DR7 Road To The Crown Orlando: Sunday Stars

By Platform Scout: Marc Henry @marchen44


DR7 travels around the country from city to city showcasing some of the top talent that you will see on any 7v7 circuit. Pool play starts each weekend, with teams coming out getting their feet wet, feeling out each other, ironing out plays and working through in game scenarios to have leverage on Crown Sunday. Crown Sunday, is win or go home, teams, players and coaches know that each possession counts, elite plays must be made and game changing moments can occur in an instant. Step up on Sunday and you move on to the next round or your weekend is done, it’s a wrap. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. We spotlight players who stood out on Crown Sunday in Orlando.



Lil’Raylin Harrison | Class of 2027 | Wide Receiver |  Jones High School | 7v7: Florida Bombers

Harrison plays fast, he has the speed combined with excellent short area quickness to beat defenders off the ball to get a free release, which allowed him to get open often on Sunday. He runs his routes like his hair is on fire but under control, showing the skill to contort his body to fight through tight coverage and make contested grabs. Lil’Raylin has reliable hands, he is a hands catcher of the football and on Sunday early during bracket play, he stepped up to make key plays for the Florida Bombers offense to help them advance. Harrison has the skill set to be a gamebreaker and he will be a name to know as his game matures.



Emmanuel Hughes | Class of 2027 | Defensive Back | Winter Park High School | 7v7: Florida Bombers | @Uptopem_2

emmanuel hughes

Hughes is a two way player who makes plays on both sides of the ball. Defensively, he plays out on island at cornerback, his footwork is clean, he is physical at the point of attack and at the snap he was in position to make plays showing superb mechanics with fluid mobility in space. He has an extended reach that allows him to bump in press coverage and stay balanced, which enabled him to step in front to deflect several passes in coverage on Sunday. Emmanuel plays fast but under control, he plays with disciplined eyes and those traits led to him making several interceptions to help his team score points. As he continues to mature, his game will flourish and he will be a player to keep an eye on in the state of Florida who will be making plays on Friday nights.




Elijah Cruz | Class of 2030 | Athlete | 7v7: Florida Bombers 12U

Cruz flashed early on Crown Sunday, making plays on both sides of the ball, while helping the Florida Bombers reach the championship game. Cruz is savvy route runner offensively, he is quick and explosive off of the ball, he understands how to maneuver and find soft spots in the defense. He exploited his opponents often making him a featured target for the Bombers. When Cruz got the ball in the open field, he excelled at yards after the catch, making defenders miss, showing jitterbug quickness and the elusiveness to get up field and get to the endzone.

Cruz was one the top defenders for the Bombers, playing the passing lanes well, his ability to move well in space allowed him to stay locked in on receivers in coverage, leading to several pass breakups and an interception which resulted in points. Get him in the game and Cruz is going to make plays. He was one the top performers in the 12U division on Sunday.




Ashton Evans | Class of 2029 | Athlete | 7v7: Florida Bombers

Evans passes the eye test, he has a long, lean frame, with a large catch radius combined with his strong hands and he was a big reason, along with Cruz, that the Bombers advanced to the championship on Crown Sunday. Ashton was unguardable offensively, he runs crisp routes, he was able to find open spots in the defense often, which enabled him to be a reliable target for his quarterback. He was a mismatch in coverage, his ability to play above the rim and be a reliable red zone target, was on full display on both days in Orlando. Evans made several headtop grabs for six and he made defenses pay early and often on Sunday.

Defensively, he used that same athleticism that he showed on offense to shut down passing lanes and cause several turnovers. Evans moves well in space, he uses his length well to shock receivers at the snap, getting them off of their axis early in their routes. He has the makeup of a playmaker who will be making noise in the state of Florida as his game develops.



Devin Voltaire | Class of 2025 | Wide Receiver | Seminole High School | 7v7: Underdog Mentality | @devinvoltaire

devin voltaire

Devin is a big body target, who has the skill set to win early off the line of scrimmage and he was a featured target for his offense. He is a smooth route runner, his explosive burst at the snap allows him to stack defenders early in his route and he uses his 6’3 200 pound frame to wall of his opponent to make grabs in heavy traffic. Voltaire has strong, reliable hands, he has a large catch radius and he attacks the ball at the catch point, which enables his quarterback to fit the football into small passing windows and know that Devin will come down with the reception. Devin plays fast but under control, his ability to burst past coverage but be so smooth, was a trait that flashed in his game. He had several big catches for touchdowns, with one headtop grab, where he high pointed the ball, showing that he can play above the rim. Devin has the tools in his game that college coach covet in wideouts who can play at the next level. Western Kentucky came to the table early with an offer and as he gets more eyes on him, Devin will see his offer sheet increase.

Jeffrey Vickers | Class of 2025 | Running Back | Dunnellon High School | 7v7: So Icy Boyz | @jefferyvickers7

Jeffrey Vickers so icy boyz 7v7

Vickers has a stout build, with a powerful lower half and broad shoulders. He passes the eyes test and he has the look of a stand out running back. He has excellent short area quickness that enables him to shift gears quickly and he has the ability to make quick cuts and doesn’t waste steps. One of his early standout plays, was Texas option route, where he pushed the inside linebacker outside initially, put his foot in the ground, cut back inside and hauled in a pass for six. His full bag of tools was on display. Jeffrey runs crisp routes, he is able to drop his hips, cut and explode out his break and on several occasions he was able to make big grabs to help the So Icy offense move the chains. Vickers made a big catch on a wheel route, showing that he has the speed to get deep and his ability to track the ball with late hands was a trait in his game that surfaced on that play. Jeffrey was standout at the running back position on Crown Sunday, helping his team advance to within a game of the championship, showing that he is a reliable target and he has the skill set to line up in the slot or the backfield and make plays. After seeing a few clips from some of his 11 man tape, he displayed the skills to be a factor back and more colleges will get him on their radar as he gets in front of college programs this camp season.

