Willis High School WR Jalen Mickens Picks Up Arkansas State Offer

By Platform Scout: Marc Henry @marchen44

Team Texas Fury WR Jalen Mickens had phenomenal weekend at The Road To The Crown Houston. Photo: Sydney Sykes


Jalen Mickens left an indelible mark at the DR7 Road To The Crown kickoff tournament for 2024 in Houston, displaying a multifaceted skill set that demands attention. His prowess on the field is exemplified by a remarkable burst off the line of scrimmage, coupled with a level of route running that can be described as nothing short of superb.

What sets Mickens apart is his phone booth quickness, portraying a twitchy athleticism that allows him to accelerate from 0 to 100 in an instance. This agility, combined with an innate ability to create separation consistently, positions him as a potent offensive weapon. Jalen’s hands are not only great but also aggressive, as he fearlessly plucks the football out of the air, showcasing a natural instinct for the game.

Mickens demonstrates a high football IQ, understanding how to find soft spots in the defense to get open. His explosive athleticism, coupled with the speed to stretch the field, contributed significantly to Team Texas Fury’s success, propelling them to the semifinals on Crown Sunday, as they battled thru a very competitive 18U bracket.

Mickens showcased exceptional skills during his junior season at Willis, amassing impressive statistics with 50 catches, 1,006 yards receiving and an impressive 15 touchdowns. His outstanding contributions played a key role in the team’s unbeaten regular season, securing a district title and advancing to the third round of the playoffs. Mickens’ performance rightfully earned him the prestigious honor of being selected First Team All District in 13-6A, highlighting his significant impact on the field.

Mickens earned a college offer from Arkansas State on Monday. As he continues to navigate the recruiting trail, look for his profile to ascend even further, solidifying his status as a rising star in the state of Texas. The weekend at the Road To The Crown served as a platform for Mickens to shine and it’s evident that his trajectory on the recruiting trail is trending upward.


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  1. Vicki Collins Jackson

    I LOVE you so very much 💓 and I am praying for you constantly 🙏. Grandmother Vicki Collins Jackson

  2. Vicki Collins Jackson

    I LOVE YOU ❤️ so much and I am praying for you 🙏. Compliments to you and Congratulations 🎊. Grandmother Vicki

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