DR7 #TheCrown National Weekend Standouts

Written by: Drew Johnson (@RealNews102)

A long but productive 7v7 season has come to an end. Teams traveled across the country to meet in Fort Worth, TX this weekend to compete for the DR7 National Crown to be named No.1 in the country. There’s no doubt that nobody has done it like DR7 when putting together a structured tournament and now combining the scouting expertise of The Platform has the organization unmatched. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes participating in DR7 tournaments and around the country. Here are some of the top standouts in Fort Worth this weekend.


Cameron Marsh | WR | 2025 | Rockwall | @cantguardcam_

No doubt this kid has been my top standout on the DR7 circuit this year competing with well-known True Buzz Athletics. College coaches looking for a high-upside athlete with DOG mentality that teammates feed off need to get out to Rockwall this spring. Marsh has everything want in a developing wideout, good speed, sharp route running, and sticky glue hands that had a few scouts turning their heads this weekend. Didn’t finish how he wanted at The Crown but Marsh is stamped as the Real Deal. 


Cruz Campbell | QB | 2026 | Tuttle | @iamcruzcampbell

One way to stamp your name as a true high-upside prospect is to blow through a competitive DR7 18U bracket while taking home the 18U National Crown as the offensive MVP. Campbell was one of our better overall QBs this weekend to display solid footwork and mechanics in the 7v7 setting. This kid was accurate on both days and found ways to get the ball to his playmakers when needed. His last completion sealed the deal in a 3 overtime battle. Coaches in the Oklahoma area need to get eyes on Campbell this spring. 


Jamarian Ficklin | QB | 2025 | Muskogee | @FicklinJamarian

Fresh off a productive state championship season, Ficklin has shown to be a top standout at various DR7 tournaments this offseason. He continued to show off his advanced QB mechanics as he clearly looked the part when working through his reads or extending plays with his mobility in the pocket. This kid is the Real Deal for me. I’ve been impressed with his throwing ability as a lefty. The stats are there, frame is solid, and the arm talent is legit. College coaches have to get eyes on him as well this spring. 


Kaden Henderson | ATH | 2027 | Jesuit | @KadenHenderson_

Making his way from Florida, Henderson came into the Nationals weekend to show he’s the real deal in the 2027 class. We have another stud and potential 4-5 star player in Henderson who jumped on my radar after tracking down a ball and out-jumping the receiver to tally a pass breakup, one of many he recorded this weekend. Just a 2027 prospect, this kid could develop into either an LB or DB because of his body frame and skill sets. He will be one of the top recruits come his senior season. 


D’crystian Sueing | LB | 2025 | Tyler | @Dcrystian_1

When I noticed this kid moving around like a defensive back with a 6-0, 205-pound frame, he instantly was on my radar. He’s known to be a physical outside linebacker but man Sueing showed great technique and fluid movements in coverage this weekend. He was able to come up with a few PBUs this weekend while making it tough for WR to get going in his area. 


Jayden Bradley | DB | 2025 | Rockhill | @LikedJay

Bradley finished The Crown Nationals as one of the top defensive back standouts on the circuit. This kid baited QBs while coming off his own coverage routes to make plays on the ball. We watched Bradley read a play and snatch the ball in the air for a defensive INT. He has shown off excellent ball skills with a 6’2, 205-pound frame. Bradley is a versatile athlete with solid techno at the DB position to make an impact at the next level. 


Levi McAbee | QB | 2027 | Farmersville | @Levi_McAbee

This kid has been a constant standout on the DR7 circuit this offseason and has shown to be a legit riser in the 2027 QB class. The accuracy and arm strength jump out when watching him spin it while combining his advanced footwork when moving around the pocket in the 7v7 setting is something to watch. His offensive squad put up 89 points on Day One as McAbee moved the ball around effectively, getting the ball to his playmakers and giving his taller WRs chances to make downfield plays for True Buzz Athletics. Impressed with McAbee this offseason as we will keep an eye on his overall progression. 


Jacobe Hayes | DB | 2025 | Mansfield | @JacobeHayes

Hayes has only progressed since watching him go to work a season ago on the DR7 circuit. He’s added weight to his frame while his technique showed to be on point in man coverage. He’s a physical defensive back who some WRs had trouble getting space in his area. Hayes is picking up traction on the college recruiting trail as it’s much deserved. 


Dominique Coursey | ATH | 2028 | @dbcoursey

This kid had a highlight video worth of notable catches he came up with this weekend on the DR7 National circuit. We had the chance to watch him complete two eye-popping catches in the same game as Coursey proved to be a productive downfield threat. He also had the speed and route running ability at 6-2, 190 pounds to work the short and intermediate routes. Lock this kid in as a potential breakout riser in the 2028 class who has a chance this spring to show off his hard work this offseason. 


Myles McDonald | QB | 2027 | Zephyrhills Christian | @813_mcdonald

The Southpaw lefty made his way from the Sunshine State to compete with some of the best in the country this weekend on the DR7 circuit. I’ve had the chance to watch this kid develop over the last couple of years. McDonald has all the tools to make a case for one of the top QBs in the Class of 2027. The natural lefty zips the ball around with a strong lower base and good footwork mechanics. He has plenty of time to grow and master the position. McDonald has had an impressive off-season and will look to take that momentum into the spring camp season.


Hayden Green | WR | 2028 | North Crowley | @D1_Hayden

Talk about real deal upside, I’m not sure I’ve seen many 2028 WRs this off-season with as much potential to dominate like this kid Hayden Green. Just throw it up and he’ll likely come down with the catch because of his 6-3 frame combined with a strong base and hands to come down with touch catches. This kid continues to work on his overall technique but he was a problem all year on the 7v7 circuit.


Jordan Lane | WR | 2027 | Newcastle @JordanLane2027

This kid has a solid weekend while helping his team take home the 18U championship game after an 8-0 weekend at the Nationals. We watched this kid go to work art the wideout position as he came up huge for his squad in the 18U championship with tough catches and productive yardage plays. Lane finished a competitive weekend with 12 touchdown catches and 2 defensive INTs. He’s a real deal riser in the 2027 class who’s starting to get some attention on the recruiting scene. 

 Player to Watch for:

 Latreyson Haralson**


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