DR7 Road to the Crown Houston: Notable WR Standouts HS

By: Drew Johnson (@RealNews102)

DR7 hosted another competitive tournament this past weekend in The Woodlands, TX, that featured a deep pool of talent from the surrounding Houston area. After reviewing more film and notes from the tournament, this will be an updated list of some wide receiver standouts that shined bright for consecutive days. With over 120+ teams participating in Texas, it’s tough to get down every name but The Platform’s goal is to always Expose the Unexposed! Let’s get into this list.


Zechariah Sample | Class of 2024 | 7v7: DAB 

Sample was one of the most elusive and productive receivers that attended the camp this past weekend in Houston. In just the first game I watched he caught two touchdown passes, while displaying sticky-glue hands and track star speed. His route running was consistently impressive, but his electric agility is what stood out the most. Sample finished his productive sophomore season with 1,024 all-purpose yards, with 595 receiving yards and 146 rushing yards. He made an impact on defense with 21 total tackles and three interceptions. The three-star product holds offers from Arkansas State, Arizona State, and UNLV.


Rodny Ojo | Class of 2024 | 7v7: KC Elite 

Ojo was the man of the hour in the last few games and helped his team win the 18U trophy by catching nearly everything thrown his way. The 6’2, 175-pound junior has a contagious confidence on the field and isn’t afraid to back it up with good route running skills and strong hands. Ojo understands how to find soft spots in the zone defense and finish with good open-field footwork after the catch. I wouldn’t be surprised if his recruitment started to take off during this off-season because of his potential upside.


Ashton Jones | Class of 2025 | 7v7: STE BOYZ

Jones is a well-built receiver that dominated his competition this past weekend. He’s a 6’5, 185-pound sophomore with advanced footwork and route running abilities. What stood out the most actually was how quick and speedy Jones is for his size and age. The upside on this kid is crazy to fathom, if he puts everything together on and off the field. Jones has a crazy catch radius and will be able to provide a key blocking component for an offenses’ screen pass scheme. 


Taytum Johnson | Class of 2024 | 7v7: KB3

Johnson stood out as one of the more impressive receivers because of his ability to dominate the intermediate game and he was a deep ball threat. The Platform team watched Johnson come down with multiple tough catches in the corner and back of the endzone. He’s a speedy receiver with sneaky good hands and his explosive leaping ability enables him to win over defensive backs for the 50/50 catches. The 5’10, 160-pound athlete can play on both sides of the ball, recording 53 total tackles, and 5 interceptions. Johnson holds offers from Indiana, Marshall, and Air Force. 


Andre Feast | Class of 2025 | 7v7: ALL EN

Feast was so unguardable this past weekend that at one point he had to be double-teamed by the opposing defense. Feast is really elusive at the line of scrimmage and combines his speed and agility with slick route running skills. The 5’11, 175-pound rising prospect has a well built frame, that will support added weight as matures and continues to fill up his bag of skills. Because of his speed and feel for the game, Feast can be a utility player at the next level. He currently holds offers from Texas State and Incarnate Word. 


Michael Avery | Class of 2024 | 7v7: SA Ducks 

Avery was one of my favorite receivers that performed this weekend. His smooth route-running skills combined with the ability to always be open and find his quarterback was invaluable for the SA Ducks. His confidence also stood out and he wasn’t going to let top competition or jaw-jabbing take away from his production. Avery has a good burst in his initial release with reliable hands and big play ability after the catch. The 6’0, 163-pound playmaker should see his recruitment start to come alive during the off-season with more production at camps and showcases.


Markie Grant | Class of 2024 | 7v7: Houston Storm

Grant was impressive on both days of the tournament this weekend in Houston and was able to be effective on both sides of the ball. Grant is very vocal and confident on the gridiron, which helps his team play at a high level. Silky smooth route running skills and great hands will help Grant be a playmaker at the next level. The 6’1, 165-pound athlete recorded 56 tackles, and 4 interceptions, with 5 forced fumbles and 18 pass breakups. Grant holds various offers from the likes of Marshall, Tulane, and UNLV.


Keegan Kelley Class of 2024 | 7v7: Texas Pressure DTX

Kelley immediately made the list after I watched him record two touchdowns with one being a one-handed catch and another head top in the back of the endzone. Kelley is a killer of the gridiron because of his football awareness and ability to be a reliable go-to target for his quarterback. The 6’0, 175-pound playmaker,  had multiple notable plays this weekend that should spark his recruitment this off-season.


Deion Deblanc | Class of 2025 | 7v7: ALL EN

Deblanc has freaky athleticism mixed with unguardable route running bursts, which earned his name on this list. The five-star product has ridiculous athleticism and big play potential whenever the ball is in his hands in the open field. Deblanc has good ball skills to high-point catches in the air and promising hands that help with making contact. He’s a natural athlete that made it look easy, but his incredible upside is what likely has college coaches reaching out to him. The North Shore product has offers from the likes of Houston, Oregon, and Texas Tech. His overall development and recruitment are certainly something to keep an eye on in the state of Texas. 


**Notable All-Weekend Standouts:

Stefan Reynolds | 2024 | Athlete | 7v7 : Apex Predators 

Patrick Bridges | Class of 2024 | 7v7: STE BOYZ 

Jordan Clay | Class of 2026 | WR | 7v7 : Elite House 

Jonah Williams | CLass of 2025 | WR | 7v7 : DAB

Christopher Barnes | Class of 2024 | Athlete | 7v7 : KB3 Elite 

Brandon Thomas | Class of 2025 | 7v7: ALL EN

Tanook Hines | Class of 2025 | 7v7: Houston Storm

Andre Thompson | Class of 2024 | 7v7: CAT TAKEOVER

Evan Stroman | Class of 2025 | WR | 7v7 : Grand Elite Houston 

Lorenzo Johnson | Class of 2024 | 7v7: KB3

Jaquise Martin | Class of 2025 | 7v7: The 979

Devin Sanchez | Class of 2025 | 7v7: DAB

Keshun Thomas | Class of 2024 | A&M Consolidated HS

Antonio Johnson | Class of 2027 | 7v7 : NW Bears 

Jordan Styles | Class of 2026 | 7v7: Apex Predators 

Andrew Marsh | Class of 2025 | 7v7: DAB

Terrence Guillory | Class of 2024 | 7v7: KB3

Aydan Martinez Brown | Class pf 2025 | 7v7: The 979

KJ Fontenot | Class of 2027 | 7v7: Platinum Elite 

Devin McMarion | Class of 2024 | 7v7: STEALTH

Conor Dunphy | Class of 2024 | 7v7: Houston Storm 

Nicholas Townsend | Class of 2025 | 7v7: Houston Storm 

Jayden Spriggs | 2028 | WR | 7v7 : BTL Kingz

Da’Mann Goode | Class of 2026 | 7v7: Elite House

Austin Abram III | Class of 2024 | 7v7: ALL EN

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