Atticus Van Dyke | Class of 2025 | Wide Receiver | Winter Park High School | 7v7: Gridiron Elite | @atticus_vandyke

Van Dyke is a bonafide playmaker, who is a smooth runner route runner, he is explosive off of the line of scrimmage and his shiftiness in space allowed his quarterbacks to find him open often on both days in Orlando. Get him the ball and watch him work. He has a long, lean frame at 6’1 180 pounds, Atticus has strong, reliable hands and he showed that he can make catches in heavy traffic and shrug off contact. Van Dyke has deceptive speed, he worked the middle of the field well and he was able to free himself up for several deep grabs, showing the ability to slip inside of the coverage and stretch the field for six on a couple of touchdown grabs. Atticus has the skill set that makes him a quarterback’s favorite target, he understands how to get open and he finds the soft spots in the defense that enabled to get open often for the Gridiron Elite offense. He was a key cog in the Gridiron Elite winning their second DR7 Road To The Crown Championship. Van Dyke is a player who is flying under the radar in a state that is heavy on wide receiver talent but he has tools that make him a prospect to keep an eye on.
Damari Rolle | Class of 2028 | Athlete | 7v7: Gridiron Elite | @DamariRolle
Rolle has great instincts, he plays fast and he showed on both days in Orlando that he has the skill set to play up on the 18U level and be a factor. Defensively, he held his own, he had clean footwork when covering receivers in the slot, his ability to flip his hips and run with his opponent in coverage was a trait that stood out in his game. After watching several of his clips from 11 man ball, he jumps off the tape, showing the range to cover ground in a hurry from the free safety position and he is a sure tackler coming down hill like a sledgehammer laying the wood.
Offensively, Damari runs crisp routes, he has the ability to make cuts without wasting steps and he was able to free himself up on several occasions to make big grabs for first downs. He has strong, reliable hands and he tracks the ball well in flight. After watching his fall tape, there is no question that Rolle is a playmaker with the football in his hands. He has the ability to cut back against the grain smoothly in the open field and he has speed to make a house call from long distance. Get to know Rolle now, he will be one the top players in his class in the state of Florida.

Jonathan Harding | Wide Receiver | 7v7: So Icy Boyz | Class of 2025 | The Villages High School | 6’4 225 Lbs | Twitter @JJHarding18

Harding is a smooth route runner, who has the quickness to beat defenders off the ball and he runs crisp, sharp routes that enable him to get open often. He has a long, lean athletic frame that uses well to wall off defenders in close quarters and he has strong hands that attack the ball the catch point, allowing to win frequently on contested grabs in heavy traffic. He has a large catch radius, he uses his length to high point the ball and he has the ability to play above the rim and win at the 50/50 jump ball. Harding showed that he is a red zone target on several occasions on Sunday, making a couple of highpoint grabs for six.

Harding is a former quarterback who has a knack for getting open early in his routes, showing the ability to read defenses effectively and find openings to make catches in space. Jonathan uses his quickness in space to work the middle of the field well and this enables him to exploit open holes in the defense and he was a featured target for the So Icy Boyz offensively.

After scouting Harding at the DR7 Road To The Crown in Davenport last month, he flashed as a player in the state of Florida who had the skill set to play at the next level. His profile on the recruiting trail has risen, he picked up offers recently from Eastern Kentucky, Army, Bucknell, Penn and Austin Peay in the month of February. He is trending in the right direction and his offer sheet will grow as we head into the thick of the camp season.


Jamarian Whitter | Class of 2026 | Athlete | Forest High School | 7v7: So Icy Boyz | @showtimewhitter
Whitter made plays on both sides of the ball, as a wideout he plays fast with an explosive get off at the snap, his route running is smooth and he has strong hands that attack the ball. He has a lean, stout build with long arms and he showed that he can make catches in heavy traffic which enabled his team to move the chains. Defensively, he played the pass well in space, he was able to move fluidly and his ability to use his length in coverage allowed him to be effective in coverage. Whitter has the skill set to play the passing lanes under control and he had several pass breakups and an interception from his free safety position. He has the athleticism to be a playmaker wherever he lines up. Whitter is a plug and play type of player who can lineup in multiple positions and have an impact on the game for his team.
Jamareion McBride | Class of 2027 | Defensive Tackle |Vanguard High School | 7v7: So Icy Boyz
McBride was playing 7v7, lining up at tight end/wide receiver and he caught my eye with his ability to move well in space, showcasing his agility and foot quickness. He made several grabs in heavy traffic over the middle, he played with good leverage and showed strong hands catching the football. At 6’2 230 pounds, McBride has the measurables and frame that fits the mold of a defensive tackle. He is agile and showed the skill set to run routes offensively and get open. He competes in track and field, throwing the shot put and discus. When you see defensive tackles playing 7v7 and making plays, they have the traits in their game that make them handful in the trenches. McBride showed flashes that he has some bounce to his game.


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