DR7 Road To The Crown Houston: Prospect Watch

    By Platform Scout: Marc Henry @marchen44


    The 18U division at the DR7 #Road to The Crown Houston Tournament featured high-level performances from players who have the skill set to play at the collegiate level. With big offensive  plays being made routinely and tough, physical defensive plays in an ultra-competitive setting on display throughout the weekend, this loaded field had some of the top talent in Texas and several standouts from the southern Louisiana area, who are being heavily recruited or have the next level talent that college programs seek out to add value to their programs. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. Here are several notable performers who turned heads with their standout play and a few who have the skills that college programs need to get eyes on this offseason.


    Tahmaj Jackson of the New Orleans Dolphins stood out as a big-time playmaker this weekend. With great hands, next-level athleticism, impressive speed, and strength at the point of attack, Jackson is a dynamic presence on the field. His ability to make plays when given the ball adds to his impact, making him a key asset for the New Orleans Dolphins in what was a competitive 18U division in the Houston tournament. His one handed grab over two defenders in traffic, showed off his high level concentration on contested catches and he has the burst to change gears in a instance when the ball is thrown his way. Only a sophomore, Jackson is on the verge of stardom and college programs need to get him on their radar now.



    Quarterback Beau Bryant of Showtime possesses the skill set of an elite passer, with a strong arm, pinpoint accuracy, and great touch on his deep ball. His superb mechanics, combined with his elite arm talent enables him to make any throw on the route tree. Beau has attracted recruiting interest from notable programs like Texas Tech, SMU, North Texas, and Oklahoma. Clearly, Bryant has the ability to flat out sling it on the field, making him a standout quarterback in the 18U division over the weekend. The Katy Jordan signal caller has the make up that collegiate programs covet in next level quarterbacks.



    Nigel Pringle, a junior defensive back for the New Orleans Dolphins, has truly distinguished himself as a formidable force on the field. His standout qualities include a long, lean frame with an extended reach, making him a sticky defender capable of disrupting opponents’ plays. He plays with physicality at the point of attack, Pringle demonstrates a smooth transition into his backpedal, showcasing clean footwork that adds to his defensive prowess.

    One notable aspect of Pringle’s game is his exceptional eye discipline, allowing him to read plays effectively. His recovery speed is a crucial asset, swiftly closing throwing windows and limiting the opportunities for opposing offenses. Nigel’s stellar play at The #Road to The Crown Houston Tournament speaks volumes about his skills and performance.

    Pringle has offers from notable institutions such as Tulsa, Arizona State, and Texas State. It’s evident that Pringle’s talent has garnered well-deserved attention from collegiate programs. As he continues to hone his abilities, Pringle’s profile on the recruiting trail will continue to rise.




    Aiden Hall’s standout performance at The #Road To The Crown in Houston showcased his exceptional abilities as a defensive back for the New Orleans Dolphins. Standing at 6’1 and weighing 190 pounds, his long, lean frame, coupled with an extended arm reach, contributes to his effective range on the field. Hall’s impressive speed adds to his defensive prowess, allowing him to cover ground efficiently.

    What sets him apart is not just his physical attributes but also his disciplined approach to the game. Aiden exhibits great eye discipline, a crucial aspect for a defensive back. His ball hawk mentality suggests an innate ability to read the play and make impactful interceptions or disruptions.

    Hall possesses the skill set typically associated with elite safeties, making him a key player for the New Orleans Dolphins in their defensive lineup. His performance at The #Road To The Crown highlights his potential to be a significant force when he steps between the white lines.



    Santiago Longoria’s standout performance as a linebacker for Team Zap showed off his exceptional defensive instincts, enabling him to read and react effectively on the field. His agility and fluid movements in open spaces showcase a level of athleticism that sets him apart. Clean footwork further enhances his defensive prowess, allowing him to navigate the field with precision.

    Longoria’s short-area quickness is a crucial attribute for a linebacker, which enables him to change directions swiftly and make decisive plays. His stout build, combined with his broad shoulders, contributes to his physicality on the field, making him a formidable presence in stopping opposing offenses.

