DR7 Next Up: 8U Pool Play Standouts

    By Platform Scout: Marc Henry @marchen44


    The 8U division pool play action in Davenport showcased young talented players who left a lasting impression. They showed the ability to make big plays, while paying with grit and these competitive youngsters demonstrated a commitment to their craft. As we highlight these game-changers, it’s evident that these rising stars are headed in the right direction. They are shaping their futures with their dedication to their craft and ability excel on the field. We spotlight several 8U pool play standouts.


    Jeremiah Castillo’s performance was nothing short of impressive. His versatile skill set, marked by sure-handed catches and the ability to make plays on both offense and defense, truly set him apart. As a hands catcher, he not only contributed offensively but also showcased his defensive prowess with a crucial interception. Jeremiah’s impact on the game showcases his well-rounded abilities, making him a standout player in the 8U division during pool play.




    Ace Jenkins  was an 8U standout in early pool play for Apex Elite and showed off his remarkable talent as a playmaker. His great hands not only contribute to secure catches, but also make him a reliable asset in high-pressure situations and his ability to make grabs in traffic add to his game. His ability to see the ball well indicates a strong awareness of the game, positioning him as a valuable player who can read plays effectively. With these skills, look for Jenkins to continue to get targets as Apex Elite heads into Crown Sunday.



    Chayce Allen’s impressive performance during 8U pool play with 229, highlights his productivity on the field. His great hands contribute to his success as a receiver, and his explosiveness after the catch displays that he is a dynamic runner. With the speed to create separation, Chayce not only demonstrates great agility but also the ability to outrun opponents. The two long touchdowns in game one on Saturday, further emphasize his exceptional speed and showcase his prowess as a playmaker.



    Jalan Jackson’s playmaking ability with the ball in his hands is complemented by his strong hands and long arms. His versatility to play on both sides of the ball adds depth to his skills. He had a big pick six during pool play, which indicates not only defensive prowess but also an understanding of the game’s dynamics. Jalan demonstrated good instincts to further solidify his position as a well-rounded and impactful player.




    Maxten Mazur’s standout performance for the St. John’s Cobras during pool play highlights his effectiveness on the field. His ability to run good routes is complemented by his ability to get open consistently and his sure hands make him a reliable target. As a top choice for his quarterback, Maxten’s skills contributed significantly to the team’s offensive success, showing his impact as a key player for the St. John’s Cobras.




    Max Lipp’s pivotal role in the St. John’s Cobras’ success during the 8U pool play games left no doubt that he was one of the top players on Saturday. His ability to make good throws highlights his proficiency in orchestrating the team’s offense. Max’s composed and unrattled demeanor shows that he has a calm and collected approach, which was key for his team’s success in high-pressure situations. With his skills and demeanor, he will  play a crucial role in keeping his team competitive on Crown Sunday.




    Jace Vallot’s showed that he was one of the top performers in the 8U division on Saturday by making the big plays for his team in crunchtime. His quick off-the-ball movement showcases his great agility, while his strong hands contribute to his effectiveness on the field. Jace’s speed, allowing him to create separation, adds a dynamic element to his play. Additionally, his ability as a great runner after the catch further solidifies his impact as a well-rounded player.




    Rhett Hall’s consistent playmaking for Orlando Elite highlights his reliability on the field. His strong arm and quick release contribute to efficient ball distribution, showcasing his quarterback skills. He had a key touchdown pass early on, displaying his ability to make impactful plays when it matters most. Rhett’s great composure further solidifies his role as a reliable and poised presence for Orlando Elite.




    Kameron McGrew’s athleticism was on full display early Saturday during pool play, emphasizing his dynamic presence on the field. His reliable hands and good length make him a valuable asset, contributing to his effectiveness as a player. His highlight reel interception displayed his defensive prowess and ability to make impactful plays. Kameron demonstrated good instincts on defense to further prove that he has a well-rounded and skilled skill set.





    Kameron McNeal’s skill set stands out with his saucy route running, showcasing his high level agility and playmaking ability. His good speed adds a dynamic element to his play, which enables him to excel at runs after the catch. Kameron’s great hands and ability to make plays in traffic demonstrate his versatility and reliability as a receiver, making him a valuable asset on the field.




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