The Platform Preseason Top Ten Texas Quarterbacks: Class of 2026

    The class of 2026 has some of the premier quarterback talent in Texas high school football. These young athletes are making significant impacts on the field, bringing their unique skills to their respective teams. The top ten prospects in this class have demonstrated exceptional playmaking ability. They have caught the attention of college programs around the country and their recruiting profiles continue to rise. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. For this article we breakdown The Platform Class of 2026 Top Ten Quarterback Preseason Rankings.


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    Top 10 Class of 2026 QBs: Texas


    1.Quinn Murphy | Argyle Liberty Christian High School | @Quinn_Murphy_26

    College offers: North Carolina State, Arkansas, Baylor, Oklahoma State

    Murphy has the skill set to make every throw on the route tree with pinpoint accuracy. He has clean footwork in the pocket, he navigates pressure well keeping his eyes on his target downfield and his ability to complete passes under duress allows him to make big plays. Murphy has the skill set to make throws from multiple arm slots and he is accurate on the run. The 6-foot 3 195-pound rising junior had a phenomenal season in 2023, leading Liberty Christian to a state title. He led them to a 12-2 record, passing for 3,052 yards and 52 passing touchdowns. Quinn has 21 offers from schools around the country that include Missouri, Michigan, Houston, Baylor, Central Florida, UTSA and Louisville to name a few. Murphy is one of the top signal callers in the state and starts the season as The Platform preseason number one quarterback in the class of 2026 rankings. Murphy has narrowed down his list of schools to eight which includes: Miami, Missouri, Minnesota, North Carolina State, Baylor, Arkansas, SMU and Oklahoma State.

    1. Keisean Henderson | Legacy School of Sports Science High School | @KeiHenderson1

    Committed: University of Houston

    Henderson is one of the top players in the 2026 class in Texas regardless of position and he comes in at the number two spot in the Preseason Top Ten Quarterback Rankings. The 6-foot 4 signal caller has a big arm with excellent touch on his deep and he uses his skill set to make big plays. He navigates the pocket well to evade the rush and he is a threat in the run game with his ability to use his legs to make plays. With Henderson under center, you can expect big plays. He passed for over 2,000 yards and 28 touchdowns in 2023. The University of Houston got their future signal caller in the 2026 class in Henderson, who had offers from the likes of LSU, Missouri, Arkansas, Washington and Texas.

    1. Grant Smith | Grand Oaks High School | @grantsmithtexas

    College offers: Baylor, Texas Tech, Arkansas, Houston, TCU, Kansas State

    Smith is one of the fastest rising recruits in the class of 2026 in the state of Texas and he lands at the number three spot in the The Platform Preseason Top Ten Texas Quarterback Rankings. Grant has the arm talent to make every throw on the route tree, he stands stall in the pocket and his clean footwork allows him to avoid pressure to make timely throws. He has great touch on the deep ball, and he completes the short to intermediate routes at a high completion rate. Smith has a high ceiling, and he has the potential to rise up the ranks before he finishes his high school career. I have had the opportunity to see Smith’s skill set develop since first seeing him as a 7th grader and his 6 foot 4, 210-pound frame, has caught up with the arm talent that he has always had. I expect his 2024 season to be a big head turner as his recruiting profile continues to rise.

    1. Romin Seymour | Fort Bend Elkins High School | @RominSeymour9

    College offers: Baylor, Colorado, Missouri, Houston, Florida, Florida State

    Romin Seymour has a cannon for an arm, capable of spraying the route tree with pinpoint accuracy. His quick release allows him to fit the ball into tight coverage windows, showcasing his precision and confidence to make big throws. Seymour has great touch on his deep passes, and he puts the ball in a place only his receivers can make a play on it. His strong arm allows him to push the ball outside the numbers on a rope, ensuring his receivers have the best opportunity to make plays. As he heads into his junior year, Seymour is one of the top passers in the 2026 class, poised to continue his rise and make some noise at Fort Bend Elkins in 2024. I expect his recruiting to see a steady climb heading into the fall.

    1. Jett Surratt | Carthage High School | @JettSurratt9

    College offers: Colorado State, Texas Tech, UTSA, UNLV

    Jett Surratt is a flat-out playmaker. Surratt excels in making every throw on the route tree with precision and confidence. His arm strength allows him to thread the needle in tight coverage windows, showcasing his ability to deliver accurate passes under pressure. Surratt possesses the arm talent to push the football deep downfield while maintaining good touch on his throws, ensuring his receivers have the best chance to make big plays. His potential is through the roof. Surratt had an exceptional season in 2023, throwing for 3,807 yards and an impressive 46 touchdowns. His ability to consistently produce and lead his team to success highlights his impact as a dynamic quarterback. As he continues to develop his skills and refine his game, Surratt remains a key player to keep an eye on this season. Jett will be one of main cogs in Carthage making a run to a state title in 2024.