    Beyond his physical attributes, Longoria’s on-field demeanor stands out. Playing with an evident passion and serving as a vocal leader, he brings a fiery intensity to the game. Such leadership qualities are often invaluable on a team, inspiring and rallying teammates.

    As a junior hailing from south Texas, Longoria’s promising skill set positions him as a prospect worth watching for future opportunities at the collegiate level. Scouts and recruiters need to take notice of his multifaceted abilities, making him a potential candidate for the next level.



    Ryker Reynolds, standing at an impressive 6’4″ and weighing 230 pounds, showcases not only a formidable build with broad shoulders but also a set of skills that make him a standout offensive weapon. His reliable hands and large catch radius provided Team DAB’s 18U squad with a valuable target. Reynolds’ quickness in open spaces and nimble feet add agility to his stature, making him a dynamic player on the field.

    His ability to work the middle of the field with speed shows versatility in his playing style. Being a hands catcher who purposefully attacks the football further solidifies his reliability as a receiver. Reynolds earned an All-District Selection for LaPorte High School in 2023, highlighting his impact on the field.

    What sets Reynolds apart is his possession of the skill set that elevates tight ends and he has a high ceiling for his potential. Ryker chance to become one of the top tight ends in his class.



    ¬†Arsenio Bolds Jr’s recent performance at The #Road To The Crown Houston highlights several key attributes that make him a standout player. His ability to attack the ball in flight, play with great eye discipline, and utilize his impressive arm length solidifies his strong presence in the secondary. Additionally, his versatility to cover receivers in the slot adds to his overall skill set.

    After reviewing his fall tape from 2023, it’s evident that Bolds Jr. is not only a skilled defender but also displays the qualities of a headhunter on the defensive side of the ball. Playing under control and showcasing sure tackling skills, he exhibits great leverage on the field. These qualities make him a promising prospect, and it’s no surprise that college programs are likely to take notice of his rising talent.



    Da’shawn Burton is a versatile player, making an impact this weekend in Houston not only as a top-tier running back but also showcasing his skills in the secondary and the slot. His explosive play, quick get-off in the slot, and twitchy athleticism make him a dynamic threat.

    Burton’s agility and elite burst contribute to his effectiveness in creating separation early in his routes. As a receiver, he demonstrates crisp route running, excellent ball skills, and reliable hands, making him a valuable asset on the offensive end. His next-level athleticism and speed display his potential to make big plays.

    Impressively, Burton extends his impact to the defensive side, displaying great eye discipline, a ballhawk mentality, and the ability to make game-changing interceptions. Stepping in front of a pass and making a play for Texas United during pool play on Saturday, highlighted his defensive playmaking skills. Overall, Burton’s multifaceted abilities make him an exciting prospect to watch.



    Trey Williams III’s performance at The #Road To The Crown Houston Tournament showcased his outstanding skills and versatility. His elite footwork in space, combined with excellent short-area quickness, makes him a standout player. As one of Texas United’s top offensive targets, his reliability in getting open and working the middle of the field adds to his value.

    Williams III demonstrates great balance, the ability to control of his weight effectively, and he has deceptive speed with a good burst. His Junior season at Mayde Creek High School reveals a diverse skill set, including lining up in the slot, playing Wildcat Quarterback in short yardage, and showcasing power and shiftiness as a runner.

    A highlight-worthy one-handed grab in traffic further emphasizes Williams III’s playmaking ability. Considering his impressive skills, college programs should indeed have him on their radar as a promising prospect.



    Ashton Robinson’s performance at The #Road To The Crown in Houston over the weekend, showcased his impressive quarterback skills. His quick release, strong arm with good deep ball touch, and ability to make big throws in crunch time highlighted his effectiveness on the field.

    Robinson’s clean footwork and engagement of hips for added velocity on his throws contribute to his overall quarterbacking prowess. His outstanding numbers at Royal High School, including 4,310 yards passing, 43 touchdown passes, and 1,009 yards rushing with 16 touchdowns in 22 games, reflect his significant impact.

    Leading his team to 14 wins in that time period further underscores Robinson’s leadership and success. College programs should indeed take notice and keep an eye on his promising talent.



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