The Crown’s Finest (pt.1)


By: Nick Gradney (National Scout) @StatZ_G 


27′ WR Ontario Washington (@Ontariowas58830)

Ontario Washington was the most dominant player I had the pleasure of watching this past weekend at The Crown in Fort Worth, TX. This kid was explosive! His release off the line of scrimmage was second to none, superb hands and he flourished in the open field once the ball was in his hands. Washington has great field awareness for a kid of his age. Ontario is built like a running back or safety, which bodes well for him the older he gets. He’s young so there’s plenty left to be desired. Keep an eye out for this young man in the Houston area.

25′ WR Kevin Rideau Jr (@KevinRideauJr1)

Kevin Rideau Jr definitely checks every box as a receiver – size, speed and God given ability. Rideau Jr is a playmaker at the with tremendous upside. He’s a dual sport athlete, getting it done on the basketball court as well, which is always a plus. A long, rangy 6’3 playmaker with excellent hands and ball tracking skills from a popular football state like Louisiana doesn’t fall off a tree. Budding star players such as Kevin is a polished receiver, who can blow up overnight with the right eyes on him.  It was great to see this kid in action for the first time and I’m sure I’ll get to watch him ball on the next level also. 

27′ WR Ja’Carsten Landor (@cmp_bug1)

Landor is a gifted, young rising athlete who plays faster than the film shows. Ja’Carsten have Randy Moss-esque strides that helps him create separation from the defender. He also have a wide catch radius and exceptional hand-eye coordination, especially during contested catches. Landor is predominantly an outside receivers who shows fluidity and understands small nuances like sitting in windows on routes due to certain coverages. With added mass to his slender frame over the off-season, that could catapult him up near the top receivers in his class. A breakout is looming for Landor. Expect to hear his name for years to come.

29′ WR Kvonte Kidd-Ellis (7th Grade)

Kvonte stood out in 12U initially because of his size but he kept everyone on the sideline engaged due to his play. This kid have skills and plenty to share! Most balls that would be considered 50/50 were more like 75/25 if he was targeted. Kidd-Ellis was a great security blanket when in need of a first down or a touchdown. Kvonte is a sure-handed wide receiver that can lineup anywhere. With consisting training, there’s really only a matter of time before he becomes a top talent in Texas. 

27′ Bryson Mathis II  (@2euceMathis)

Deuce Mathis is already  a well polished athlete at a young age. Mathis covers ground quickly and makes the quarterback think twice when looking in the middle of the field. This young man have oily hips, plays at pad level and is very nimble on his feet. There were several times when watching Bryson, where I mistaked him for someone else because of how fast he can shift to another area on the field – it was as if he was two players out there. His versatility in the secondary will set him apart from others as he continues to climb the ranks. Mathis can read the eyes of both the passer and receiver almost simultaneously, which makes him quick on the react. Deuce Mathis attends Lewisville HS and looks to have a huge sophomore campaign. 

28′ WR Seven Duffey  (@SevenDuffey)

If you’re looking for a quick strike, electric playmaker, then look no further than Seven Duffey. The 2028 standout possess the ability to turn a 5 yard gain to a 40+ yarder. Duffey make defenders miss with his unique juke moves and once he’s on your outside shoulder, it’s a house call. Seven made several plays where it looked like the ball was uncatchable but he reeled it in for a reception. He’s fast, agile, sturdy and have excellent balance within his route running. I didn’t see him make a body catch not one time – ALL HANDS! Duffey is small in stature but his presence is felt on the field. Put this kid on your radar of players to watch now!

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