Record setting season for 2026 QB Noah Grubbs results in P5 college offers

    Many athletes claimed to be a DOG or the Next Big Thing entering the fall season but only a few had the type of year Lake Mary High School quarterback Noah Grubbs produced. The 2026 sophomore riser set multiple school records all while picking up big-time Power 5 offers. The kid is the definition of the Real Deal. 

    With historically successful college programs such as Michigan and Notre Dame establishing early relationships, Grubbs just wants to continue staying focused and developing into the type of QB that helps lead championship teams.

    “I feel like just playing quarterback you’re obviously the biggest leader on the team,” Grubbs said. “You have to be that guy on the team to bring everyone up. I’m a leader by example and can be vocal if you need me to as well.”

    What a year for the Rams and head coach Scott Perry who finished 10-2 on the season and nearly clinched the district title with wins over tough programs.

    Grubbs excelled in his second year under center, setting several regular-season school records and earning the Seminole-Athletic Conference offensive player of the year for his performances. (Single Game TDs (8), Single game passing yards (528), Single season TDs (49), Single season passing yards (3,677), Single game pass completions (31), Avg. YPG (306.4).

    “I’m blessed to be around such a great team,” Grubbs said. “Blessed to be the leader of it as well. I feel like with our team we go to battle with anybody. We have players all over the field that can make plays and that’s what successful football teams need.”

    The 6-4, 210-pound riser is a versatile Pro-Style QB that can create with his legs when needed. Grubbs threw for 500+ yards and 8 touchdowns in Lake Mary’s first game and hasn’t looked back since. His natural arm strength and developed QB mechanics helped Grubbs throw for over 300 passing yards in seven games this fall season.

    “I can complete any ball you want me to and can use my feet as a threat,” Grubbs said. “If you’re in man coverage the DBs back is going be faced towards me and another threat is the QB run so if they have to keep a look out for that it’s going to be hard to stop as an offense.”

    Let’s get into some of the interview Q&A.

    QB Trainer Baylin Trujillo: Let’s talk a little bit about training, I know you work with Baylin, who’s been around many talented QBs. Talk about that relationship, and how he’s impacting your development.

    “Baylin has been able to impact me as a person and as a football player. It’s not only what he does on the field but what he does off. He’s been to almost every single game day visit with me to a bunch of colleges. He works with some of the top guys around the nation like you said. He improves all of our games he doesn’t pick a person who he wants to improve more. I feel like it’s great to have a QB trainer around you that does things like that.”

    Work in the off-season: What are some of the things you worked on coming into the season?

    Me and Baylin work on a lot. We work on our mechanics and our throwing motion. Then the footwork. The footwork in the pocket, the footwork of rolling out. He gets me on calls about how to break down defenses and he tests me on that. With him around makes me better as a player and person.

    Short-Term Goals in Off-season: Are there any short-term goals you’d like to accomplish in the next few months?

    “Right now I’m just working with my speed trainer Tony and Baylin obviously for mechanics and QB training. Just trying to get my body healthy and be ready for the next camps I have to go to for spring ball with my team.”

    The overall upside potential combined with college-ready measurables attracted UCF Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach Darin Hinshaw who was the first Power 5 school to offer him while he was coaching for UAB. Now, the likes of over 15 Division I schools have followed suit.

    “I am really blessed to have offers like this,” Grubbs said. “Everyone thinks like oh he won’t get the exposure he’s at LM. If you’re doing good the coaches will find you for all the younger players watching.”

    Schools reaching out most recently: Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, UCF, and many more.

    Michigan: They (UM) have been showing a lot of love as well. Coach Kirk Campbell (QB Coach) up there, he’s a great guy and I love the way that he and that offensive staff can use JJ McCarthy. The things that they get him to do and the way that he plays is an amazing game. I feel like I can fit in an offense that they run. 

    Notre Dame: When I went to Notre Dame, I actually went there for a camp and the coach (HC – Marcus Freeman) took us on a golf cart around the campus. I also went there for the game versus Ohio State. When he took us around campus that was big like everything around their campus looked in spot. Everything looks in place. Notre Dame actually came down to our high school I’d say three or four weeks ago. Usually, a college coach will come in like 5-10 min to see and talk to you but ND came and talked for a while, and we got on the board some. To have a coach to do that. I feel like they are putting me first and that means a lot. 

    North Carolina: UNC was a big one for me. Most of my family lives in North Carolina. We’re actually like the only people from our family that live in Florida. My parents, my mom’s and dad’s parents, most of our relatives live in North and South Carolina. So, that was big to me. My grandpa actually lives about an hour from UNC. With Coach Chip Lindsey (OC/QB Coach) at UNC, we’ve had a great relationship and a good connection in the past couple of months ever since I’ve been to the camp over the summer.  

    Miami: When I went to Miami they brought me on a golf cart around the whole campus. It’s a beautiful campus. There are beaches and everything you could imagine is all there in that area. Coach Shannon Dawson (OC/QB Coach) and Coach Mario Cristobal (HC) are two amazing coaches and I think with those two they’ll definitely flip that program around with the recruits they have coming. It’ll be a big change. 

    Virginia Tech: Me and Coach Chris have been in contact for a while. I love the way that they finished up the season. They had a couple of bumps at the beginning of the season but the way they finish is always what matters more. I feel like if you’re in contact with a coach every week it means you guys have built a great relationship and it means a lot. 

    UCF: I’ve been to the Bounce House a good bit. I was at one of the games in the beginning and it was a great experience and game to be at. They won that game. My connection with UCF is that Tyson Hinshaw is my QB coach at the high school. And that’s Darin’s brother (OC/QB Coach). Tyson’s been coaching me since I was in like second year of Pop Warner. Darin’s been to my practices since I was young. I’ve always had a connection with Darin and he was actually my first offer when he was at UAB. Feels great to have that connection with a college coach. 


    Favorite Football Player ALL TIME: Randy Moss

    Favorite PreGame song: Meek Mill – Dreams & Nightmares

    Best post-game meal: Huey Magoos

    Favorite movie or TV show: Jumanji 

    What’s your Best skill: Leadership

    FINAL: I want to allow you to give thanks to your parents, coaches, players, and community. Anyone who has helped you along the journey, let’s give them some recognition.

     “I couldn’t do it without Baylin and my parents. I mean we’ve all been to the college gameday visits and I couldn’t get there without my parents. Without my teachers, if I don’t have good grades I’m not playing the sport. Also, coach Tony my speed training. And my friends and teammates have pushed me to be the better person I am today. 

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