DR7 Road To The Crown: Tampa Pool Play Standouts

By Platform Scout: Marc Henry


The “DR7 Road To The Crown Tampa” spotlight focuses on showcasing standout playmakers who made a significant impact during pool play on Saturday. These players demonstrated exceptional skill, determination, and performance on the field, contributing significantly to their team’s success.  The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure.  Through their standout plays, they have earned recognition and they will be players to watch on Crown Sunday.


Javeon Long| Wide Receiver | Class of 2028 | 7v7: TCE

Long’s physical attributes, including his long and athletic frame, give him a natural advantage on the football field. With a large catch radius, he’s able to snag passes even when tightly covered by defenders. His strong and reliable hands make him a go-to target for his quarterback, especially in crucial situations. During pool play in Tampa, he showcased his talents with his standout performance, making key receptions in  heavy traffic and finding the end zone multiple times, showing that he is a big-play threat at the wide receiver position.


Noah Chieffo | Wide Receiver | Class of 2026 | 7v7: Team Tampa

Noah Chieffo is a formidable presence on the field as a big-bodied target with exceptional hands and agility. Standing at 6’5″, he possesses an imposing catch radius, making him a reliable option for his quarterback in any situation. His ability to excel in open space adds versatility to his game, allowing him to be a deep threat downfield. Chieffo’s knack for using his size effectively, combined with his precise ball tracking skills, enabled him to make a spectacular over-the-shoulder touchdown grab, displaying that he is a dynamic playmaker in the passing game. Noah has the skill set that college programs covet in playmaking wideouts.


Samuel Thomas | Wide Receiver | Class of 2026 | 7v7: Team Tampa

Thomas stands out as a dynamic wide receiver on the gridiron, showing the ability to consistently create separation and make big plays. With elite quickness and superb route-running skills, he has a natural talent for evading defenders and finding open space downfield. Thomas’ agility allows him to maneuver effectively, making him a dangerous threat in open field situations. His reliable hands ensure that he can secure catches in a variety of situations, whether it’s in traffic or on deep routes. Thomas possesses impressive speed, enabling him to stretch the field and beat defenders deep. His knack making big plays was on full display during pool play, where he showcased his skills and contributed significantly to Team Tampa’s success. As a versatile and explosive playmaker, Samuel Thomas remains a key asset for his team’s offensive attack.


Desmond Lee Jr. | Defensive Back| Class of 2027 | 7v7: SlimeyBoyz

Desmond is an impressive cornerback, who showed sticky coverage skills and intelligent play on the field. He utilizes his length effectively to disrupt receivers’ routes and make it difficult for them to create separation. Lee Jr. demonstrates excellent eye discipline, allowing him to stay focused on the receiver in coverage and react quickly to plays. His clean footwork enables him to maintain tight coverage and stay in position to make plays on the ball. With good ball skills and the ability to break on passes effectively, he poses a significant challenge for opposing quarterbacks. His standout performance on Saturday, shutting down receivers in coverage, showcases his talent and impact on the defensive side of the ball.


Ayden Wallace | Quarterback | Class of 2026 | 7v7: SlimeyBoyz

Ayden emerged as a standout quarterback during pool play, impressing with his powerful arm and quick release. His ability to make all the throws on the route tree showcases his versatility and command of the passing game. Wallace’s strength is evident in his deep ball throws, where he demonstrates excellent touch and accuracy. His capability to deliver throws in tight windows highlights his confidence and precision under pressure. As the SlimeyBoyz prepare for Crown Sunday, Wallace’s stellar performance will be crucial to their success, as his leadership and playmaking abilities will be instrumental in guiding the team to victory.


Xavier Clemente | Wide Receiver | Class of 2026 | 7v7: Team All The Smoke

Clemente poses a formidable challenge for opposing defenses as a tough-to-cover wide receiver. His exceptional hands and smooth route-running make him a reliable target for his quarterback in any situation. Clemente’s agility and quickness in space allow him to create separation from defenders and make plays after the catch. He excels at making grabs in heavy traffic, showcasing his concentration and ability to come down with contested catches. Clemente’s standout performance during pool play in Tampa, showed that he is a dynamic playmaker and a key contributor to his team’s success.


Chance Houston | Quarterback | Class of 2027 | 7v7: Team All The Smoke

Houston is a standout quarterback with impressive skills on the field. His elite arm talent allows him to make precise throws with ease, showcasing both power and accuracy. With a quick release, he can get the ball out swiftly, keeping defenses on their toes. Houston’s exceptional field vision enables him to read defenses effectively and make smart decisions with the football. His ability to fit the ball into small passing windows demonstrates his confidence and precision as a passer. Whether he’s throwing short, intermediate, or deep routes, his arm talent allows him to spray the ball with accuracy across the entire route tree. His sharp performance on Saturday, where he delivered pinpoint throws, highlights his potential as one of the top young signal callers in Florida’s 2027 class.


Antonio Guzman | Wide Receiver | Class of 2026 | 7v7: Team All The Smoke

Antonio showed his skill set as a wide receiver with a knack for finding open space on the field. His precise route-running skills enables him to create separation from defenders, making him a reliable option for his quarterback. Guzman’s agility and quickness in short areas allows him to maneuver effectively and get open in tight coverage situations. With strong hands, he’s able to secure catches in traffic and consistently move the chains for his team. Guzman’s reliability as a target was evident during pool play, where he made several crucial grabs, further establishing himself as a go-to playmaker in the passing game.

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