DR7 Nationals Watch list continued: TX/FL/LA Standouts (12-18U)

By: Nick Gradney (@statz_g)



2027 WR KJ Fontenot – Platinum Elite 14U

Fontenot was one of the better performers in the DR7 circuit all season. He often looked like a man amongst boys, with his physical mixed with finesse style. Fontenot is currently in the 8th grade and holds offers from Florida and Texas A&M. Platinum Elite will be participating in The Crown this weekend so look for KJ to have another stellar showing.


Photo Credit: Sidney Sykes-SVP

2024 QB Donte Lewis – BYF Elite 18U

Donte Lewis is a dual sport athlete – he can throw a baseball just as well as a football. Lewis is a DOT! Standing 6’0 with a slim frame but can make all the necessary throws. One thing that was most impressive about Donte was his ability to make the long throw across the field and near the sideline. Often times you see the ball sail on guys when making those particular throws but Lewis puts it on a string every time and effortlessly too, might I add. Every time Donte stepped on the field, you knew there was a chance BYF could score and score quick!


2026 WR Omar Brand – MOJO 15U

Brand was unquestionably the go-to guy for MOJO. It seem like he averaged at least 10 targets every game. The defense knew where the ball was going and still couldn’t stop it, no matter the coverage. Omar saw one on one’s, zone, bracket coverage, you name it – and he beat it more times than not. Although Omar only played on the 15U squad, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him on the 18U team, he’s just that good. Brand ran every route to a crisp, showed exceptional hands, attacked the ball in the air and turned every 50/50 ball into 80/20.


2026 DB Jaelen Waters – Slimeyboyz 15U

Waters already have the prototype DB build for his age – standing about 6-1 with a solid frame. Waters was outstanding in coverage no matter who he faced or where he lined up. Jaelen displayed great footwork and never got his hands caught in cookie jar. You can tell he’s being coached on how to play fundamentally sound as well as to react off instinct. Everyone knows that in 7v7, third down is the money down and that’s where Jaelen Waters thrived the most.


2025 WR Mike Peterson Jr – RISE 15U

Peterson Jr is being recruited by the Texas Longhorns and if you saw him play, then you can see why. Mike definitely flashes on the field, arguably the best route runner, great speed & magnets for hands. Peterson stood out for making plays like no one else on the team. He runs every route like it’s his last – you can see the hunger and dedication he have to his craft. There’s no doubt Peterson can play in 18U, it’s just a matter of time.


2026 LB/ATH Kyron Pratt – Treasure Coast Elite 15U

Pratt was the leader on defense, manning the middle of the field. Pratt most jaw dropping moment was when he bounced to the outside to cover a wheel route. That’s something you rarely see from most linebackers, especially ones who mostly guards the center area. Kyron is 6’0, 215 pounds but is very nimble on his feet. Pratt was big part of Treasure Coast Elite run and look for him to gain more traction as the future awaits.


2024 WR Chris Barnes – KB3 Elite

Now Barnes is no stranger to being in the spotlight, coming from starting at receiver for national powerhouse North Shore to the DR7 circuit. Barnes doesn’t let his size effect his play – he has a quick first step, an eye for the ball, and oh yea, SPEED! Barnes domintes the most in short, tight areas, which is not easy to do given the limited space. Chris is a veteran who knows the game and with his experience, KB3 Elite can go far as they want to.


2029 QB Caesyn Powell – 940 Elite 12U

It’s rare you see kids in 12U that looks beyond their years but Caesyn Powell has the “It Factor” at a very young age. Powell is still in elementary school but his play on the field seems like he’s been around a little longer than that. Caesyn have a great combination of throwing stance and motion. The arm talent is clearly there. I was shocked at how well he was able to maintain a grip and control the spin on the ball. I mean every pass was a spiral. Powell knows when to zip, also when to just use touch – his IQ is unmatched at that level. Remember the name, because I’m sure you’ll see more of Caesyn Powell in the near future.




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