DR7 Road To The Crown Atlanta: 10u Future Prospects

    Written By Platform Scout, Adam Sandoval @AFGP_Sports 


    The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. We will spotlight the future prospects who had standout performances during the morning portion of pool play on Saturday.


    2031 | ATH | Jayseon Taft | Savage Longhorns 

    Jayseon was the first young athlete that caught my eye, his frame and athleticism stood out. He showed his versatility by playing on both sides of the ball. Taft displayed strong hands, allowing him to make plays and be a reliable target. On the defensive side, he shined the most, with the ability to stay locked on his man in coverage, he had great recovery speed creating multiple pass breakups, which lead to several interceptions. Taft was a key player for the Longhorns and he will be a player to watch on Sunday.



    2031 | ATH | Cam Lee | Savage Longhorns 

    Cam Lee was one of the most impressive quarterbacks in the 10U division during pool play. Lee has a very strong arm with the strength to push the ball deep and he tossed a pass 35 yards for a completion early on Saturday. He has the arm talent to make accurate throws consistently and he gets velocity on his throws. Cam showed that he is able to go through all his reads quickly, making the right plays and he had the confidence to throw into small windows. His mechanics are clean and he plays with a  gunslinger mentality. He showed the versatility to excel on defense and added an interception to his stat sheet. Look out for the Savage Longhorns as a team to beat heading into Crown Sunday.



    2032 | ATH| Tyson Goodwill | Metro7 The Family 

    Tyson Goodwill has a long, athletic frame and he has a skill set that will flourish as he matures. Only in the fourth grade, he plays with the swagger of a much older player. Had one of the top plays of the day in the 10U division, going up top, making a head tap reception in the endzone for six. He showed that his game is explosive and that he can climb the ladder and win in heavy traffic. It was very easy to see that he was the big offensive threat on the field for his team. Goodwill was just as effective on defense. He stepped in front of a pass and took an interception to the house for a pick six. Throughout the day this young man played with so much passion showing his love for the game. He is a playmaker that will be a key contributor for Metr07 as they head into Crown Sunday looking to take home a championship.



    2032 | ATH | Jerel Worthy | Metro7 The Family 

    Jerel Worthy was a key playmaker during pool play for Metro7. He has a long, rangy frame with a large catch radius and he displayed the skill set to win on the 50/50 jump ball. He has the ability to elevate over defenders and make plays on the top shelf. Worthy showed off his strong hands, securing a catch in heavy traffic and his ability to shrug off contacted allowed him to win often. He has the speed to create separation in the open field and he is a long strider who can make a house call for six with the ball in his hands. Jerel showed his toughness and grit by coming back to the field after a minor injury to play full throttle showing no fear. Look for Worthy to get more targets for Metro7 on Crown Sunday.



    2031 | ATH | Maxwell Hildebrandt | 210 Primal 

    Maxwell’s game stood out early during pool play and he was a key cog in 210 Primal’s offensive explosion. He was one of the most humble players I got to meet on Saturday. He made plays from all angles on the field on both sides of the ball. Maxwell has superb route running skills, his quickness in space allowed him to get open often, making him a reliable target for his quarterback. His quarterback showed the trust to get him the ball frequently and he proved that he will make catches no matter what coverage was played against him on Saturday. Maxwell had a very impressive offense performance and he set up shop in the endzone, scoring multiple touchdowns. Heading into Crown Sunday, 210 Primal is most definitely the team to beat in the 10U division.



    2032 | ATH | Shawndre “Poppy” Rodgers | Georgia Buckeyes 

    To end the day, the Georgia Buckeyes stole the show. Shawndre Rodgers was the big playmaker. His signature play, was a 50/50 jump ball, where he showed that he can elevate in close quarters, make a headtop grab, which resulted in six points. Rodgers is a skilled route runner, he is quick in space and his ability to win in tight coverage made him a reliable target in the Buckeyes offense. Mr. Rodgers left no doubt that his future is bright and he will be a nationally known player in the future. 


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