DR7 Road To The Crown: 15U Day One Standouts

By Platform Scout: Marc Henry @marchen44


DR7 travels around the country from city to city showcasing some of the top talent that you will see on any 7v7 circuit. Pool play starts each weekend, with teams coming out trying to establish themselves, feeling out each other and the teams that come out on top will be in position to succeed on Sunday. Crown Sunday, is win or go home, teams, players coaches know that each possession counts, elite plays must be made and game changing moments can occur in an instant. Step up on Sunday and you move on to the next round or your weekend is done, it’s a wrap. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. Here are several pool play standouts from Saturday in Tulsa who will be key for their teams on Crown Sunday.


Tayvon Jenkins | Class of 2027 | Athlete | 7v7: Warren Academy | Twitter: @TayTay_Jenkins

Jenkins played on both sides of the ball and made an impact. Offensively, he made plays from the slot, he is quick in space, he runs sharp routes and his ability to get open enabled him to fill up the stat sheet with catches. Defensively, Jenkins lined up in the Warren Academy secondary and made plays. Jenkins used his speed and quickness to step in front of pass from his safety position, showing the range to cover ground quickly. Heading into Crown Sunday, look for Jenkins to be a factor wherever he lines up.


Braylen Warren | Class of 2027 | Quarterback | 7v7: Warren Academy | Twitter: @BraylenwarrenQB

Warren has clean pocket footwork, he throws well on the move and his ability to deliver the ball on a rope was on display early during pool play. He has the arm talent to spray the route tree with pinpoint accuracy, he has the ability to make quick decisions on time and in rhythm, which enabled him to lead his offense to scoring drives. Braylen was sharp early on, he was accurate in the short to intermediate zones and he showed great touch on his deep, hitting big plays downfield for six. Warren will be a focal point of the Warren Academy offense heading into Sunday.


Freddie Brown | Class of 2027 | Wide Receiver | 7v7: Warren Academy | Twitter: @402Freddie

Brown is explosive at the snap, he has the speed to get separation early in his routes and this allowed him to get open and make plays. He has good short area quickness, he is shifty in space and he was able to find soft spots in the defense often, getting multiple targets to move the chains. In the red zone, Brown was effective, using his quickness to shake free and make several grabs for scores. Look for Brown to get more targets in crunch time on Sunday.



Deakon Jones | Class of 2027 | Wide Receiver | 7v7: Sooner 7 | Twitter: @Jones_Deakon15

Jones has lean, rangy frame, with an extended reach and he has strong reliable hands that he attacks the football with at the catch point aggressively. Jones runs clean, crisp routes, he uses his frame well to free himself up in heavy traffic in close quarters and his ability to brush off contact allowed him to come down with several grabs to move the chains. He was able to find the soft spots in the defense often, working the middle of the field effectively and this made him a reliable target. Jones’s ability to get open gives Sooner 7 a consistent go to guy and look for him to be a factor in the Sooner 7 offense on Sunday.



Domonique Martin II | Class of 2027 | Wide Receiver | 7v7: Sooner 7 | Twitter: @Domonique_Mii

Martin II is phonebooth quick, he has the ability to burst, shut down and explode at the top of his routes that enables him to free himself up to get open. He has strong, reliable hands and he attacks the football in flight allowing him to make grabs in heavy traffic. Martin II runs sharp routes and he understands how to find open holes in the defense enabling him to be a safety blanket for his quarterbacks. He made his opponents pay in the red zone, he has the ability to get free off the line of scrimmage which enabled him to score multiple times, slipping thru thru the defense to make grabs in the end zone.




Kason Delgado | Class of 2027 | Quarterback | 7v7: Sooner 7 | Twitter: @KasonDelgado10

Delgado has the arm talent to make every throw on the route tree and his ability to fit the ball into tight passing windows was on full display during pool play on Saturday. He has excellent pocket footwork, he was in rhythm and on time, showing the ability to make the correct read often. Delgado has superb field vision, he was able to find the open man in stride and his ability to push the football downfield with pinpoint accuracy allowed him to lead multiple drives for scores. Kason will be a key cog in the Sooner 7 offense heading into Crown Sunday.



Keiran Govan | Class of 2027 | Athlete | 7v7 Southwest 7 | Twitter: @_Ke1ran

Kieran Govan is a versatile player, excelling on both defense and offense. His defensive skills include being a sticky defender, utilizing his length effectively in pass coverage. On offense, he displayed strong hands, runs precise routes, and aggressively attacks the ball at the catch point. Govan will be a key player for his team on Crown Sunday, look for him to be a top target in their offensive game plan.




Tristin Coon | Class of 2027 | Quarterback | 7v7: Southwest 7 | Twitter: @tristin_coonQB

Tristin Coon’s prowess as a quarterback is evident in several key areas. Firstly, his strong arm allows him to launch deep passes with remarkable velocity, challenging defenses and stretching the field. His quick release enables him to make split-second decisions and deliver the ball efficiently and on time. Coon’s ability to thread the needle and fit the ball into tight throwing windows speaks shows his precision and composure under pressure. Coon’s confidence in his arm strength and accuracy makes him a reliable playmaker for his team.




Braxton Lindsey | Class of 2026 | Athlete | 7v7: Sooner 7 | Twitter: @BraxtonTrev

Braxton Lindsay’s versatility shines through as a true playmaker on both sides of the ball. On defense, his exceptional instincts and ball skills translate into impactful plays, he stepped in front of a pass for a pick six, showcasing his ability to read opposing offenses and capitalize on opportunities. Transitioning to the offensive side, Lindsay’s proficiency at receiver is evident in his great hands, precise route running, and effectiveness in the red zone, where his playmaking abilities are truly highlighted. Regardless of where he lines up, Lindsay consistently made plays on Saturday, showing his knack for making game-changing plays.




Ian Middleton | Class of 2026 | Running Back | 7v7: Iowa Flex | Twitter: @IanMiddleton_1

Ian has a stout, powerful build coupled with impressive speed that allows him to explode past coverage and get open. His clean route running ability and soft hands make him a reliable target in the passing game, as he consistently tracks the ball well and secures catches. Despite his power running back build, Middleton’s versatility extends beyond offense, he showed is skill set on defense, disrupting passing plays with multiple pass deflections. His multifaceted skill set and physicality make him a formidable presence on both sides of the ball.



Jaxson McIntire | Class of 2027 | Athlete | 7v7: Iowa Flex | Twitter: @JaxsonMcIntire

Jaxson McIntire’s prowess as a quarterback is undeniable, as he demonstrates the ability to execute all throws on the route tree with precision. His strong arm allows him to push the ball downfield while maintaining excellent touch, creating opportunities for big plays in the passing game. McIntire’s versatility extends beyond offense, as he makes a significant impact defensively by effectively playing passing lanes and disrupting opposing offenses. His recent offer from Iowa State is a testament to his skill and potential as a standout athlete on both sides of the ball.




Aidan Jordan | Class of 2026 | Wide Receiver | 7v7: Sooner 7 | Twitter: @AidanJordan2008

Aidan Jordan’s agility and shiftiness in open space make him a dynamic threat on the field, he has superb short area in short-area quickness that enables him to win on his routes. His crisp route running and knack for creating separation allow him to consistently get open, making him a reliable target. Jordan’s reliable hands and ability to attack the ball make him a trusted target, even in heavy traffic, where he demonstrates poise and focus. Aidan is a reliable and versatile receiver who excels in at getting open no matter the coverage, making him a valuable offensive threat and he will be a key contributor for Sooner 7 on Sunday.



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