2025 QB Bjorn Jurgensen rising on college radars

Written by: Drew Johnson (@RealNews102)

The offseason period allows prospects to showcase their skills against peers in a more focused pool size. Rising prospects can stamp their names before spring ball and that’s what 2025 QB Bjorn Jurgensen has done. The three-star has impressed with successful camp performances fresh off a 41 total touchdown fall season. Jurgensen has been on a string of college camp visits this offseason with Appalachian State and Florida Atlantic pushing hard for his talents.

A solid junior season saw Jurgensen help Bishop Moore Catholic complete nine consecutive wins to earn a 2M District 4 title. At 6-2, 185-pounds, he’s displayed solid quarterback mechanics and footwork to get the most out of his arm either maneuvering in the pocket or delivering strikes off platform. His versatile and mobile ability at the QB position will give him a chance to impact an offense at multiple levels. 2023: 67% | 2,466 yards, 29 touchdowns, 8 ints | 632 rushing yards, 12 TDs


You’re another talented QB who works with well-known Central Florida QB trainer Baylin Trujillo, just talk about some of the things you’ve worked on to better your game especially to be able to perform well at Elite 11 type QB showcases.

I’ve been working on a lot of footwork stuff with Baylin. At school with my quarterback coach Mike Slack, I’ve been doing a lot of mechanics and getting the mind better for football just IQ-wise, and being more on time with routes. Just picking up cues on how to read a defense better and getting the ball out as quickly as possible to my guys to let them make plays.

College coaches/traits: 

Break Down your game a little. For the college coaches watching, what are some traits of yours and what do you do well at the position to separate yourself?

I would say that I’m definitely a competitor and I want to win. I’m a playmaker too and when I’m on the field I can make stuff happen and get us in good scoring positions. Ultimately, being a winner. I can throw and compete with anyone out there, any quarterback in the country. I’m a winner and can go out there and make plays for any team I play for. If I’m in the right situation, right QB room, and the right offense, I think I can make plays happen for us and that’s good.


Coming up on your senior year and kind of last chance to show off your skills at the prep level. I know you feel a little slept on by some of these colleges, talk about what you can bring to the Power 4 level as a young talented QB.

One major thing that I learned is how to be a leader. In the beginning four games of the season when things weren’t going too well and everyone was down on themselves, just trying to pick everyone up and let them know next week we got it dude. Then we started picking it up the rest of the season going on a 9-game win streak and I think leadership was a big aspect of that.


Offers: Appalachian State, FAU, Temple, Columbia, Yale, Old Dominion, Liberty, Bowling Green

Thoughts on FAU: I feel really good about FAU. I have an official visit with them on the 7th-9th of June. I think Coach Tom Herman is building something special there. I went and watched a practice the other day and it was really good. They are all competing and flying around out there. I could see myself leading that program.

What out-of-state schools have shown the most love:

Appalachian State: I think they have an amazing program. They’re known for upsetting a lot of these big Power 5 schools. I’ve been talking with Coach Frank Ponce (OC/QB), he’s a great dude and I’m visiting there this Saturday. I’m excited to check it all out for the first time. I know they pass the ball a lot and they will put me in good positions to win games.

Liberty: I was at Liberty and their facilities are as good as any Power 5 school out there. Coach Willy Korn (Co-OC/QB), we got to sit down and go through some film of what they do. He was telling me how I would fit in with all their RPO and pass gameplay action. I think it went really well and I could see myself fitting in there well.

James Madison: James Madison was beautiful. The campus and everything it was super nice. Coach Dean Kennedy (OC/QB) was a very good dude taking me around and showing me everything. Got to talk a little bit of football and I think I could fit in well there.


UCF: What UCF has going on is crazy. They have had so much growth in the last couple of years and now they are in the Big 12 Conference. I think it would be really cool if I had the opportunity to play there one day. Been talking to Coach Darin Hinshaw (QB) a little bit and I think he’s coming down to one of our practices so hopefully, we can make something happen with that.

FSU: FSU would be a crazy opportunity. That would be really cool, I think Norvell is definitely building something super special over there. He turned that program around going undefeated and everything. That would be a crazy opportunity to have.


Favorite Football Player ALL TIME: Drew Brees 

Favorite PreGame song: Dreams And Nightmares – Meek Mill

Best post-game meal: Ale House

Favorite movie or TV show: JUMANJI

What’s your Best skill: Dual-threat ability 

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