QB House Midwest Retreat: A Journey of Development and Discovery

    Written by: Drew Johnson (@RealNews102)

    In an intensive nine-day tour across the Midwest, the QB House Retreat brought together some of the most promising young quarterbacks and athletes from the Tampa, FL area. This year’s retreat featured visits to nine colleges, including UAB, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Eastern Kentucky University (EKU), Ohio State, Miami-Ohio, University of Indianapolis (UIndy), and Georgia State. Each stop provided aspiring athletes with invaluable experience and exposure, helping them elevate their skills and football IQ.

    Notable Performers

    Jaylen White | QB | 2026 | Clearwater | @jaylen_white12

    Tour offers: Georgia State, Miami Ohio, EKU

    Not sure if there was anyone more talented than this kid at majority of the camps attended on the QB House Midwest Retreat. He has the chance to play big-time ball because of his cool confidence and elite playing talent at the QB position. He can slang the pill around and use his legs when needed to be dynamic. I knew this kid was an athlete but his arm talent and advanced mechanics has locked him in as one of the better QBs not just on the bus but period so far.

    Kendall Johnson | WR | 2025 | ZCA | @KxndallJxhnson

    Tour offers: EKU, UTM, Austin Peay

    Johnson was a man amongst boys on the QB House Midwest Retreat. Johnson is a DOG standout that came away with multiple notable performances that surprised some college coaches. It’s good to take kids his talent out of state because it’s hard to replicate Florida talent. He picked up three much deserved offers and finished as a top performer at each camp so far.

    Joel Morris | QB | 2026 | Sumner | @Joe1morris

    This kid is a no-brainer offer to most colleges because of his god given frame and IQ to operate the quarterback position. Morris had some of his better performances when it mattered while competing in front of SEC and Big10. That’s his ceiling as he has all the tools to play P4 ball. Important fall season ahead where he can lock in some legit college offers.

    Jerry Thomas | WR | 2026 | Lakeland | @Showtime2swift

    Tour offers: EKU

    Thomas was no doubt the other DOG wide receiver standout on the bus who brings that Florida energy when he takes the field. He’s been one of the more underrated kids in the Polk area but will have the chance to show college coaches he can produce throughout the season. He’s been the best looking WR at most of the camps so far. He earned an EKU offer after dominating their camp while showing off his 6-3 frame, solid route running, and growing catch radius.

    Kaden Paghense | DL | 2026 | Carrollwood Day | @kaden_paghense

    Pure technique, hand work, and want too from this kid in every rep he takes. He didn’t lose many reps and finished as a top trench monster on the tour. Paghense dominates the 1v1 period in the camp session as the offseason work shines when competing against lesser developed o-linemen. Keep an eye on this kid to be productive in the sack column but also understanding how he can impact the game overall.

    Notable Risers

    Damari Green | DB | 2025 | Lakewood | @14Damarigreen

    Tour offers: Ball State, Hope College, KCU

    My top riser on the bus tour this year was hands down 2025 DB Damari Green. Quiet and reserved when talking but turns into DOG on the gridiron. He showed off elite coverage skills getting out his breaks smoothly and closing out on passes to create PBU’s. This kid has all you want in a developing defensive back. He picked up a few offers but should see a lot more interest as coaches evaluate his film.

    Dillon Bryant | DE | 2025 | Venice | @bryant_941

    The most dominant athlete on the bus tour was 2025 DE Dillon Bryant. He made the 1v1 seasons look easy when going up against o-linemen in the northern half of the country. Didn’t matter, Bryant was more developed and hungrier than most. This kid will be an impact player for Venice this time around who is pushing for a state championship.

    Ayden Wallace | QB | 2026 | Lakewood | @aydendwall16

    I have had the chance to watch this kid develop the past couple years and if there is a most improved award then 2026 QB Ayden Wallace deserves it. He’s growing into his body where he’s added both weight and height to his frame. It’s the natural zip on the ball that pops when watching him spin it. His arm strength is hard to match. Once he puts it all together and shows coaches he’s sleeper 4.6 speed, the recruiting process will start to gain motion.

    Chase Forte | QB | 2025 | @ChaseForte1

    Forte is a strong arm passer that can make it happen from the pocket with his accuracy and ball placement but has the frame and skills to be an impact in the RPO game as well. He showed college coaches that he has the elite arm talent to be a QB at the next level. Once he tweaks a few things and continues the offseason work, Forte could finish as the top QB in the state of Arkansas.

