DR7 Road To The Crown Orlando: Future Standouts 12U/14U

By Platform Scout: Marc Henry @marchen44


The DR7 Road To The Crown Orlando tournament was a showcase of young talent on day one, with several standout performances from players who have a promising future ahead of them as they continue to develop and prepare for high school football in the coming years. Several young athletes demonstrated their skills, athleticism, and potential, by making big plays. From explosive playmakers to lockdown defenders, the first day of the RTC Orlando featured a wide range of young talent showcasing their abilities on the field. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. We will spotlight several players who fit that mold and will be making names for themselves on Friday nights in the near future.


Kellen De Los Santos| Class of 2030 | Quarterback | Bay Area Buckeyes

Kellen De Los Santos is an impressive quarterback with a skill set that sets him apart on the field. His strong arm, combined with his ability to make sound decisions and push the ball outside the numbers with precision, showcases his ability to be an accurate passer.

De Los Santos’s strong arm allows him to make throws to all areas of the field and  excelled at  delivering passes outside the numbers during pool play. His ability to accurately place the ball on a rope showed his precision and confidence in his throwing ability.

One of De Los Santos’s standout traits is his ability to make great decisions with the football. He displays excellent timing and field vision. His awareness of the field enables him to anticipate plays and make quick, decisive passes.

Clean footwork and mechanics are traits in his game that surfaced De Los Santos’s game on Saturday. He engages his hips to generate velocity on his throws, resulting in crisp and powerful passes. His calm demeanor on the field enables him to have smooth and controlled movements, which adds to his game as a quarterback. As he matures, his skill set will continue to develop and he is a young player to keep an eye on in the state of Florida.



Xavier Durham | Class of 2029 | Wide Receiver | Bay Area Buckeyes

Xavier Durham is as an electrifying wide receiver, he has a diverse skill set that makes him a standout player on the field. His strong hands, crisp route-running, and ability to make grabs in traffic show his ability as a playmaker. Durham’s strong hands allow him to consistently make tough catches in heavy traffic, showcasing his reliability as a receiving threat. He runs crisp routes that allows him to create separation from defenders.

Durham’s agility and quickness make him a formidable opponent in open space. His ability to shift directions effortlessly allows him to evade defenders and create separation, providing him with ample opportunities to make big plays downfield. His speed adds another dimension to his game, enabling him to break away from defenders and turn short gains into significant yardage.

Durham’s explosive skill set sets him apart as a dynamic playmaker on the field. Whether he’s making big catches in traffic or using his speed to beat defenders downfield, his versatility and athleticism make him a valuable asset to his team’s offense. His ability to consistently make big plays adds a spark to the Bay Area Buckeyes’ offense and keeps opposing defenses on their toes. Durham has the potential to emerge as a top receiving threat in the very near future.



Trammell Foote |Quarterback | Bay Area Buckeye

Trammell Foote was a standout performer at quarterback on Saturday, showcasing natural arm talent and exceptional mechanics during pool play in Orlando. His ability to consistently make accurate throws with clean footwork showed his ability to be accurate as a passer and sets him apart as a player to watch.

Foote’s natural throwing ability combined with his clean mechanics and smooth footwork were traits that stuck out in his game. His ability to generate power and accuracy with his throws highlights his proficiency as a passer, making him a reliable and consistent option for his team’s offense.

Foote’s ability to play under control and maintain a calm demeanor on the field enhances his effectiveness as a quarterback. His composure under pressure allows him to make sound decisions and deliver accurate throws. Foote was throwing strikes for completions during pool play, which his consistency and accuracy as a passer. His ability to lead his team was on full display and he delivered accurate throws to move the chains makes. Look for him to continue to make big throws on Crown Sunday.



Darius Durham | Wide Receiver  | Bay Area Buckeyes

Darius Durham was one of the top playmakers on Saturday, showcasing his explosive abilities and dynamic skill set on the field. His ability to make big plays with the ball in his hands, combined with his speed, quickness, and elusiveness in space, makes him a handful for opposing defenses.

Durham’s ability to make explosive plays with the ball in his hands sets him apart as a standout playmaker. Durham’s speed and quickness allow him to excel in space, creating separation from defenders. His ability to change direction on a dime and burst past defenders makes him a difficult player to contain and a dynamic threat offensively. Durham excels at runs after the catch and had several big plays on Saturday during pool play. Darius is a dynamic playmaker with the speed, quickness, and ball skills to excel on the football field. Look for him to continue make plays heading into Crown Sunday.



Mason McGee | Quarterback | Orlando Elite

Mason McGee made big throws consistently on Saturday and showed that he has the skill set to let it rip. His decision-making with the football and his ability to make the right reads enabled him to carve up defenses during pool play. He has the arm talent to thread the needle in tight coverage, but his arm strength enables him to stretch the field with deep passes downfield with ease. He plays with confidence, which allows him to make bold and impactful throws when the game is on the line. His ability to throw his receivers open was a trait that stuck out in his game. McGee has the tools to as he matures and develops to be a productive player under center.



Troy Ellis | Athlete | Orlando Elite

Troy Ellis has the skill set to be dominate wherever he lines up. His strong, stout frame gives him the power to dominate both offensively and defensively. His ability to make catches in heavy traffic while maintaining body control to absorb contact sets him apart as a reliable playmaker. During pool play, Ellis showcased his knack for making clutch catches, consistently coming up big when his team needed him. He showed his versatility by lining up on the defensive side of the ball, where he excels at defending passes and making impactful plays. Without a doubt, Ellis is among the top performers on the field, proving time and time again that he’s a valuable asset to the Orlando Elite team when he is on the field.



