Mercer Mega Camp: Notable Standouts

Written by: Drew Johnson (@RealNews102)

College camp season kicked off around the country with Mercer University as the destination of the well-known Drew Cronic Raise The Bar Mega Camps, which featured over 100 college coaches attending to evaluate high school recruits, transfers, and JUCO athletes on June 1 and June 3. Platform National Scout Drew Johnson attended the camp this week to highlight notable standouts from around the country.

Dylan Williams | WR | Class of 2024 | Roswell | @dylanw2024

6’2, 190

My MVP standout of the day was Dylan Williams after watching him catch two head toppers back-to-back. Really good frame and skill sets to excel at the position. Decent speed and agility combined with a good catch radius makes him hard to stop. 



Joshua Porter | WR | Class of 2024 | Fort Meade | @PorterJoshuaWR2

6’0, 171

One of the top WR prospects in Polk County made his way to the Mercer Mega Camp to display his solid route-running skills and sticky glue hands. Doesn’t matter where you are, Porter will be a top standout. His uptick in offers will start to increase with more and more exposure. 



Khalid Campbell | RB | Class of 2025 | Clearwater Academy International | @khalidcampbell2

5’10, 185

Both CAI running backs made their names known at Mercer’s Mega Camp, standing out with a great frame and game to back it up. Campbell earned several offers from Austin Peay, Miami Ohio, Toledo, and Liberty. 



Antwan Raymond | RB | Class of 2025 | Clearwater Academy International |@antwan_official

The other CAI running back to complete the incredible duo. Possesses a great frame, good speed combined with solid balance and awareness. Received offers from Miami Ohio, Toledo, and Liberty.

5’11, 195



Sean Cuono | RB | Class of 2025 | Calvary Christian | @seancuono 

6’0, 190 

Cuono was one of the top standouts today regardless of position. He’s a dog on the gridiron looking to win every rep. Showed off his decent route running skills and body control today at Mercer. Earned offers from Toledo and Miami Ohio. 



Frederick Hinton | OT | Class of 2024 | Port St. Lucie | @fredavelle

6’6, 292

The “O” man of the day! Hinton picked up about 6 offers following camp and seemed to get attention from just about every coach. Needs to be on the radar of the majority of college coaches in Florida. 



Micah Champion Smith | OL | Class of 2026 | John Carroll | @ChampSmith55

6’6, 295

The dominating freshman offensive lineman. Smith earned offers from Ole Miss and Troy after an impressive showing today at Mercer. 



Kaden Paghense | DL | Class of 2026 | @kaden_paghense 

5’11, 240

Paghense made his way to the Mercer Mega Camp with the QB House and made his name known during the 1v1 period. Paghense dominated each of his reps, finishing 8-1 on the day. At one point, the coaches moved him to the older group because of how easy he made his class look. Somebody to keep an eye on following the QB House College Bus Tour.  


Alex Cruz | RB | Class of 2024 | Sunlake | @lestasports 

5’10, 180

Cruz is all speed speed speed. He also showed off his good body control when going through drills. You can tell that Cruz takes his training seriously. 


Makih Johnson | WR | Class of 2025 | @makihjohnson2

6’3, 185

If you don’t know by now, Makih Johnson is a dude that should be on all college coaches in the state of Florida’s radar. He had a dominating off-season and spring while looking to carry that momentum for an continuous uptick in offers. 



Rogers Jones | DB | Class of 2025 | Zephyrhills Christian Academy | @rogersjones_4

6’2, 185

This was my first time watching Jones move in coverage. I came away impressed with how well he moves his feet and hip for his size. He made a good read on a late throw, but if he finished the interception I’d bet he had earned an offer today. 

Seni Adekunle | DB | Class of 2024 | Clearwater Academy International | @seniadekunle

6’1, 190

The CAI defensive back product earned a much-deserved offer from Miami Ohio following session 2 of Mercer’s Mega Camp. 


Evan Aubrey | DE | Class of 2024 | Clearwater Academy International | @evanxaubrey37

6’3, 240

Following an impressive spring and camp showing at Mercer, Aubrey earned his first D1 offer from Austin Peay University. 


Tarvos Alford II | ATH | Class of 2025 | John Carroll | @TarvosAlford_II

6’2, 215

Didn’t see much of Alford perform today but he’s earned 4 offers (Ole Miss, Louisville, Syracuse, and Troy) following session 1 of Mercer’s Mega Camp.



Chase Stevens | OL | Class of 2024 | Vero Beach | @Chase___74

6’4, 293

Picked up an offer from Austin Peay after dominating multiple reps during the 1v1 period. 

Mercer Film:


Best of the Rest: 

Myles Simmons | WR | Class of 2024 | St. Augustine | @FiveStar904




Ryan Jenkins | DE | Class of 2024 | Westover | @in28wetrust

6’4, 230 



Jaylen Hampton | WR | Class of 2024 | New Hampstead | @JaylenHampton17

6’2, 190

Mercer Film:


Cameron Gooden | DE | Class of 2025 | Westwood | @1CameronG

6’4, 246



Amari Powell | WR/TE | Class of 2024 | Cairo | @AmariPowell23

6’5, 195



Davyd Muranets | DE | Class of 2026 | @DavydMuranets

6’5, 220


Myles Abernathy | WR | Class of 2024 | Peachtree Ridge | @That_Boy_Myles

Mercer Film:

Bricen Smith | TE | Class of 2023 | @smith_bricen 

6’6, 240


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