DR7 Houston: Notable WR Standouts

    Photo credit: @creolehammer

    Written by Andrew Johnson (@realnews102) 



    Stefan Reynolds | 2024 | Athlete | 7v7 : Apex Predators 

    Reynolds was no doubt one of the MVP Standouts from the opening day. He simply blew by his defender to score on a go-route on the first play his team lined up. He has tremendous route-running skills and seemed to be open on every snap. His catch radius and footwork in the open field stood out the most. Reynolds is a dynamic and swifty playmaker that can impact the game in various ways. 


    Jordan Clay | 2026 | WR | 7v7 : Elite House 

    Clay finished as one of the top producers from today’s lineup of notable standouts because of his reliable hands and good route-running abilities. He’s just a freshman but has a good frame at 6’3, 190 pounds that helps fight off smaller defenders in the air. Excited to watch Clay perform during championship Sunday.


    Jonah Williams | 2025 | WR | 7v7 : DAB

    Williams displayed good top-end speed and always seemed to find a way to get open. He has a long frame at 6’3, 200 pounds with a good catch radius to make up for any badly timed throws. A natural athlete that has good hands and understands how to be effective after the catch. College coaches should get in on William’s recruitment sooner than later.


    Jayden Spriggs | 2028 | WR | 7v7 : BTL Kingz

    The BTL Kingz was the first 14U team I laid eyes on Saturday and was instantly surprised by the measurables of Spriggs. He is still in middle school but stands at 6’2 height with plenty of time to add weight to his frame. His athletic ability stood out amongst this age group because of his ability to come down with some of the tougher catches of the day. Despite being in the younger bracket, Spriggs made a name for himself as a rising prospect to keep an eye on. 


    Keshun Thomas | 2024 | Athlete | A&M Consolidated HS

    Thomas was the DOG of the day that played on both sides of the ball and was very vocal throughout the day. There are always eyes looking for swagger and confident prospects that aren’t afraid to back up any football banter. Thomas surely backed up his talk game with good hip movements on the defensive side and explosive footwork when lined up in the slot.


    Christopher Barnes | 2024 | Athlete | 7v7 : KB3 Elite 

    Barnes is another versatile natural athlete that is very nimble in the open field but also has good route-running skills mixed in with blazing speed that makes him hard to guard. He played on both sides of the ball Saturday but stood out with a big-time catch on a go-ball route. Barnes runs track as well which is displayed in his quickness and agility on the gridiron. Committed to Praire View A&M University in January but is still receiving offers from various schools. 



    Antonio Johnson | 2027 | Athlete | 7v7 : NW Bears 

    Johnson is a developing athlete that showed off his strong hands and ability to find ways to get open. He caught two touchdown passes in one game but interestingly says he mainly plays defensive back. Johnson is a rising utility protect that displayed swagger throughout day one. 



    Evan Stroman | 2025 | WR | 7v7 : Grand Elite Houston 

    Stroman had one of the larger frames at the receiver position for his age group. He has a good catch radius but has only played the sport of football for two years. Plenty of time to learn the fundamentals of the position and combine that with his strong hands. 


    Derrick Davis | 2027 | WR | 7v7 : Tha Money Squad 

    Derrick “Dynamite” Davis plays well above his smaller frame and simply made it tough for opposing defenders. He’s a slot receiver with good footwork but even better route running for his age.

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