2026 WR Jordan Clay talks schools showing love and spring ball

Written by: Drew Johnson (@RealNews102)

The state of Texas is known nationally for producing real deal talent and 2026 WR Jordan Clay will add to a growing list of rising prospects in the class. He’s picked up big-time Power 4 offers including Notre Dame, Texas A&M, and many more in the mix. 

Talk about someone who has grown into his frame to develop into a premier 2026 wide receiver recruit. Clay has all the tools in his bag to make an early impact at the next level. A 6-4, 200-pound frame with the jumping ability and mitten hands to come up with tough contested catches. Have been impressed with his overall development as he should be an elite national WR come senior season. 


Schools Showing Most Love:

Baylor: That’s definitely family over there and I haven’t even committed there or nothing yet. The goons, that’s the receiver core. The campus is amazing. They have underground bowling alleys and cubs on campus for the mascot. When I went to watch the spring game, you can really just see how united they are. Nobody’s beefing and if someone has a bad play they hype him back up, it’s no worry about it just get to the next play. That’s something I love about that coaching staff is that they really show love and care for their players outside of football. 

Texas A&M: Just got coach Mike Elko (HC) from Duke. As soon as I got there, they showed me how family is. Every coach from the recruiting assistant to the head coach everybody came and talked to me and made sure I was good. Got to see the campus, real beautiful campus. It’s a real family over there and that’s what I look for in a school. 

SMU: I have not been out to campus yet but coach Ryan Jenkins (WR) is calling me every other day making sure I’m good making sure the family is straight. He’s real, he calls me and I’m throwing some nuggets in the air fryer like he’s good on some calm. That makes me feel good and lets me know if I really go to this school they are going to be there for me if I need them. They’ve talked to me about losing some of their older dudes, so it’s definitely possible coming in starting as a true freshman. That’s something I’m looking forward to, I want to make an impact and for the coaches to trust me. 

Notre Dame: That was a huge offer for my recruitment, one of the biggest at the time when I got it. Over that time I’ve built a relationship with the coaches and got the whole rundown on the system and how stuff would go. Got to talk to Coach Marcus Freeman (HC). Got to build a good relationship with Coach Brown. I also got family 10 minutes away from the stadium. Great-grandma, so if I do go to Notre Dame I know I’ll always be fed. 

Tennessee: I’ve not been out to Tennessee but the WR Coach calls me and it’s the same thing. They can’t do much when it comes to the recruiting process but when I can talk to them we chop it up about how everything’s going. I can definitely see myself being a big asset in that receiver core. They like to move the ball a lot. You know my play style, go deep and ima go get the ball. 

School To Watch: 

LSU: They hit me up and sent some camp stuff. Definitely going to go out there and see it for the first time and take it all in. Going to show out because that’s an offer I always wanted. I’ve been a fan since seeing OBJ play there and all the receivers they’ve produced out of there. That’s definitely top of the line and dream school. Haven’t got to talk to the coaches over there but that’s one of them ones.

Sleeper Schools:

UTSA: If you want to talk about family, that’s definitely one. Coach Aaron Green graduated from Madison and was an All-American at Madison. That connection is there. Everytime I see him I don’t even know how to explain it, it’s just instant. I definitely love the program and think I can fit in the program. It’s a great coaching staff and I’ll be right at home, so don’t count them out. 


Texas: I definitely got to build a relationship with the coaching staff. Coach Banks and Coach Jackson, all of them were real tight. I was up there for the spring game got to see how things are going, they are flying around, throwing the ball around. I told my mom I want to travel around and see something new but Texas is definitely one of those schools i would go to. 


*Watch interview for full discussion. 


For college coaches and the readers Jordan, Just break down your game, what do you do well and what separates you from other WRs with a similar build? 

My mindset. I’m a dog and don’t like losing. You put me out there I’m going to get my job done. It’s just how i read the field. I know that if I’m running a route and it’s not there to find the open space. I’m good when it comes to RAC, going to get as many yards as I can. I’ll turn a 10-yard play into a 30-yard play. That’s what separates me from other receivers: I can read the field really good.

SEASON TALK: Madison HS (4-6)

Rough season but you guys have some time to turn it around – How do you feel going into spring and what can we expect from you?

I feel good about the season. We lost 40 seniors last year so we’re going to be a young team. That comes with it so I’m going to have to step in and be that leader to develop these dudes and get them where we need them. As a team I think we’re going to do good but for me, I’m going for 1500. That’s 150 a game and I think with my size and how much of a threat I am in this district I can get that 150 or if not more. Going for 20 plus touchdowns so get y’all popcorn ready cause ima have a crazy season. 


Favorite Football Player ALL TIME: Odell Beckham

Favorite PreGame song: 

Best post game meal: Chick-Fil-A

Favorite movie or tv show: Baby Keem/Lil Baby

What’s your Best skill: Hands

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