The Story Of KC Elite 18U

    By: Nick Gradney (StatZ_G)


    It’s rare that you see teams go unbeaten in 7v7 through a whole two day tournament. It’s another thing for them to do it twice. Well, that’s exactly what KC Elite did. Their 18U squad have clearly been the top team in the DR7 circuit this season. In The Road To The Crown – Houston, TX, KC Elite ran the table against some of the best competition in the city. They proved they belong with the greats by facing off against top teams such as KB3 Elite, DAB, CAT Takeover before ultimately defeating former DR7 champion STE Boyz in the title game. Most of the team attends Klein Collins in the Spring area so you can just imagine how smooth the chemistry between the players are. KC Elite have two unquestionable leaders on each side of the ball – 2024 DB Chris Gant Jr and 2024 QB Tucker Parks. KC Elite also have a very talented supporting cast with players like Mike Gerald, Rodny Ojo and Elijah Boone. Although they won every game in Houston, KC Elite was up against a much bigger task in The Crown – Round Rock, TX. The Crown was DR7’s national championship tournament that featured teams from Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Iowa and others. This was the biggest tournament to date but that didn’t stop KC Elite from going 3-0 in pool play. That earned them the top overall seed in convincing fashion leading into Crown Sunday. We’ve seen many teams have a perfect pool play record but none of that matters when it’s one and done the next day. However, KC Elite is just different! There’s no other way to put it. They swept through the competition with very minimal resistance. Whether it’s a shoot out or they need to clamp down on defense and make it a nip and tuck game, KC Elite can play any style and match whatever the opposing team throws out. There’s not a pass that can’t be thrown nor is there a route that can’t be ran exceptionally. The most impressive part about KC Elite performance is that in a total of 8 games, they won by an average margin of 20+ points. That is pure domination and nothing short of excellence. In the Crown, they served fellow Texas powerhouse, SA Ducks a donut while also defeating the previous 18U DR7 champs, Wall Street in the next game. The battle for it all came down to KC Elite of Texas and The Jack Boyz of Louisiana. The score was 30-8 at halftime and you could feel it in the air that it was almost over. In the second half, KC Elite got a stop and score and the white flag was waved, which left everyone in attendance in awe. It has truly been amazing to watch such a well coached and disciplined team ascend to the top of the 7v7 rankings. KC Elite 18U made their name and put everyone on notice for the following year that they are a force. Until next time….

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