    John Angelo | QB | 2025 | Tarpon Springs | @John_Angelo_1

    Tour offers: Capital, Olivet Nazarene

    The QB House Midwest Retreat was most beneficial for kids like Angelo who has the college ready frame and arm talent to lead some schools at the next level. He’s received a couple DIII offers with more interested coaches getting his information after two solid mega camp performances at Miami Ohio and UIndy. Plenty of time for this kid to continue working on his game for more exposure.

    Nick Jeffords | WR | 2025 | Countryside | @nickjeffords4

    Jeffords has given Wes Welker vibes as he’s displayed exceptional route-running, quickness, and solid hands. This kid can be dynamic in the slot by using his agility and speed to find open spaces and create separation. Jeffords has a good frame and shown he can produce at the prep level as he was an All-County WR last season.

    Young Pups on the Rise:

    Myles McDonald | QB | 2027 | Carrollwood Day | @813_mcdonald

    Not many lefty QBs in the class of 2027 that can spin it like Myles McDonald. His advanced footwork, accuracy, and ball-placement caught the eye of many coaches and OC’s this time around on the bus tour. He has great experience and IQ on the gridiron that shows when competing against peers. I’m excited to watch this kid grow into the P4 QB he’s destined to be.

    Braylon Cave Jr | QB | 2029 | @Bmax_thedux

    I’m telling you now folks, Braylon Cave Jr. will be a big-time name in years to come. This kid threw better than some school seniors and his understanding of the game and position for his age is hard to match. I could go on and on about the positives he displayed for a 2029 prospect but just stay tuned into his journey and watch him make the world believers.

    Brayden Himelright | QB | 2027 | Calvary Christian | @BraydenHim8

    Himelright has taken advantage of the off-season period and has been one of the better rising pups on the tour. He has the frame and advanced mechanics for his age with plenty of time for overall growth as a freshman. Back-to-back solid days for this kid is who has a bright future.


    Evan Brady | QB | 2025 | @Evan_Brady12

    Tour offers: KCU

    Brady has some of the better deep ball accuracy that I’ve seen. It’s pure arm talent that he wants to use at the next level under center. He’s a 4.6 type speed kid that can slang the rock downfield. He also earned a well deserved offer from Kentucky State.

    Gavin Galish | QB | 2026 | Osceola | @Gavin_Galish

    Galish is another rising QB on the tour that I’ve had the opportunity to watch develop the past couple years. His frame is completely different and how the ball spins off his hand shows. Great upper and lower body build he uses to sling the ball around. It’s the sleeper ball placement he has that surprises college coaches. A full season of notable stats in the passing and rushing categories will lock in some college interest for Galish heading into his junior season.

    Dylan Nahra | QB | 2025 | Boca Ciega | @DylanNahra

    Productive Midwest Bus Tour Retreat for Nahra who has shown college coaches he has the arm talent to lead a program. The natural lefty is smooth with his mechanics and throws a tight spiral. Nahra was on point today at the UIndy camp which caught the eyes of a couple college programs. A productive fall season will help him lock in some legit college interest.

    Jadon Olafsson | QB | 2025 | Milford | @OlafssonJadon

    I came away impressed with this kid’s confidence and effort he committed to throughout the Midwest Retreat. He constantly rushed to the front of the line and took every rep seriously in the competition period. I’m sure the solid test numbers and film will provide Olafsson an opportunity to play at the next level. Solid accuracy and leadership skills displayed by the rising senior.

    Mekell King | ATH | 2026 | Sunlake | @KingMekell

    King has been a notable risers on the tour who has shown some DOG potential as he has racked up reps at both the defensive back and wide receiver position. Really impressed with King and his effort throughout the tour. Once he hits the weights in the summer and works on speed, King can develop into one of the better DBs in the area.

    Josh Barnes | DL | 2025 | Sunlake | @JoshuaBarnes07

    One thing I don’t have to worry about with this kid is effort. He puts it all on the line at each camp and the added reps will help him know what needs to be worked on and what to build on. Barnes is a good sized defensive end who has potential to add more weight and tweak his technique. He picked up a verbal offer from the Florida State Cobras.

    Keep an eye On:

    Christian Birner | LB | 2026 | Steinbrenner | @Christian_B12

    Austin Stanina | WR | 2026

    Elijah Stratford | QB | 2026


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