DR7 Road to the Crown Houston: Top QB Standouts HS

    By: Drew Johnson (@RealNews102) 

    The DR7 Road to the Crown was on the move this weekend with another successful turnout in The Woodlands, Texas tournament with over 120+ teams participating. The seven-on-seven circuit provides athletes a chance to showcase their skillsets and upside while scouts analyze tendencies and potential. There’s hardly any chance to get eyes on every kid in such a wide-pooled group of talent but this list will include some of the notable quarterbacks that shined throughout the weekend. The Platform’s goal will always be to Expose the Unexposed!


    Christian Nunley | Class of 2025 | 7v7: KB3 

    Nunley has really good arm strength with a sizeable frame that coaches can’t teach at 6’3, 180-pounds. He understands how to throw his receivers open with good ball placement and accuracy on the move. Nunley has a natural release and solid footwork mechanics whether he’s standing in the pocket or rolling out. The soft skills are what stood out. His confidence and leadership mentality took his team to the semi-final game. Nunley finished his sophomore season at Grand Oaks High with 618 passing yards with 4 TDs passes, with 212 rushing yards and 2 TDs to add.


    Jax Brown | Class of 2025 | 7v7: STEALTH

    Brown was one of the more fundamentally sound quarterbacks from the older age group, displaying good fundamentals and arm strength throughout the weekend. The 6’2, 180-pound prospect showed off his quick decision-making skills while completing the long or short ball throws. Brown played in 8 games during his sophomore season at Weiss HS, throwing for 849 yards with 9 TDs. He holds an offer from Arizona State and will be leading behind center this season. College coaches should start taking notice of his recruitment during the offseason.


    Photo Credit: Sidney Sykes-SVP

    Tucker Parks | Class of 2024 | 7v7: KC Elite 

    The 6’2, 205-pound junior quarterback helped his team take home the 18U trophy with accurate dimes all weekend. Parks has a compact build mixed with good pocket mechanics that led him to be one of the top standouts regardless of position. He’s an athletic quarterback who can stay in the pocket to make tough throws but can excel when moving and creating outside as a scrambler. Parks finished his superb junior season with 2533 passing yards and 31 TDs with 825 rushing yards and 13 TDs to add (3358 yards| 44 TDs total).


    Camren Renro | Class of 2026 | 7v7: Grand Houston Elite

    Renfro was one of the top accurate quarterbacks that performed this weekend in The Woodlands. The 5’11, 165-pound dual-sport athlete displayed his arm strength and ability to complete the intermediate and deep ball throws. Renfro has a good base and which helps him get velocity and power in his release. He delivered the ball confidently and finished as a top standout in any age group. Renfro recorded 504 passing yards and 5 TDs passes in six games during his freshman season.


    Devin Lippold | Class of 2024 | 7v7: Team Mamba

    Lippold immediately passes the eye test at 6’5, 220-pounds but he impressed with a gunslinger arm and his ability to complete any throw. His mechanics were sound and understood how to tweak the touch on his passes on different routes. Lippold has deadeye-like accuracy on the move with a quick trigger release to keep his receivers running in stride. The rising junior protect should continue to impress during the offseason while his recruitment catches on.


    Tavon Bolden | Class of 2027 | 7v7: Tha Money Squad 

    Bolden was the first quarterback I got a chance to watch on Day One of the tournament. I was eager to evaluate the state of Texas developed quarterbacks and Bolden was the right prospect to see perform. He displayed excellent anticipation on his throws with developed footwork mechanics for an 8th grader. He was on point all weekend, leading his team to a 7-0 turnout and taking home the 14U trophy. His measurables stood out, being a taller recruit for his age with plenty of time to grow and add needed weight to his frame.  It seemed as if Bolden could complete every route on the tree. He’s calm and soft-spoken with a big upside.


    Carter Noyes | Class of 2024 | 7v7: Houston Storm 

    Noyes had an excellent Day One performance for the Houston Storm while showing off his solid arm strength and completing crisp accurate passes. Noyes completed all the tough throws on the route tree and was on-target with the deep ball. Can make plays in from the pocket and can push the ball down the field. The 6’1, 175-pound junior threw for 1497 yards with 9TDs for Tomball HS. Look for his recruitment to start taking off.


    Cade Trotter | Class of 2024 | 7v7: PPT Elite

    Trotter is a coach’s kid that had some of the more developed quarterback fundamentals and mechanics from the weekend. He has really good arm strength but his smart decision-making skills are what stood out. His leadership qualities propelled his teammates’ confidence while Trotter was able to throw his receivers open and find holes in the zone. The 6’1, 175-pound rising junior played had some playing time last season but will be the focal point under center for his senior year. Eager to see how Trotter performs at Highland Park as QB1.


    Drew Denton | Class of 2024 | 7v7: Texas Pressure DTX

    Denton completed some tough money balls on both days this weekend which landed his name on the list for a second time. His confidence to deliver various throws in the pocket mixed in with good mechanics and anticipation of his receivers makes Denton an impressive prospect. The 6’1, 165-pound junior has another season to develop and has untapped potential heading into his final year.


    Ryland Walker | Class of 2024 | 7v7: SA Ducks

    Walker is a calm and skilled pocket passer with good lower body mechanics and a good arm. The 6’2, 201-pound junior has a stocky frame and solid arm talent. Can complete the deep ball if standing in the pocket and stays accurate when rolling to either side.


    Tyler Skrabanek | Class of 2026 | 7v7: Dime Factory 

    The 6-foot-4 freshman quarterback has one of the biggest upsides in the Class of 2026 due to his well-built frame and the confidence he has in his throwing ability. He has a strong arm that  allows him to complete big throws over the top that stretches the defense. Skrabanek hs great instincts, he has great balance with a solid base when sets his feet and he has the arm talent make throws either in or out of the pocket.


    Joey Duran | Class of 2024 | 7v7: CAT TAKEOVER

    Duran was on point during both days of the Dr7 Woodlands tournament, completing laser-like accurate passes with deep ball highlights in the mix. The dual-sport athlete doesn’t let being undersized take away from his confidence or throwing arm strength. Duran excels on both the gridiron and diamond baseball field which helps translate in his quarterback footwork and throwing abilities.


    Joey Gaston | Class of 2025 | 7v7: Uptop 

    Came all the way down from NY and performed well on Day One of the circuit. Had really good arm strength despite his smaller frame.

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