DR7 Road To The Crown Houston: 8U Standouts Pool Play

By Platform Scout: Marc Henry @marchen44


The 8U division pool play at the DR7 Road To The Crown Houston is highly competitive, featuring big plays, precise throws with notable catches, and game-changing turnovers including pick-sixes. Keeping an eye on the standout players from Saturday’s games promises an exciting Crown Sunday with potential standout performances. The competition in the 8U bracket is delivering thrilling moments on the Road To The Crown. We spotlight several standout players from this morning’s action.


Quarterback Preston Olukoya’s performance during the 8U division pool play was impressive. Making on-target throws, quick decisions, excellent field vision, and actively seeking open receivers contributed to his success. With HPA going 3-0 during the pool, Olukoya’s skills likely played a key role in their success. Keep an eye on his continued impact on Crown Sunday.



Wide receiver Cayden Barley showcased his skills during HPA’s pool play games, making significant plays with strong hands and the ability to catch in traffic. His reliability as a target, especially under pressure, highlights his impact on the team. Barley’s performance adds a dynamic element to HPA’s offense, making him a player to watch on Crown Sunday.



A’Lyis Carter’s versatility on both sides of the ball for TTG in the 8U division pool play was notable. With good speed, quickness, and reliable hands, he made key plays, especially in tight coverage situations. Carter’s ability to make big grabs for touchdowns positions him as a crucial player for TTG, and his performance in pool play suggests he’ll be a leader for the team on Crown Sunday. Keep an eye on his impact in the upcoming games.



Quarterback Silas Callies, with a strong arm, quick release, and the ability to make deep throws, showcased impressive skills for CSA Elite during pool play. His good mechanics for his age and knack for finding the open man contributed to his success, tossing multiple touchdowns. It seems like Callies will be a key leader for his team on Crown Sunday, and his performance indicates he’s one to watch in the upcoming games.


Denver Steed’s performance at a high level during 8U pool play for CSA Elite was exceptional. As an early standout, he demonstrated playmaking abilities with great speed, elusiveness in the open field, and the knack for creating separation. Steed excelled at yards after the catch and showcased defensive skills at free safety, with two interceptions, including a pick-six. His electric playing style makes him a player to watch on Crown Sunday, promising thrilling moments on both sides of the ball.



Lee Thomas showcased his ability to make big plays for CSA Elite during 8U pool play, consistently getting open with reliable hands and running well after the catch. His performance suggests that Thomas is a playmaker who can make contribute significantly on Crown Sunday. Keep an eye on him for continued impactful plays in the upcoming games.

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