2025 TE Jonathan Harding big-time uptick in offseason interest

Written by: Drew Johnson (@RealNews102)

It’s always a positive when a kid gets the deserved recognition and is rewarded for their hard work and dedication. 

Looking at some of the top risers this offseason, 2025 TE Jonathan Harding has rocketed onto the recruiting scene. The Villages Charter product has earned offers from the likes of Memphis, Arkansas State, and more since showing off a nice college-ready build at 6-4, 225 pounds with the versatile abilities to line up on the outside or provide a solid blocking component. This kid has all the tools to develop into a major P4 tight end prospect because of his dominant catching ability to bring in tough contested catches and his natural physicality on the gridiron to help set the tone. 

Harding sat down with “The Rundown” host Drew Johnson to discuss his recent recruitment and spring ball expectations. Check out the full interview on YouTube: The Rundown DR7


Schools Showing Most Love:

Memphis: I would definitely say I have a strong relationship with the tight end coach there Brad Salem. He’s a great guy very high character and a man I really look up to in that sense. Coach Ryan Silverfield (HC) is a really cool coach and an awesome guy. The facilities are great, they are beautiful. I could definitely see myself fitting in there. I think they have a great culture and are building something special. 

Arkansas State: The guy I’ve kind of been close to is coach Nick Grimes, the tight end coach there. The facilities are unreal. The player’s lounge is unreal, they have the basketball hoop and everything like that so that’s pretty cool. I would say I have a good relationship with coach Butch Jones (HC). He has a great resume and has been to a lot of high-end places with a lot of connections. 

Delaware: It’s the tight ends coach for me there too, coach Garrett Smith is an awesome guy. And the guy that recruited me and was kind of the first to really offer me and come see me in person was coach Art Link (Ass. HC). I havent been up there but I just scheduled my official visit to get up there. 

*Listen to Full Interview for more in-state schools. Youtube: The Rundown DR7

In-state Schools:

USF: I would say actually that I’ve been talking with them probably the longest. They kind of jumped on me the earliest. I have a good relationship with them and coach Jack Taylor (TE). They kind of have their tight end committed so it’s a tough situation with them but I definitely have a solid relationship and love what coach Alex Golesh (HC) is building with the high-tempo offense. 

UCF: Coach Brian Blackmon actually came to see me. I got to know him, he’s an awesome guy. So UCF and USF are probably for me and I’ve talked to FIU some. 

Summer Camps: Alabama, Auburn, LSU, & more

Off-Season Talk:

Let’s jump right into it: How’s the offseason been as you’re getting a lot of love from D1 colleges who believe in your upside?

I’m very thankful and blessed my recruitment is starting to pick up. I definitely put in a lot of work so I’m just thankful people are starting to notice it. 

More off-season Talk: I know you play 7v7 with Team Showtime: I saw you dominate at the DR7 tournament. Do you feel 7v7 challenges you and what other work have you put in this offseason?

I feel like 7v7, I love it because its somewhere my skillset showcases against good talent because my upside is my pass-catching ability. I can go out there and body some guys and showcase athleticism for my size. As far as the offseason, I just got done with the track before spring ball football. Doing that to get my speed up, continuing to train to get that extra burst in the open field. And three days a week I’ve been in the weight room and running routes on the weekends. 

Let’s talk about your skill set. You’re a versatile tight end that can be a nice receiving piece at the next level. For college coaches and the readers: Just break down your game, what do you do well, and what separates you from other prospects at your position? 

I feel like what jumps off when watching tape and what I feel confident in is my pass-catching abilities. That’s kind of my elite attribute. I can be flexed out as a receiver, I play a lot of receiver for my high school even. I can beat guys in 1v1 routes and my size gives me a little advantage when I’m going against smaller corners. The linebackers I’m just a little too fast for a lot of the time. And I feel I’m a physical blocker, I like to block. That is something I like to do just getting a little dirty and I have that aggressive nature in me for sure. 

*Listen to Full Interview for more in-state schools. Youtube: The Rundown DR7


Favorite Football Player ALL TIME: Tim Tebow 

Favorite PreGame song: Slow worship – Brandon Lake – Praise – Elevation Worship 

Best post-game meal: Hot dog and Hamburgers 

Favorite movie or tv show: Greater (2016)

What’s your Best skill: DOG MENTALITY 


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*Listen to Full Interview for more in-state schools. Youtube: The Rundown DR7

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