    1. Jake Fette | El Paso De Valle High School | @jake_fette1

    College offers: Arizona State, New Mexico, Baylor, Houston

    Jake Fette has been flying under the radar but has seen his profile rise after his breakout season in 2023 and he comes in at the number six spot. Fette showcases excellent pocket mobility, evading the rush to extend plays, showing quickness and elusiveness. He has the unique ability to make off-platform throws, delivering accurate passes even when his footwork isn’t ideal. Fette also throws well on the run, maintaining precision and power. His deep ball has excellent touch with the ability to drop it in the bucket, ensuring his receivers have the best chance to make big plays. Fette is an athletic runner, with the quickness and speed to make defenders miss in the open field. As his profile rises, Fette is proving to be a versatile and dynamic quarterback with a promising future. I expect Fette to continue give defenses fits out west and the rest of the state, as well as college programs are beginning to pay attention.

    1. Kyden Barker | Galveston Ball High School | @BarkerKyden

    College offers: UNLV, North Texas, Colorado State, Texas State

    Barker has all the tools that top level quarterbacks possess, and he has the skill set to play at the next level. He has a quick release, his footwork in the pocket is clean and deliberate and his ability to deliver the ball in rhythm and on time are traits that stick out in his game. Kyden is a smooth operator, who excels at making off platform throws outside the pocket on the run, and he drives the ball to the boundary tossing frozen ropes outside the numbers. He can fit the football into small coverage windows, and he has great touch on the back shoulder fade. Barker led Ball to the playoffs the last two seasons, and he had a phenomenal sophomore season, passing for over 2,000 with 30 touchdowns. Barker’s game has seen a steady climb since I had the chance to see him as an 8th grader and he has developed into one of the top passers in his class in Texas.

    1. Corey Dailey | Seguin High School | @Dailey4Corey

    College offers: UTSA, University of Incarnate Word, Texas State

    Corey Dailey secures the number eight spot with his impressive skills as a signal caller and his knack for making the big play with his arm. He has a quick release that allows him to deliver passes swiftly and accurately. Dailey excels at pushing the ball on a rope outside the numbers while on the roll out, showcasing precision passing and arm strength on the move. His excellent pocket mobility enables him to evade pressure effectively, giving him more time to make decisive throws. Dailey’s accuracy on deep passes is a trait that flashes in his game, consistently placing the ball where his receivers can make big plays downfield. In 2023 he passed for 1,744 passing yards and 15 touchdowns. Dailey has a huge upside and has caught the attention college programs.

    1. Ziondre Williams | Anna High School | @ZiondreWilliams

    College offers: Pittsburgh, Louisiana Tech, UTSA, Texas State

    Ziondre Williams had a breakout season in 2023 and comes in at number nine in the preseason top ten rankings. Williams can make deep throws with precision and touch. He displays excellent field vision, allowing him to read defenses and make quick decisions. Ziondre has a quick release that enables him to get the ball out quickly. Williams navigates the pocket smoothly, evading pressure while maintaining his poise and readiness to deliver accurate passes. In addition to his passing skills, Williams is a dual threat with the football in his hands. His agility and speed make him a dangerous runner, capable of extending plays with his feet and making impactful plays on the ground. His leadership was key as he led Anna to a state title in 2023, showcasing his ability to perform under pressure on the biggest stages. As Anna moves up from 4A to 5A, Williams returns as one of the top signal callers in the 2026 class, poised to continue his success and make significant contributions to his team’s success.

    1. Kaeden Johnson | Fort Bend Marshall High School | @KaedenJohnson16

    College offers: Tuskegee, UTSA, Colorado

    Kaeden is heading into his junior year as one of the top passers in the 2026 class and comes in at the number ten spot. His high ceiling is evident through his impressive skill set. Johnson’s big arm allows him to make deep throws with ease, while his quick release ensures that he can get the ball out rapidly under pressure. His mobility in the pocket is a trait that sticks out in his game, he can evade defenders and extend plays with his legs. Johnson excels at throwing on the run, maintaining accuracy and power even when he’s outside the pocket. Johnson is just scratching the surface of his potential. He’s poised to elevate his game even further. The upcoming 2024 season promises to be a breakout year for him.

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