Road to the Crown: New Orleans — Drew’s Top Weekend Standouts

    Written by: Drew Johnson (@RealNews102) 

    The Road to the Crown has been on fire with successful tournaments to start the year, this time with a stop in New Orleans featuring some of the top talents in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Florida. The DR7 national circuit allows for scouts and coaches to get eyes on various kids early on from different areas. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes participating in DR7 tournaments and around the country.


    Eli Morcos | QB | 2025 | Lake Creek | @EliMorcos4

    When I think about top QB prospects that I’ve evaluated on the 7v7 circuit this season the name Eli Morcos comes up as one of the best. Morcos leads one of the top rising national squads in Texas Fury 7v7 and has proven to be a confident leader who consistently delivers. Breaking down his game, Morcos has a solid frame at 6-2, 205-pounds that he can use to be a threat in the pass and run game. He’s an efficient and accurate decision-maker with the ball combined with good arm strength to complete all throws on the route tree. Morcos was easily the most advanced QB prospect this weekend in Louisiana. Not sure what schools are waiting on but he should get more college interest this offseason with college camps coming soon. 


    Peyton Houston | QB | 2027 | Evangel Christian | @PeytonHouston8

    One of the top 2027 national QB prospects appeared on the DR7 circuit in his hometown state of Louisiana this weekend with the LA Bootleggers. This kid will be a premier recruit on the market in the next few years. He has everything you want in a young rising QB including advanced footwork and lower body mechanics, deadeye pinpoint accuracy in the pocket or moving around, and has that leadership aura needed to excel at the position. I’ve been impressed with each time he has performed in the 7v7 setting and expect for his overall game to continue developing.


    Nelson Peterson | QB | 2026 | Sunnyvale | @NLP_8

    Standing at 6-3, 185-pounds with solid footwork mechanics and the ability to get mobile, Nelson Peterson made the list as one of the top QB prospects to attend the DR7 New Orleans event. Fresh off a productive season under center which earned him a recent Power 4 offer from Texas Tech, this kid has all the tools to be a big-time college prospect. He leads one of the premier 7v7 programs and will have the chance to perform soon during college camp season. I came away impressed with his overall silent killer mentality with his passes and upside where he still has time to put it all together. He looked really solid on championship Sunday which locked his name in.



    DeBraun Hampton | WR | 2024 | Willis | @debraun_hampton

    Few athletes that can match that Florida speed and DOG mentality but this kid is just different. He’s easily one of the most dominant WR prospects that I’ve scouted during this 7v7 season because he combined electric speed, strong hands, and elite route running. Hampton recently signed with the University of Florida and will earn a scholarship quickly when he can showcase his college-ready production level and overall talent. 


    Jalen Mickens | WR | 2025 | Willis | @JalenMickens4

    A lot can be said about this kid who has some of the best route-running skills and techniques in the country. This was my second tournament with a chance to evaluate Mickens and no doubt he’s the Real Deal. He should be one of the top 2025 WR prospects before it’s time to make the big decision. Mickens is a fearful WR prospect who keeps defenders on their heels with elite quickness on his initial burst take-off and the advanced mechanics in his breakdowns to generate separation.


    Jade Card | WR | 2025 | Northwestern | @JADECARD11

    Card made his way from the Sunshine State of Florida to put on a show this weekend at DR7 New Orleans while playing with the LA Bootleggers. I didn’t recognize him at first just a solid framed DB who was making plays all over the field. He then lined up at WR where he utilized his body to box out defenders for easy catches across the middle or behind the defense in the endzone. Card was a problem at the WR position during the fall season but has the talent and upside to play on both sides of the ball. Productive weekend for Card who was instrumental in his team’s success. 


    Jabari Mack | WR | 2026 | Destrehan | @JabariMack7

    A four-star product and one of the top WR prospects in Louisiana is in fact the Real Deal. This kid was instantly on my radar because of his sheer size but when watching him work through his routes and finish contested catches throughout the day was noteworthy. Mack was a top standout on Day One while showing off his catch radius, strong hands, and solid speed. He has plenty of Power 4 interest at the moment but watch the 2026 riser continue climbing to the top of the rankings.


    Landon Bogany | WR | 2027 | Lewisville | @landon_bogany

    The youngest WR prospect on this list but likely the most advanced frame for his age was Bogany who was a beast this weekend playing with True Buzz who took home the 14U trophy this weekend in Louisiana. Telling you now college coaches, you want to get eyes on this young riser. He’s already 6-2, 197 pounds with plenty of time to work on his frame and technique. If he gets with a legit WR trainer, the sky is the limit for Bogany. 



    Aiden Hall | DB | 2026 | Edna Karr | @Slime1of1_

    One of my top defensive standouts hands down this weekend was rising 2026 DB Aiden Hall. I knew this kid was a baller when watching him read and react while standing in the middle of the defense where he took an INT on the goal line and made it look easy. When you combine that high DB IQ with his 6’1, 190-pound frame, you have an interesting college prospect that needs to be on coaches’ radar. He’s picking up traction on the recruiting trail with a few big-time Power 4 offers. Still has plenty of time to add to his frame and technique but Hall has been one of the top DBs I have scouted this year.


    Shmar Akande | DB | 2026 | South Broward | @Shmar123385321

    It’s just something different about Florida talent. Akande was in my first few noted standouts after watching him display his fluid hips and high DB IQ in game one for the Bootleggers. When I got a chance to see his speed and close-out agility on a Pick Six, I listed him as the Real Deal. It was only confirmed when learning he was far from his South Broward home but played comfortably and confidently in coverage throughout the day.


    Keylan Abrams | EDGE | 2025 | Desoto | @KeylanAbrams 

    It’s rare to evaluate elite edge rushers or outside linebackers on the 7v7 circuit but none of that matters when you are Keylan Abrams. This kid has all the tools in the box to be a big-time college prospect. He’s known for dominating the edge and causing problems for opposing QBs but Abrams showed off his strength in man coverage and the ability to drop back if needed at the next level. For me, that makes an all-great linebacker. One that contains the gaps and can be reliable in coverage. Abrams has a huge upside after earning a state championship with nationally known Desoto HS.


    Braeden Lott | LB | 2026 | Lake Travis | @BraedenLott2026

    When playing the middle linebacker position during the 7v7 season prospects need to be agile with their movement and smart with their eyes. This kid was instantly put on my radar because of his sheer size for his age but when watching him read the offense while directing things in the center he had to make the standout list. Lott is listed at 6-1, 205 pounds, and still has two years to work on his body. A lot of upside for this kid who can move around on the defense before making a college decision.


    Arsenio Bolds Jr | LB | 2025 | Edna Karr | @bncace7

    As noted, it’s crucial for hybrid linebackers who are at the center of the defense to be vocal, smart, and able to read plays before they happen. Bolds showed off he has all those skills in his bag this weekend as he was my top LB standout to attend the DR7 New Orleans event. I watched this kid make good reads come up with two INTs on Day One and double back on championship Sunday to help his team make it to the championship game. Bolds has a good frame at 6-0, 205 pounds, and is fresh off a productive junior fall season. Look out for the offers to start rolling in during the offseason.

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