The Crown’s Finest (pt.2)

By: Nick Gradney (National Scout) @StatZ_G


26′ QB Cruz Campbell 18U Offensive MVP🏆 (@iamcruzcampbell)

Cruz Campbell is no stranger to the DR7 circuit. We’ve highlighted Cruz in recent history in the Tulsa, Oklahoma tournament.  Campbell is a 2026 standout with a great set of skills that will take him to the next level. With former highly recruited quarterback Casey Thompson on his side, the future is very bright. This kid have a strong arm, he’s smart with his reads and have a quicker release than most I’ve seen. Cruz stands about 6’0 and have a solid frame that will only grow. The talent is there for sure. Campbell can make every necessary throw so he’s definitely a player to watch for going forward. 

25′ S Jonathan Alexander

18U Defensive MVP🏆 (@youngkidonathan)

Alexander is a sleeping giant. This young star on the rise have all the tools to potentially be a really good prospect. College recruiters should be beating down his door to get to know him. Jonathan have range in the secondary but his primary position is safety. He checks the boxes of a great athlete – he have quick hips, active hands, alert eyes and challenge every catch. Alexander is never caught out of place and that’s a testament to his training and instincts. Expect a huge senior year from this kid in 2024.

QB Ryjah Richard

10U MVP🏆

Ryjah was very impressive in leading 4th Quarter Mentality to a national championship in the 10U bracket. Richard have really good poise in the pocket, ball placement and accuracy on his deep passes. It was nice to see this kid bloom in front of everyone on the biggest stage. I hope to see Ryjah around in DR7 for many years to come.

27′ S Aurtril Watkins  (@AurtrilWwatkins)

It was a pleasure watching Aurtril Watkins perform this past weekend. His play just jumps out at you – he’s everywhere. Watkins is a high motor athlete with tons of ability. Most notable is how active he is on defense. This kid have soft hands for a defensive back and a nose for the football that will make offensive coordinators and quarterbacks think twice about throwing near his area. Aurtril can cover ground quickly with his makeup speed and breaks on the ball in a timely fashion. The one thing that also stood out was the fact he can play receiver as well with no drop off. The energy stays the same. Watkins is a savant in the middle of the field and will be an asset to any roster. He’s only a freshman so don’t be surprised to hear his name in the recruiting ranks in the future.

30′ QB Prince Nash  (@PFootballStar)

Ranked as the #1 quarterback in Texas via QB Hit List, Prince Nash is a force to be reckon with. He’s young star with good arm talent who understands situational football at such an early age. Nash have one of the better deep balls in the game. However, that wasn’t the thing that stood out to me the most about Prince. It was having the wherewithal to promote himself through social media that many kids don’t do often. If you know me, then you know I’m big on selling yourself and making yourself the ticket. He just gets it,  I was thoroughly impressed on and off the field by this young man. Prince have no ceiling and will only get better in every way in due time.

29′ ATH Patrick Barriere Jr  (PBarriere_Jr)

Young Patrick Barriere Jr is a natural. With a stocky, stout frame, this kid van play multiple positions. Barriere Jr excels primarily at both running back and  defensive back. Patrick displays a great presence in the middle of the field and can play the slot at a high level. The young star on the rise never get caught with wondering eyes on the backfield and have a sound technique that will be coveted by any coach with a good scouting eye. His sideline to sideline speed was exceptional and he made several plays based off instincts alone. Put this young man on your radar as he looks to earn his name in the Texas scene for many years to come.

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