DR7 Road to the Crown — Notable QB Standouts

    Written by: Drew Johnson (@RealNews102)

    There’s no doubt that nobody has done it like DR7 when putting together a structured tournament and now combining the scouting service of The Platform has the organization unmatched. The DR7 national circuit allows scouts and coaches to get eyes on various kids early on from different areas. The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes participating in DR7 tournaments and around the country. Let’s evaluate a few standouts from this weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


    Jett Thomalla | QB | 2026 | Millard South | @JettThomalla 

    Fresh off a productive fall season finishing with nearly 3,000 passing yards, Thomalla made his way from Omaha, NE to compete on the DR7 circuit this weekend. This kid was one of the more well-rounded QB prospects in Tulsa where he showed off his college-ready frame at 6-4, 185-pounds with the solid footwork mechanics and ball placement to go with it. Came away impressed with his overall accuracy as he nearly led his team to the trophy. Keep an eye on the 2026 riser to lock in more college interest during the spring period. 


    Jaylen Mason | QB | 2026 | Northwest | _jaylenmason 

    Talk about stamping your name as the real deal, this kid was my other top 18U standout as he helped Wichita WHEAT take home the trophy this weekend. Mason made his way over from Kansas to dominate the competition on the DR7 circuit as he even threw the game-winning touchdown to earn the hardware. At 6-2, 195-pounds, Mason showed off good arm strength, accuracy, and body control to deliver strikes on both days of the tournament. The three-sport athlete is a versatile riser who will look to lock in college interest heading into spring. 


    Payton Lang | QB | 2027 | @PaytonLang27

    No doubt, Lang has one of the most natural ball releases that I’ve seen on the 7v7 circuit this off-season. Watching this kid zip the ball around the field with ease was noteworthy. Lang has good arm strength and lower body mechanics to get the most out of his throws. He’s another one of the better 2027 QBs whom I’ve had the chance to watch throw and compete. 


    Carson Kirby | QB | 2026 | Bixby | @CarsonKirby14

    No stranger to The Platform, it seems Carson Kirby finds his way on the standout list every time he competes on the DR7 circuit. Kirby is fresh off a state championship season where he threw for more than 2,200 yards with 35 touchdowns. He’s shown off his ability to complete tough downfield throws while hitting different types of wideouts all over the route tree. He can whip the ball around because of his natural arm talent but combining the accuracy and ball placement will lock in college coaches’ interest. 


    Drew Davis | QB | 2026 | Benton | @DrewDavis2026

    Have to show this kid the recognition he deserves after an impressive weekend on the DR7 circuit that saw Davis complete some highlight-worthy throws while he showed off his developing skill set at the QB position. The 2026 riser still has time to put it all together but he showed off good size with a notable zip on the ball because of his throwing release. 


    Kason Delgado | QB | 2027 | Union | @KasonDelgado 

    One of the more advanced and natural 2027 QB prospects I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate. This kid is going to be the real deal. He will have the chance to lead his high school heading into the spring period but has been a notable riser during the offseason. Was told to watch Delgado throw from a credible source and was not disappointed as he completed tough downfield throws consistently throughout championship Sunday. College coaches looking for legit 2027 QB talent in the Oklahoma area have to get eyes on Delgado this spring. 


    Taylen Alford | QB | 2028 | Carrol MS | @Taylen_Alford 

    When your pops grows up in Polk County, the winning mentality tends to trickle down the DNA naturally. Alford has picked up some of those traits as he finished as one the top underclass QB standouts this weekend in Tulsa after taking home the 14U trophy in the process. He’s a natural passer with good decision-making skills and IQ. His ability to fit passes in tight windows while also working the route tree was notable. Alford has plenty of time to work on his frame and overall skills but solid weekend and one we’ll continue to look out for. 

    Best of the Rest:

    Levi Warrior | QB | 2027 | Mauelle | @LeviWarrior2027 

    Warrior looked smooth going through his QB mechanics and showed off his solid throwing motion. He was one of the better decision-makers at the tournament. Warrior is a strong-armed kid who looked more poised at the QB position than his peers this weekend in Tulsa. 


    Landen Gonzalez | QB | 2028 | @LandenG_QB1

    This kid could be one of the top 2028 QB prospects with more work put in during the off-season. He looked solid while playing with receivers he didn’t have much time to build chemistry with. But still, you can tell he has good QB training because of the solid mechanics and ball placement/accuracy skills. 


    Talon Shafer | QB | 2027 | Hilldale | @ShafferTalon

    This kid put the ball on the money all weekend. One of the better underclassmen QB prospects to compete in Tulsa. He looked solid in every game I watched him throw while displaying good energy and leadership qualities. Keep an eye on his overall progression at the position.

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