Pizana made plays on both sides of the ball. At receiver, he was a reliable target who was able to get open often, he was able to find soft spots in the defense and his ability to move chains was key for The Unit on Saturday. Angel has good speed, he is shifty in space and he made big catch for a touchdown, running away from defenders in the open field. Angel was a playmaker defensively, knocking down multiple passes and helping his team to keep their opponents out of the endzone.


Michael Adams | Athlete | 7v7: 918 Elite | Class of 2032

Adams has excellent short area quickness, he runs sharp routes and his ability to get open allowed him to make plays for his team during pool play. Michael catches the ball well in traffic and he has strong reliable hands. Adams had multiple grabs where he gained yards after the catch and his ability to turn up field for extra yards allowed to move the chains. Michael is a versatile athlete who also played well defensively at cornerback. He was sticky in coverage and he was able get his hands on several balls to deflect passes from his opponents. Look for Adams to get more targets on Crown Sunday.


Roy Tillis | Quarterback | 7v7: 918 Elite | Class of 2031

Tillis has a strong arm, he was able to deliver timely passes and after a slow start he picked up the tempo and lead his team to a win. He plays with extreme confidence and when he sees an open receiver he gets the ball out quick. Roy had double duty, lining up in the secondary at safety, showing the skill set to make plays on the ball. Look for Tillis to be a main contributor for 918 Elite on Crown Sunday.


Zion Gibbs | Athlete | 7v7: 918 Elite | Class of 2032

Gibbs is shifty in space, he runs good routes and his ability to win off the line of scrimmage lead to him finding openings in the defense to make multiple catches on Saturday during pool play. Gibbs has reliable hands and his ability to make defenders miss after the catch allowed him to reach paydirt. Defensively, Gibbs showed the skill set to guard his opponent well in space and he was able to get a hand on multiple balls to deflect them away from the intended target. Look for Gibbs to be heavily involved in the 918 Elite gameplan on Crown Sunday.


Beau Basks | Athlete | 7v7: 918 Elite | Class 0f 2032

Backs has good length, has catches the ball well in heavy traffic and he was able to bring in several contested grabs with defenders draped over him in coverage. Beau showed the ability to get open often and he was a reliable target for 918 Elite during pool play. Basks will be a key cog for 918 Elite offensively on Sunday.


Mari Gammon | Athlete | 7v7: Sequoyah Eagles | Class of 2032

Gammon had one the biggest plays for the Eagles on defense. Lined up at cornerback, Mari stepped in front a pass for an interception, showing good awareness and took the ball away from the receiver for a turnover. Mari made multiple plays on offense, with his best play, a catch in the open field, where he cut up field and sprinted past the defense for six. The Eagles will need more big plays from Gammon on Sunday.



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