Emptying My Notebook Part One: The Crown Futures

By Platform Scout: Marc Henry

The #Road To The Crown made it’s final stop in Fort Worth, Texas, to #Settle It On The Turf, to confirm which teams are the best in the country. Over 180 teams traveled to compete and prove they are worthy of  #The Crown, to be crowned National Champions. The Futures, which features age groups from 8U to 12U, had some the top young players who will be future standouts. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. We spotlight several standouts who balled out over the weekend in Texas.


Ledger Wainscott | Quarterback | 7v7: NTX Blitz

Wainscott was a key cog in the NTX Blitz coming out hot on Saturday during pool play. He was extremely accurate and made good decisions with the football. Ledger’s ability to find his receivers in rhythm and on time was impressive. His footwork was clean and this enabled him to thread the needle in tight coverage windows. With continued development, Wainscott has the skill set that will flourish as his game matures.



Mason Miller-Smith | Quarterback | 7v7: 318 Hotboyz

Mason plays with confidence, he has a strong arm, he has superb field vision with the ability to make tough throws in heavy traffic and he came out on fire during pool play on Saturday. Miller-Smith has good touch on his deep ball and he was able to be accurate on his short to intermediate passes to move the chains. Mason has been a top performer several times on the DR7 #Road To The Crown this spring and he continues to improve as he get more reps. Look for Miller-Smith to be one of the top signal callers in his class as he continues to mature.



Kason Robinson | Athlete | 7v7 : 318 Hotboyz

Robinson again was a top standout for his team, this time he did on #Crown Weekend, against top competition. He is a reliable receiver, who is quick off the ball, he gets open often and his ability to run after the catch is a trait in his skill set that he uses well. Kason also made plays on defense with a couple pass breakups. As his game matures, look for him to elevate his game whenever he steps on the field.



Deion Hayes | Athlete | 7v7: 318 Hotboyz

Hayes is an offensive weapon, with great hands and his quickness enables him to win often on his routes. Deion understands how to get open, his crisp route running combined with his excellent ball skills allows him to be a reliable target for his quarterback. Hayes moves fluidly and as he continues to grow as a player, look for his game to take off. He will be a name to know in the next few years coming out of the state of Louisiana.



Seven Swinney | Wide Receiver | NTX Blitz

Swinney started out hot on day one during pool play on Saturday in the 8U division, he was just about unguardable. Seven runs good, clean routes, he is quick off of the ball and he is a sure handed receiver. If the ball is in his vicinity, Seven makes it his business to make the grab. Swinney was impressive early on and showed that he was one of the NTX Blitz best playmakers.



Mason Mukula | Wide Receiver | 7v7: NTX Blitz

Mukala has quick feet, he uses his speed to beat defenders at the snap and he showed that he was a sure handed receiver. Mason made several grabs during pool play on day one that enabled his team to keep drives alive and move the chains. Mukula has great hands for a young player, he is a hands catcher of the football and he was reliable target for his quarterback all game long. He was one of the go to players on the NTX Blitz and he showed that when he gets free he is a handful for defenses to cover in the open field.



Tabius Swinney | Wide Receiver | 7v7: NTX Blitz

While the NTX Blitz opponents might have thought they were seeing double, it was actually a twin duo of Swinney’s that were doing damage and Tabius was one of the ring leaders putting in work. He is a crafty route runner who knows how to get open, he is a hands catcher of the football and he proved to be one the better players early on during pool play in the 8U division. He was impressive with his ability to make grabs in stride and pick up yards after the catch. Swinney is going to be a problem for defenses as his game grows with him in the future.



Bryce Taylor | Athlete | 7v7: Drillz 4 Lyfe

Taylor has lean, long, athletic frame, with an extended reach that he uses well at the receiver position. He has large, strong hands that engulf the football and he has several big grabs in heavy traffic that moved the chains for his squad. Bryce uses his quickness off the line to keep defenders off balance and this allowed him to get open often. Taylor was productive on Saturday during pool play and he showed that he is a gamechanger with the ball in his hands.



Preston Suber | Athlete | 7v7: Drillz 4 Lyfe

Suber runs crisp routes, he uses his speed and quickness to beat defenders off the ball and his ability to get open allowed him to get multiple targets. Preston has a lengthy frame combined with his large hands and he takes full advantage by getting open often. He has the versatility to line up and be a factor defensively. He was able to play the passing lanes using his length to knock down passes and he plays under control in space enabling him to stay with receivers in coverage. Suber’s performance set the tone for his team and he has the skill set to be a factor on both sides of the ball.



Valex Thibodeaux | Athlete | 7v7: 4Th Quarter Mentality

Valex was by far the most dominant player in the 10U division at #The Crown in Texas the entire weekend. His stellar play was a big reason that 4th Quarter Mentality took home #The Crown and Thibodeaux left no doubt that he is one of the best 10U players in the country. Valex passes the eye test physically, he has an extended reach with large mitts that attack the football when he is targeted and he uses his stout frame to bully his opponents off the ball. On #Crown Sunday, Valex had several jaw dropping catches, including a one-handed snag over the middle, where he stuck one paw up in stride and took it to the house for six. Thibodeaux was just as dominant on defense, knocking down passed and getting his hands on a interception on Sunday. He had an MVP Performance on Sunday and he has the skill set to dominant on both sides of the ball.



A’Lyis Carter | Athlete | 7v7: TTG 

Carter can flat out go get it, his ability to beat coverage, get open and make big catches was on full display during pool play on Saturday. His quickness and explosion off the ball enables him to get open early and his sure hands are traits in his game that surfaced on the offensive side of the ball for TTG. When he gets in the open field he becomes dangerous. Carter is shifty in space and even in a 7v7 setting, he has the ability to break ankles. A’Lyis has been one the most consistent players for TTG in the 8U division on the #Road To The Crown and he showed that he was one of the best players in age group at The Crown National Championship.











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