Jaylen Johnson | Athlete | Orlando Elite

Jalen Johnson is a playmaker on the football field with the ball in his hands. With his exceptional body control and precise route-running skills, he consistently creates separation from defenders. His explosive burst off the line of scrimmage gives him an advantage at the snap, allowing him to quickly gain leverage and make big plays downfield. During pool play, Johnson showcased his ability to set the tone for his team, making big catches that were big plays. His knack for making explosive plays is a trait in his game that surfaces in big moments, making him a standout during pool play in Orlando.



Nyliek Toliver | Athlete | Orlando Elite

Nyliek Toliver brings an impressive set of skills when he steps on the field. With his extended length and strong hands, he has the ability to excel at contested catches and his speed enables him create separation in space. Toliver’s combination of physical traits and playmaking ability make him a valuable asset on offense, capable of making big plays downfield and in open space.  Look for him to get more touches on Crown Sunday.




Mikel Victor | Athlete | Orlando Elite

Mikel Victor’s long, lean frame and impressive arm length give him a real advantage on the field, allowing him to snatch catches out of the air with ease. His smooth route-running ability makes him a reliable target for his quarterback, his burst off the line of scrimmage keeps defenders on their toes. With his combination of physical tools and skill set, Victor has the type of game that needs to have the football in his hands. Look for him to continue to make defenses check for him wherever he lines.



Steven Hunter | Wide Receiver | Showtime Bulls

Steven Hunter’s is a crafty route runner, allowing him to create separation and make difficult catches in heavy traffic. His strong hands and fearlessness across the middle make him a reliable target, while his ability to absorb contact and maintain focus on tracking the ball in flight displays his exceptional ball skills. Hunter’s knack for turning routine plays into big gains makes him a constant threat to opposing defenses, earning him a key role in the Showtime Bulls offense. His standout performance on day one in Orlando shows his status as one of the top performers to watch moving heading into Crown Sunday.



Travis Price | Wide Receiver | Showtime Bulls

Travis Price’s performance during pool play in Orlando was impressive, consistently getting open and making big plays for his team. His crisp route-running ability allowed him to create separation from defenders, while his ability to excel after the catch showcased his elusiveness and agility. Price’s speed and explosiveness were on full display on Saturday, as he consistently turned short receptions into big gains, leaving defenders in the dust. With his combination of skills and athleticism, Price is undoubtedly a player to keep a close eye on as the competition heats up on Sunday.



Tevin Hargrave | Athlete | Spartan Chosen 

Tevin Hargrove’s athletic build and strong hands make him a big time threat on the football field. His long, lean frame combined with his large catch radius allows him to excel in making tough catches in traffic and he is ability to fight through contact showed that he has the skill to make tough catches. Hargrove’s aggressiveness at attacking the football in flight shows his reliability as a receiver. On Saturday, he showcased his ability to make highlight-reel grabs, using his size and athleticism to make headtop grabs and outmuscle defenders. With his skill set and physical frame, Hargrove is a key playmaker to watch heading into Crown Sunday.



Kenneth Piner | Quarterback | Spartan Chosen

Kenneth Piner’s quarterback skills are top-notch, as he has the arm talent and power needed to make big throws. His ability to make the correct read, combined with his strong arm, allows him to push the ball downfield with ease. Piner showed the ability to find open passing windows, displaying his ability to drive the ball with velocity and accuracy. Kenneth has solid mechanics, as well as clean footwork that allowed him to make plays with his arm and look him to be a key cog for the Spartan Chosen on Crown Sunday.



Kimariyon Hill | Athlete | Spartan Chosen

Kimariyon Hill’s athleticism and agility set him apart on the field, allowing him to excel in creating separation and making big plays. His explosive burst off the line of scrimmage enables him to consistently get open, while his strong hands and ability to high point the ball make him a reliable target in contested situations. Hill’s highlight-reel touchdown, where he left defenders grasping at air with his elusive moves, underscores his playmaking ability and football instincts. Despite the limitations of 7v7 touch football, Hill’s performance showcased his true football talent, making him a standout presence on the field.



Hyquez Russell | Athlete | Buffalo Stampeders

Hyquez Russell has a combination of size, athleticism, and versatility that makes him a standout player on both sides of the ball. As a receiver, his long frame and large catch radius allow him to dominate matchups and outmuscle defenders for contested catches. Defensively, Russell’s length enables him to effectively disrupt passing lanes and make plays in coverage. With his skill set and potential, Russell has a huge upside that will be on full display on Friday nights in the future as he continues to develop and mature.



Omarion Harding | Athlete | Buffalo Stampeders

Omarion Harding’s agility and route-running make him a dangerous weapon in open space. His ability to consistently get open, makes him a reliable target and he makes plays with the ball in his hands. Harding’s knack for finding soft spots in the defense over the middle, shows that he understands how to get open. Harding excels at yards after the catch, combined with his exceptional short-area quickness, shows that his impact on the field makes him a weapon offensively. As a key focal point in the Buffalo Stampeders’ offense, Harding will be a key player to watch on Crown Sunday, using his skills to create mismatches and look for him to get more touches.



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